Laugh when you still can! Yeah, I do wonder why people cry when they go broke, I do wonder why people are always sad whenever they do not have something. Come! Will your sadness bring it to you? No! Since it can never add to you, don’t let it remove or subtract from you!

    I have heard about a lady, always sad because of her lifestyle. She was poor, just have a dress and different problems in her life and because of that, she was always sad, always unhappy. One day, she met a very rich guy, the guy was a lively guy and I repeat, RICH.

    She just sat down, sad as usual and unknown to her that someone who would help her was around there.

    The guy kept looking at her, but she didn’t look as beautiful as she was! He wanted to approach her but he was scared! He was thinking that… if we approach this one and she slaps me with this uer condition, what will I do? She even looks like a person whose boyfriend just jilted…

    Because her normal sad look has made her face look like that of an old woman and because she was still sad, the guy meant to help her and possible destined with her left admist fear that she might hurt him because her look was dangerous.

    Always look good NO MATTER WHAT! This world is too small and life is too short for you to be sad, laugh now that you have the teeth! A man on earth who’s poor and sad, frowning around because of that the sadness won’t make him richer! Only poorer because people meant to help him or call him would just leave him.


   You can check out Proverbs 14&15, remember JESUS LOVES U!

    I’m going overboard today! Going joyful, going happy!

Go overboard in happiness!

Wonderful morning to you..!


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