This is just like what I have discussed with you before, but now I have tested mine and I now know it is REAL! You have to tell it to whatever challenge coming your way that you’re for God!

    Tell that challenge that you have a more powerful God! I was sick yesterday that my head was lime it was gonna fall. Mum was about giving me injection when God’s word came to me and accused me. Holy spirit said- you told me to tell it to sickness that God has never been sick, Jesus was never sick, I can never be sick! God has never been poor, Jesus was never poor, I can never be poor! And many more… That reminded me of the day I commanded the morning to bring forth favour and I was favoured throughout that day.

Wao! I stopped the injection and told mom I’d be fine. Then I came around and told that sickness and headache there’s a God more powerful! There’s a greater God! There’s a God mightier and because that God never had, has never had and will never have a headache and would never fall sick, I’m his adopted son through Christ, Leave me! And I jumped up that I’m whole again.

  Can you believe that within five minutes, everything disappeared? That’s why I can type today! That’s why I can laugh.. I felt terrible yesterday until I told and challenge that sickness!

Cancer fears and hears God!
Sickness does!
HIV does! Yes!
Diseases does!

Tell it to tough situations with faith! You should also work and walk in line with God for this to happen, or else the declarations are false! Tell it to the devil, I’m whole!



3 thoughts on “ACME OF THOUGHTS- 05

  1. Faith is when you belief wholeheartedly without seeing it happen yet, the bible says in Luke 10:19 I have given you the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and all THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, he also says that we are joint heirs with christ, so therefore just as Christ had and still has the power to heal and make whole. We have also been given the power as well . Therefore all that Christ did during his time on earth, we also can do the same as we have been told from his word that we are ‘joint heirs with christ’. Thank you for this, sir. Happy Sunday and have a blessed week.


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