Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep those things which are written there in for the time is at hand.

    The coming of the lord is at hand, my people. The bible says blessed is he that READETH! How often do you read your bible? How often do you meditate? HOW??? Do you listen to the word of the prophecy? If God comes now will you be able to make it to heaven with him?

    The time is really at hand and many people aren’t in his way. He has called us to come to his presence, drop every sin! Sins are burdens! They really are! Please!

    The book of Proverbs 1:24, God said he has called you, he has stretched out his hand but no man regards! He went further and said because you have not answered me, he will laugh when calamity struck man, he will laugh when your fear comes, he will not answer when anguish come upon your soul, he will not answer when trouble comes your way!

    Please, the time is not far, it is NOW! Jesus is calling you. Have you ever imagined how tough it would be when God starts laughing at one’s calamity?

I was thinking of something yesterday, thinking if God can give those in hell fire a chance to come and preach the gospel!

    I’m sure Samson will pull many ears and give them knocks asking them ‘Didn’t you read about me!’ He fell into fornication and God laughed at his calamity.

    Is it fornication? Which sin? Don’t let it reach a stage God will laugh at you and won’t answer your prayers before you ammend! Please!

Temitope Daniel Abimbola.
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