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I got a mail from someone and we’ll be treating that today together with a friend- Oluwaseun.

I’m in my late teens now and I have been indulging myself in  self service for about 2 years… please I’ll like to know if it’s a sin against God,the consequences and also the possible  remedy   to it .Thanks  and may God bless you  IJN

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Self-service is also known as masturbation – The erotic stimulation of one’s genital organ achieved manually or by sexual fantasies but excluding sexual intercourse.

I believe God will be helping us on this issue as we proceed. The first question there is that

‘I’ll like to know if it’s a sin.’

    Yes it is. In fact, a great sin it is. The book of Galatians 5:19, it talked out sinful acts and Uncleanness was mentioned there likewise. ‘Self-Service’ is an act of uncleanness before God. An act that gets God annoyed everytime he sees human beings indulging in!

    Ecclesiastes 9:8 says let thy garment always be white and let thy head lack no ointment.

    Uncleanness is an act that makes the ‘white’ God has spoken about there black. It’s an act that turns God’s back at we Christians. It’s an act of sexual sin that God has destroyed some people for, in the Bible.

    Though the Bible didn’t mention ‘Self-Service’ but for it to be an act of sexual sin, it is connected to all other sins like fornication, pornography and the likes. Imagine! Jezebel was destroyed because of this same sin, involving herself in sexual sins that made the warrior throw her down from the top of the building and killed her.

    It’s a fleshy act that opposes the spirit. The two cannot walk together! It is not possible.

Consequences? Let start from Biblical aspect.

    The book of Jeremiah 5:25your iniquities have turned away this things and your sins have witholden good things from you.

    That was the first place I saw as I was searching for the consequences in my Bible. It’s a sin that holds back God’s mercy over a man’s life. A sin that stops the flow from God to man.

    It will make God send one out of his sight. Remember Adam and Eve that God sent out of the garden of Eden, their sins made God send them away from his sight with curses! It blocks God’s blessings, it blocks that channel of blessing from God to man.

    The second place I found in the bible without searching- Matthew 11:22

But I say to you, it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment than you.

    The first time God showed me that verse in the bible, if you know how scared I was!  He was talking to me through a book- WALK WITH GOD by Gloria Copeland. I was greatly shocked and afraid. That means the punishment God has prepared for sinners on the day of judgment cannot be tolerated! It cannot!

    Imagine a punishment that cannot he tolerated. Just imagine!

        Many more of it in the Bible.

Possible Remedy written by Oluwaseun Fabunmi

Its a question of the mind/heart…Are you a believer?.It has been said and known that being. Just a christian doesnt mean you are a believer.The only person that can help in situation like this is JESUS…                    

     1)THE WORD:-Psalm 119 vs 105, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto. My path.Let the word of God direct you.If you carry strongly the word,you wouldnt indulge in such a sinful act.                                   

2).Personal discipline:-no matter the pressure you can be going through to indulge in such act;resist the devil: John 10:10.

The devil cometh not,but to steal,and to kill and to destroy,I am come that they might have it abundantly.                         

   Do you realise that whenever you do such things:the devil takes out of your glory,honor,pride and self esteem.Discipline your self,subject yourself under God’s chastisement of the Lord

3)CONTROL YOUR MIND:-the mind is the battle:it is written out of the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaketh.when you start to think about this filthy act.Once you let the Devil cajole your mind and leads you back into it then know that you are out of the sight of God.Once this happens,the devil will torment you and finally destroy you with your glory and purpose.

    James 4;7.

   Submit yourselves therefore to God,resist the devil and he will flee from you.If you give God your all,he practically takes over you,your thoughts,and your lifestyle.Therefore,for all these to achieved,you need to surrender your all to God.Give God your mess,give him your filth and he will make a miracle out of it.                            

                    PRAYER OF FAITH.                  

                  Lord Jesus,thank you for this great opportunity,I am a sinner and i acknowledge it,Lord by the blood you shed on the the cross of calvary, wash away my sins and inquities.Father by the power of the death and ressurrection of your son,renew me and give me a second chance.Thank you Jesus,I surrender my all to you as i lay my all at your feet,take the wheel of my life.Amen. 

I believe by this you are a new person,a strong believer and a follower of Christ.Go and do exploits for Christ.

    God bless you.                        



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