Say this prayer with passion, don’t say it as if you’re just praying. Say it with passion beause God dropped it in my heart! Endeavour to share to loved ones too!

I’ll make my God proud,
All In all, I’ll make myself proud!
Where the mighty climbed and fell, I’ll march over the place!
Where everyone thinks there’s no victory, I’ll be lifted!
Favour in all ramifications,
It’s this year, I repeat, this year! I shall be celebrated!
Nigeria will surely seek for me this year!
The entire world will surely need me this year!
Yeah! I am saying this out of passion that I serve a God who hears even before I have spoken!
I am saying this because he has told me all I ask would come to fulfilment!
My aspirations are coming to fulfilment this very year!
I repeat! Nigeria will need me this year!
Father thank you!! Thank you lord!

-Temitope Daniel Abimbola.

Endeavour to share and let people claim!



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