2015 is just few hours to this moment and would love us to interact and reach an agreement because this year must not be like the one on the way!

    One thing is about school. School will take much of my time as from next year. So, I’ll love THE UNKNOWN to be a series as it’s meant to be from the scratch. It will be updated (very long update) every Saturday.

My Wife and I (long update) Every Friday of the week

NO MATTER WHAT. (Long update) Every Saturday of the week too.

     The time for each will be out before the end of today. But, varieties continues on the blog. I’ll drop Acme of thoughts, health issues, pictures and many more here during the midweek.

    So, the blog will be more professional in few hours to this time. I’m quitting NL for 2015, if I visit there, t means I’m doing that to generate more fans to visit here. They say, little-little drops of water makes an ocean, I believe everything will be glorious on this site next year.

    The main reason for this reschedules is because I want to have more time for studies and for Peace and April. I’m really serious about publishing it in 2015.. I need your prayers and that’s all, all will be fine.

Cheers! T’Dan.


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