This is as thought and written by Temitope Daniel. This is not a court of law, so words and ways court proceedings are done aren’t done exactly the type in this story.

-Temitope Daniel Abimbola

    Daniel had been preparing himself for this moment. He had tried as much as possible to give an excuse to his friends so that he wouldn’t be the one to face Bridget.

    He had always wondered why he was chosen to be the head Barrister and why Bridget was also chosen to be the head Barrister of ladies in ‘their court of law’.

    It was bright and bubbling. A lot of students were already inside the big hall. Some were seated while some couldn’t even get a seat to sit down. Everyone was after the case to see how the great Daniel would face his own love- Bridget that day.

   It was on the Campus of the school, as organized by Doctors, Professors and great lecturers of the school to know who among the males or females of the school that disturbs and tempt the other counterpart.

    Though, the two were law students, but, the panel of judges weren’t after that. They needed to know if guys were the cause of troubles of sexual harassments or ladies themselves. Everyone in hall knew it would be very hot that day.

    Some guys were already seated by the neat chairs provided for them on the stage while Daniel moved to his own seat as the Chief Barrister of guys. He turned his head and his eyes made a contact with that of his girlfriend, Bridget who headed the ladies.
     We are enemies now, maybe after this, we can be friends and lovers again. Bridget had thought as she took her eyes away with a smile and spoke with one of her ladies. “This case has been won already, don’t worry.” She whispered.

    Daniel smiled on his seat. He was sure of himself, but also afraid of Bridget because she knew she was very good at arguing things out. “Guys, it’s our case, we’ve won already.” He said to his guys and smiled too, making another facial contact with Bridget.

    You no know anything, he had thought as he looked away and saw the great crowd. Just then, he saw a lady waving at him. “This girl again!” His eyes popped more open as he waved and quickly looked at Bridget to know if she didn’t see the lady waving at him.

    Bridget caught them already. She had always questioned Daniel if he had anything to do with the lady because she was always following him around, but Daniel refused bluntly. He had told her he would never date any other lady apart from her- Bridget. Now that the jealous Bridget caught them waving, he hoped it wouldn’t be used against him ‘in the court of law’ that they were.

    He quickly pulled his head to another side as Bridget beamed. We shall see, she had muttered. Just then, the panel of judges came in and the case started almost immediately.

** ** **

  Bridget walked out of her seat in her beautiful shirt and black trouser. She moved her legs already wedged inside the pair of shoes and smiled. “Guys are actually the cause of everything on this campus. Firstly, I’d say almost all men are the same..”

    Noise overcame the hall immediately as guys on seat started screaming while ladies on seat also supported their great Bridget. The noise continued until one of the judges threatened to stop the case that minute then everywhere became still.

    Bridget smiled before she continued. “As I was saying, almost all men are the same. They share the same character, same thoughts in their various minds. Parents actually sent many of these guys to school to study and succeed in life but what many of them came for is to study a lady instead of their various courses.”

    “No..” Noise filled the hall to the brim again as the guys disagreed with her point. It took few minutes before everywhere coukd be quiet again.

    “Actually, some guys’ mission here’s to come and get a lady to either date or detroy their lives..”

     “Objection, my lord.” Daniel sprung to his feet and the noise started looming again. “That’s our boy!”

    “Not all guys are here to do that, Sirs.” He said.

    “But I never said all guys too, Dan.” Bridget fired back.

    “Objection overruled.”

    Bridget chuckled. “Thanks, Sirs.  As I was saying, many guys are in school just to do rubbish and destroy lives, not only lives but the lives of young ladies with their selfish desires. I can’t imagine guys, camping around just to sleep with just a lady they like, it’s normal..”

  “Objection, my lord!” Daniel arose again. “Many of these ladies are the ones tempting the guys!”


   “Thanks, Sirs. Yes..” Daniel stepped out too. “Many ladies tempt the guys and make those who do not have the fear of God in their hearts commit bad things.  How would a lady put on a tank top and a pair of leggings with just pant worn inside? Why can’t she wear a dress that will cover her nudity and start harassing the nation with her ugly shape?”

    The hall was filled with laughter from men. They started praising Daniel.

“Objection, my lord!” Bridget cut in again. “Ugly shape that  many of the guys eventually run after and destroy?”

  “Objection sustained.”

   “If you see a lady dresed in that manner, you should take away your eyes and reject the devil.”

    “Reject what?” The guys in the hall screamed.

    Daniel chuckled as he heard that. “Objection, my lord.”

    “It is easier said than done. How can a guy resist the devil when the lady keeps turning that thing before him?”

   “Objection sustained.”

   “Ladies destroy the campus with indecent dressings. Many expose what they are meant to enclose and at the end of the day blame guys for raping them, who displayed the products first?”

    Everyone laughed again.

   “Objection! The fact that she’s wearing that, the bible says if your eyes will make you loose heaven, remove it! You can always run away from evil ladies but when you see them, you don’t have to wave at them.”

    Daniel burst into laughter. He already knew what she was talking about.

story continues.


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