I haven’t open this thread for you to wish me a happy birthday. I have opened this thread just to appreciate the two people who mean a lot to me and who I mean a very lot to!

I was born exactly 6am, Friday December 26th, many years back which was 17 years back. Yeah, don’t be shocked, bros, sis, moms and dads! I am 17 years today.

My sis and I

    I was born inside a church where the mid wife or what do they call her sef refused to bath for me because the balance haven’t been paid. My mother was on the bed, in pain of childbirth when this woman just exposed me to the cold without covering me and left me with blood and dirts all over my body.

    Thanks be to Almighty God for then, for after and for NOW! Yes, I’ve opened this thread not to glorify any one else but my Father and Mother!

    I don’t think any other person in life! I repeat, in life can ever be like one’s parents! No! No one else! Not even a future wife nor future husband… not even your siblings!! No one!


    If they only know how much I love them! We were to resume in school some weeks back and this got my dad sleepless nights on how he would be able to get the school fee, accommodation fee and many more! He needed ovee 400 thousand and I can’t explain how he got it and just told my sister and I to leave for school! He’s just marvelous.

    Even though, we fight alot, we quarrel, we shout! Dad is still the best! I appreciate my parents for taking care of me since I was young, fell sick, had a disease, was healed and many other!!!

    To you, my almighty fans. I am just speechless! I can’t just thank you enough because I can’t imagine myself typing and no one is reading. I can’t imagine myself without any subscription having over 300 likes on Facebook, over 200 followers of my blog, over 30,000 hits on my blog. I appreciate you all, God favour you and keep his face upon you, you will shine and excel, God bless u a bunch, you’ll never lack anything good, you’ll prosper and will not die prematurely.

So, I appreciate all that has been calling Uncle T.Dan, lol! U now see that uncle T.Dan is a kid oh, abegii… I’m your boy oh, just keep reading my works.

    Using this medium to say it and praying to God to please help and uphold me.

PEACE AND APRIL will be released as a solid novel NEXT YEAR!  I don’t know how, I just know God will do his work.

Happy birthday to Temitope Daniel Abimbola, God bless you all!



21 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. The warmest of birthday wishes to Tee.
    I pray today marks the beginning of great things in your life.
    Long life and prosperity.

    NB:when you reach THAT height, don’t forget those who helped you to it.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY boO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. WOW!!! Happy Birthday to you “aburo”, or waiting I go call u sef…lol. “Agba o kogbon”, you know. Achievement na im matter o. Today shall mark the beginning of good and greater achievements in your life, academics and career IJN and your glory shall not be cut short. I dnt know we dey share the same birth month sef. Am waiting for my cake anyway… Enjoy your day bros!!!


  3. Happy birthday temitope. Wishing you a birthday filled with love, joy and all the good things of life. Wishing you good health, wisdom and knowledge in all you do. Have a blessed day temitope!


  4. Wow!Happy birthday sake me, wishing u LLNP IJN.More of this in gud health and with greater achievent.its ur day enjoy it my boy and my boss.lols


  5. As u add another year to ur years today, D Lord will visit u & bless u. His grace will b enough & sufficient for u. U will live to see many more blessed years in peace & joy of d Lord in Jesus name. Apy btday to u uncle T Dan.


  6. Are u kidding me? Like seriously u don’t look 17. Thank God for u, see how u’re using ur God given talent and wisdom in a positive way, u’re blessed. Before u graduate or b4 u clock 20, if u continue this way, u’ll be a renowned author. I’m just speechless that all the wonderful Temitope’s stories I’ve been reading and enjoying is coming from a 17 year old boy. May God continue to enrich u with his wisdom and grant u all ur heart desires. AMEN.


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