We all pray to God for one thing or the other and always expect God to answer that prayer. Some of us do receive a response, some would receive no response and some would receive it in a way they wouldn’t know God has spoken to them.

    What do I mean by WYN? Wait, Yes and No.

    Those are the three responses we get from God anytime we pray to him. Either we get Yes, or No or he tells u to Wait!

    Let’s analyze, my people.


    Imagine a person who prayed to God for the gift of a house for so long and God sees the person praying fervently for the house and he smiles and gives the person the house that day or the day after, that’s to show that God said YES!

    He knows how much the man praying needs the house and knows the benefit the house would be to him, so he said Yes to what he wants and the man would be very happy! So happy that God listened to him.


   Imagine another man who’s praying to God for the same house and God says No! Yes! He can say No! He’d say that because he knows that’s no what you need!

    Many of us do think what we need urgently should be given to us but God’s the one who knows what we really need and can give us!

    That man would be crying to God but God would be answering his prayer in another way. Maybe, giving him a good job, a good wife, a good health and many more! But to him, he would think God isn’t doing good by not giving him that thing needed!

    Oh no! Many people do think God is wicked by not granting ur heart desires but he’s the one who knows what you need! He’s the God who knows what you need at a particular time!


    Yes, this is similar to NO. If God tells you to wait, he might have seen some things you can never see! Like a man three asking God for a house too and God says wait, he wouldn’t know!

    Who knows if he moves into that house that day and he dies inside there! Who knows if the enemies has planned that once he enters into the house, everything should collapse or burn? Oh no! Just be patient because it will be better.

    My Dad used one Toyota Corolla for 11 years here and we keep praying and hoping for a new vehicle but to his own surprise sef, we didn’t sell that Toyota before buying a new Honda last year! Who knows if God had released that Honda several years back, he would have had an accident inside that car?

    That’s how powerful God is! Don’t be tired! Keep praying and I know God’s answering you, YOU MAY NOT KNOW!

He knows the best and would do the best.

Happy new week!


8 thoughts on “ACME OF THOUGHTS 01

  1. T.dan u are right nice writeup d Lord ll continue to strengthen u. D bible says we shld pray until our joy is full so lets keep on praying nd nt be weary its just like sowing a seed one day we ll reap it.


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