Thought of God or the real God?

    A pastor was preaching and he talked about himself drinking ‘garri’- cassava flakes. He said he even did take it with a thought of milk. That’s where I’m going.

    It’s been on my mind, pondering! Thought of milk is the ten naira milk many of us do take, not the real milk. If you prepare that and prepare correct milk, you’ll know the difference!

    So, are you tasting the real God or actually the thought of God! You might be thinking that you are in God but sure, you aren’t! A lot of people are in sin and still worship God as if they are the only ones created! Many have read in the Bible that God said is a merciful God and you think after you have sinned, you can go back for forgiveness!

    Have you ever read it in the Bible that God said he’s a jealous God? He’s a threatening God? I know you might not have heard of that! We people of God don’t usually read those ones! We read the ones we have the assurance of salvation in, after we must have sinned.

    Hello! Are you still holding on to sins or the entanglement of sins? Are you still shy to tell people about God because if you are shy to tell people here on earth, God will be shy to accept you in heaven! Live a life without stain, a life without stress!

    You can still leave them all, you can still ask for forgiveness, my brother. God bless u!


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