If I just keep taciturn without showing how chuffed and happy I was yesterday and still am, today, it means I’m just being unserious, it means I’m not appreciative or better still, flippant. I do appreciate and thank everyone who came around, everyone who sent text messages, whatsapp wishes, facebook wishes, call, Nairaland messages and even mails. Wao! I’m feeling great here oh! 😀

    I was moved and happy I’ve not been alone all the while, I’ve got parents/guardians, friends, acquaintances and many more behind me. I sincerely appreciate this, God bless u plenty that you won’t lack in the your lifetime. 2015 will be your year of happiness and breakthrough! Because My God isn’t in any problem, you will never be in problem! Because he isn’t in any trouble, he isn’t panicking because of any knot or challenge, you will never get into any problem.

Thanks once again, you moved my 206 bones and my 32 teeth.. Lol!

-Temitope Daniel Abimbola.


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