This is what life is like. I am tempted to stop writing stories and few things will make the temptation fade off completely. Firstly, I now notice that my eyes are itching me and are somewhat heavy that I can’t really see clearly for many months but not withstanding, even if not regular, I still update the blog.

    This same thing happened to a colleague (online story writer) or should I say is happening to her presently. We stare at the screen for hours to bring up updates! A lot of times, I wouldn’t eat just because I want to satisfy all my fans here but not all of us appreciate this!

    I met a guy in school. He’s also a blogger and he introduced his blog to me which I introduced mine too. So, we met a week back and he was asking me about the blog and I told him I just updated the blog and he was like- Temitope are you normal at all? You’re still updating your blog despite the stress here? Despite my travellings and co.

    Some days back, my friends and I got to bank by 5:17 am and wrote our names down simply because we came the day before and couldn’t pay our fees because they were over three hundred outside the bank. As they pushing, they pushed me to hit a moving vehicle but God just saved me! Oh no! It was by his grace!

    Even then that everyone was pushing that I thought my end had came, I was still thinking about NO MATTER WHAT, THE UNKNOWN, MY WIFE AND I!!! Honestly! That’s me! I do say it to people that I never learnt talking drum, I nevee learnt Keyboard nor drumset and I play all!! I see this as my gift, I see my story writing as a carrer! I see this as my twin!! As my accomplice!! As my LIFE!! Yes!

    So, caring about everyone, staring at the screen for almost three hours to deliver the update that will take you just 20 minutes to read. That’s it! It will only take u even lesser minutes to read!

So, why will I now type, try apl best to edit and do all that and see as many as 400 readers online here and would get just three comments? It’s frustrating! Some people would say I shouldn’t focus on the comments but that’s what makes we writers believe we are not just doing this for fun!

    Simply because of story writing, my life system has changed! There’s no day I won’t wake up either by 2am or 3am to type an update. No day!! May be when I was in school sha..

    I have been trying to hold this but it’s hurting me when I write and leave and expect comments, I might meet none, sometimes one or two. It’s hurting me!! I subscribe! I go online to search for pictures! I use several apps to design pictures here! JUST ON THE ANDROID! Because I don’t have a PC.

    When my fellow writers were talking in a group, one of them brought up the issue of updating with android phone and they shouted GOD FORBID! THAT’S MURDER! But that’s how I satisfy my fans sometimes to my detriment!

    Many are asking after PEACE AND APRIL, MY CRONY and the likes! But why will I be cheered up to bring them when people just read without droppng comments! It’s not fair! Please!

    Honestly, I am tempted to stop writing if there are no changes till I have the ability to produce my first hard cover book next year- PEACE AND APRIL.

Temitope Daniel



  1. Tdan u dnt ve 2 stop because of people not commenting, though it hurt SO bad bt pls dont stop.Honestly am really inlove with ur stories. The Lord is your strength


  2. tdan, u r really doing a good job here but stopping is not d next option, pple may not comment but don’t look @ dat….u r really changing life out here if u don’t kno, and dz gladdens God heart bcos u changed it positively not negatively, d reward is from above daniel jus remember dat….. l pray ur annoiting will never dry, u will not loose ur sight nor ur wisdom, keep it going cos d Lord is ur pillar…. Happy Sunday to u….


  3. Uncle T!. U cant do dt o. Ah! no, no, no. Honestly i understand what u are passing thru but nevertheless keep on wt d good job & d Almighty God d rewarder of every gud thngs wl rward & surprise u for good. More grace in Jesus name.


  4. Temitope pls don’t stop,someone like me do pray u update everyday cos am doing nothing being a fresh graduate,pls I beg u don’t stop,lord will strengthen u,and we will change for good.plsssss


  5. I am kinda guilty as well….but please temitope do me a favour, never let the opinion of others to define your possibilities. I believe encouragement is needed in bringing out the best in us but determination is what keeps you in the race, that i commend you on. Please dont stop we appreciate your work. Do me a favour and read gal 6:9. May God strengthen you, my brother.merry xmas and happy sunday


  6. Tdan so sorry, am kinda of guilty as well pls don’t stop writing, The LORD is ur strength n heaven is ur starting point!!!! Abeg no stop oooo if u don’t want me to cry ooo!! Tdan I know d stress u are passing tru seriously from experience.


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