I don’t use any quiet time companion whenever I want to have my quiet time. I pray and submit myself to God to speak to me anytime I want to do my quiet time.

   I just finished getting it done and he spoke to me in another way now. He took me to the book of Job Chapter Four and Job Chapter Fourteen.


Job 4:17 : Can mortal man be righteous before God?
    Can a man be pure before his maker?

    I was brooding on that particular verse when he told me to visit Job 14:4


Job 14:4 : Who can bring a clean thing out of the unclean?
    There is no one!

    Yes! You cannot bring a clean thing out of the unclean at all! Like I talked about Romans 6:1 some months back, you cannot be in sin and ask for grace to abound! You cannot be in two places together.

    Like Matthew 6:24 also says, you cannot serve God and Mammon together! You cannot serve two masters together! Either you hate one or like the other.

    You can’t have two bosses, my people.

    So, submit yourself before him. Can a mortal be righteous before his creator? A mortal is killer! A person who shed blood, a person who makes othee cry. You may think ‘I am not a mortal’ but we are all mortals! Yeah! You might not have killed before but whenever you talk about someone in a bad way, you have killed the person in spirit! Whenever you have done something bad to someone, you have killed the person in spirit!

    Whenever you lie, commit adultery, and many more, you have turned yourself to a mortal being before God. So, can you be mortal and be righteous at the same time? Can you be  clean and unclean at the same time?

JESUS LOVES YOU. You can always turn back to him and ask for forgiveness. Just say:
Christ Jesus, I have found myseld and I’m ready to change for better. Make me unadulterated, don’t make me depraved. Forgive me of my trespasses. Oh God, I know your only Son died for me and I’m ready to serve you. Thank you Jesus for dying for me, thank you God because you have turned me around.



6 thoughts on “ACME OF THOUGHTS 02

  1. Each day as Christians we strive towards perfection, just as our heavenly father is. May God grant us the grace to conquer. Thank you for blessing us with this, sir.


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