Hello! Followers of this blog. 2014 was indeed a great year of ‘story-overflow’ and I hope you all enjoyed that year and the stories read on this blog.

    One of the stories written and showcased was Pemisire, The Unknown(still on) MY WIFE AND I, WHO DESTROYS CAMPUS(short story) MY CRONY(Though kept, but still showcased)  PEMISIRE:… a man’s destiny

Scope of the story:

    The story focuses on the life on a lady- Pemisire who went through trials in life and another guy who’s sister was also going through a lot and he hardly had nothing to do to it.

    A focus on how to move on with life, how to love and believe God.

    This story won the best story 2014 on NL (Category-Thriller) and now I want you the readers of the story to help nominate this blog-


For the Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 whose nominations starts tomorrow. There are thousands of blog there though, but I believe I can make it, and WE collectively will make it.

Link- http://www.nigerianblogawards.com

    Please KiP cOnNeCtEd

And vote for DANNIEDEEKONSEPTS. God bless u!


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