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    For a moment, the argument was getting tougher. Daniel wouldn’t back down while Bridget too was adamant. He knew her more than he even knew himself. He had known that Bridget wouldn’t give him a breathing space, so him!

    “Sirs, there’s another factor and that factor is what I have tagged one’s heart.” Daniel stopped for a moment as he moved some steps backward and forward again.

    “I know of some ladies who wouldn’t understand a particular thing, especially mathematics! They really know those who know and can teach them the subject among themselves but would make sure they visit a guy in his room to teach them. Temptation arises when just you two are in a room!”

    “Objection! What temptation? It depends on the heart of the guy, as you have tagged. The girl had a good mission to know more, what’s making the heart of the guy turn around? What making it go high on rubbish?”


    Daniel chuckled. You no know wetin we go pull here today.. “Sirs, imagine! I’m a guy and I know the feeling, but, one thing is even that some ladies also do this to tempt that guy!”

    “Yes ooh!” The guys in the hall screamed.

    “Many of them act this way just to gain a guy’s attention. At the end of the day, the girl will be coming around with her parents, showing that she’s already pregnant. Please this will affect the lady, not the guy! She will be the one to carry the pregnancy, not the guy! She might leave the campus due to shame, not the guy! So, some ladies are demonic!”

    “The council for ladies, any more argument?”

    “Sure, Sirs.”

    “Bring it on.”

    “Thanks, Sirs. Em.. as we all know, we all are here in school to study so that we can turn out to be a gem in the future. Some guys aren’t here for that, some guys are just here to have a relationship with a lady, in short, to fetch a wife. How come? How will the mindset of a person coming to school be as if you are here to get married? You are here to date? Many guys here keeo disturbing and threatening ladies every time because they want to date them, it’s frustrating! They date and at the end of the day, destroy their lives!”

    “Objection, Sirs.” Daniel stepped forward.

    “That point is.. I don’t know the adjective I can use to qualify the noun. But, it’s a normal thing for a guy to walk up to a lady and ask her out, if you know you aren’t ready for this, just let him go! Tell him you aren’t intrested! I know some ladies like that, they know they will never date that guy, but they will extort everything he has in the name of love! He’s showing you love, but you have duped him already! Have you ever imagined what this life would have turned to if ladies could woo guys too?”

    The noise filled the hall again, even the panel of judges met their teeth out already, laughing. Bridget too wouldn’t deny the fact that she was laughing already, her mind was imagining things.

    It took a moment before the noise came down and Daniel could continue. “As I was saying, it would have been a balanced equation! Then, you’ll know how much ladies feel for guys too but can’t say it because it’s wrong! Guys aren’t to be blamed for that because we are all the same!”

    “Da…a..niel!” His fellow guys screamed.

    Daniel was just grinning as he looked at Bridget who was also laughing. She couldn’t dven object what he had said, he knew that was the fact, no doubt.

    “The question now goes thus, Bridget, do you have a boyfriend?” One of the panel of judges asked.

    “Na Daniel ooh!.. Daniel ni oh..” The hall turned into a market again.

    Bridget was smiling as she was downcast. Can someone really answer that question? It went for a moment that the panel of judges needed no answer because they’ve heard the noise already that Daniel was the main man.

    They just kept laughing too. “Daniel, is this true?” Daniel burst into laughter too.

    Minutes later, one of the panel of judges stood up. “We all are to be blamed for destroying the campus,  not guys or ladies! We’ve heard from ladies that guys have many problems and from the guys too that ladies are problematic. If we want this country to be better, it starts from each mindset! It starts from you and I, our mode of dressing, thoughts of mind, and many other things that has been said. This is just to enlighten you all, thanks for all students on board. Dismissed!”

    Daniel turned around and met Bridget still laughing. “You this babe!” He exclaimed.

    “Abeg, leave me oh.” She grinned.

The end.

    This is to all university students and beyond! But mostly to all university students. Though, I’m a fresher but my eyes have seen fresh things too oh! The little I have seen on Campus within three weeks has made me cook uo this storyline to enlighten!

wearing skimpy dress won’t make you look better, it will attract wrong people.

    I was at bank as early as 5:17am in school because I had to oay my school fee that day. The previous day was hectic that we were almost 400 students who wants to pay to that bank because they post your payment immediately unlike other banks. My friends and I who got there first started the attendance- first to come.. lol! It was like 8am when many were already around and we say a student already coming to pay for her school fee, if you see what she’s putting on!

    That’s how it is! If you don’t understand something and you visit a guy to teach you that thing, wearing skimpy dresses, mehn, trouble will loom now! It’s the reality!

→Your heart/mindset!

    Guys! What’s your mindset? To go and read or to run after a lady? I love and care for ladies.. generally! Like that day I was at bank, one was trying to bribe me with beauty… Lol! Not me! Honestly.. I can’t be freaked! She knew I was the first on the line and tried to frame up a voice and make some emotional blackmails.. I told her categorically– “Sister, you are beautiful! But why didn’t you wake up early? At least I saw you when you were going into female hostel yesterday, you and this your glasses! Abeg no do emotional blackmail here, I have to pay as quick as possible. (I said it jokingly that we both laughed) if it were to be another guy, he’d be like- come and stay at my front, what are friends for? Lol! Next thing is to get her mobile number…

    This lady and I later saw and she laughed on seeing me again and I greeted she was like.. “don’t greet me oh, you didn’t help me pay na..” (jokingly too).. we met like thrice that day and were just laughing any time seeing each other. It seemed I was funny to her sha.. 😀

    I couldn’t give her space because of one thing- EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL! I have many female friends that do that too.. be like.. *framing up another sexy voice* “please, I beg you, Tee, help me..” lol! Some guys be like “I go help you, give me ur mobile number” and one useless friendship might start that way!

     Be focused! Know your mindset. Have friends who will make your life better not worse!

    Many other point can’t be derived from the storyline. Thanks for reading! I love u!…


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