New year comes with new resolutions,
New year comes with new feelings,
New thoughts and plans,
It’s 2015, have you made resolutions?
Have you made plans, have you thought?
Wait, have you new feelings?
It’s not over until it is over! If you don’t forsake 2014, it won’t leave you! If you don’t leave 2014, you might still be friends,
It’s about making decisions. It’s about choosing between choices, who do I want to serve? What do I want for this year 2015?
It depends on you, your believe and your mindset!
Have you left everything for God to solve? Have you rebuked the devil and his works? Are you ready to serve that man who suffered under Pontius Pilate?

It’s not too late to make that choice, if you don’t know, let me yearn you that 2015 is my year of JOY, HAPPINESS, XCEEDING GRACE, HEAVEN ON EARTH, SUPERNATURAL BLESSING, UNCOMMON AND UNDESERVED GRACE, MORE STRENGTH.

One of my great plans for this year which I want you to pray along with me for is PEACE AND APRIL. I pray to release it SOON.




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