The Unknown

    The moon had disappeared and the sun had taken it’s place in the sky. It was already nine am in the morning when Nicholas took a glimpse at his wristwatch and another at Henry who had been playing the acoustic guitar for a while.

    He cleared his throat to gain his attention. The previous day was indeed stressful but the two had to wake up as early as possible to prepare breakfast, freshen up and prepare for that day. He had made sure he left Vivian’s vicinity yesterday only when he saw the Prince and his friend drive away from the front of the Vivian’s compound.

    Though, he slept very well because it was a very busy day he had the previous day, but he woke up into the mystery of thoughts that morning, wondering what Prince had came for and why he had said he would go by a plan. What plan? He kept thinking till he got Henry’s attention and sighed.

    “We got to prepare a schedule for today’s operation, Henry.” He said as he bit his fingernails.

    Henry looked at him too. “Yes, Nicholas. Yesterday wasn’t an easy day at all.” He smiled.

    Nicholas chuckled. “That’s true, but our enemies aren’t on their various seats right now, they are exploring everywhere, in search of us to devour.”

    Henry sighed. “How do we go about today? What do you have in stock?” He enquired.

    Nichlas stopped biting his nails and looked at Henry again. “I want you to just get closer to Vivian to know more about her, her lifestyle and about the Prince who wants to go by a plan.” He said.

    “But Nicholas, are you sure ou heard about any plan yesteday?” Henry asked.

    Nicholas frowned. “I really did. I heard that Prince, he actually said it. By the way, we have to know everything becase now that I have found her, even if she is no longer mine, I have to protect her well.” Nicholas said.

    Henry swooshed out a long breath as he swallowed. “Alright, I’ll start by doing that. So, what are you going to be busy with today?”

    “I’m just going to find my way because you’ll have to take my car along with you. But, make sure you recharge your mobile phone in case I just we have to discuss.”

    “Alright, Nicholas.”

    “I still want to continue trailing and listening to Engineer Ashley’s voice note well.” He added.

    “Just be careful, you know they don’t wish us well.” Henry said as he stood up.

    “But wait, why’s it that you’re putting on my shirt today?” Nicholas asked.

    “I want to have your scent too, so Vivian wouldn’t suspect anything.” Henry replied him.

    “But you should have used the perfume on your own shirt instead of wearing mine. Anyways, don’t take too long there.” Nicholas smiled.

    “Alright, I’ll call you.” Henry smiled too and waved as he stepped out.

** ** **

    Beatrice swiveled her chair angrily. She looked into Lizzy’s eyes and hissed as she breathed heavily. “I feel like crushing that Vivian, Lizzy.” She said as she sviweled the chair around again.

    No one was needed to be told how much umbrageous she was before knowing she was really cheesed off.

    “Just keep calm, Beatrice.” Lizzy said with a smile.

    “But actually you know how I’m feeling! After many years, how come? Answer me! A Prince for that matter, no one can steal him away, I’m saying that.” She hissed again.

    “But, you mean the Prince really never called since yesterday, Bibi.” Lizzy said.

    Beatrice shrugged. “He didn’t! I’m sure he must have followed tha bitch and I’m sure he fell for her.” She said.

    Lizzy smiled again. “What do a do now? Do we visit the Prince then?” Lizzy asked.

    “No, Lizzy. Our first mission is to get that Vivian. I have been wondering on something.” She said.

    “What?” Lizzy asked.

    “Don’t you know only living souls can only try to snatch one’s love? Dead bones can’t move.” She laughed.

    Like father, like daughter.

** ** **

    Edward wiped his face with handkerchief as he moved closer to Osmond. He had not been able to concentrate on his work that morning so, he felt Osmond might be a source of help to him and beckoned on him.

    “Prince Edward, what’s wrong?” Edward enquired.

    “I’m not fine at all. I just don’t know why that Vivian of a girl has filled the both the void and occupied spaces of my heart since I saw her again last night.” He said.

    Osmond cleared his throat and picked up a seat. “Prince, just calm down. I don’t know what’s really wrong with you, but I think you’re just being paranoid.”

    Edward laughed. “What do you mean by being paranoid?” He enquired.

    “Sure, you never felt this way for Beatrice and I’m sure you haven’t even called her for reconciliation. That’s partiality!” He laughed.

    Edward chuckled. “Anyways, please what do I do? I really need you to help me.”

    “We have no choice than to keep pressuring this lady. I wouldn’t know if you have the time now, can’t we check on her at home?” Osmond asked.

    “We should be. At least, Beatrice sacked her already, she should be at home.” He replied.

    “Anyways, lets go.” The two stood up and walked out.

** ** **

    “You mean you want to end her story?” Lizzy asked Beatrice.

    Beatrice nodded. “I wish to send her to a journey she would never return from. Who knows who will come next if Prince Edward leaves me? I can’t marry a razz guy, God knows.”

    Lizzy chuckled. “But, wouldn’t it be dangerous to waste her life like that? What if we just throw her into a big trouble? Or if possible just pour a concentrated Hydrochloric acid on her face s that her beauty would turn to ugliness and would chase Prince away.”

    “Wao! Nice one, Lizzy. We can just pour that on her. At least we’ve not killed her, just to teach her a big lesson and to chase Prince away from her.”

    “Off we go, Bibie.” The two stood up and walked out.

** ** **

    Nicholas had already listened to much already and felt it was high time he exposed Engineer Ashley and Bennie- his friend. He had been trying to hold it back but couldn’t wait to get them to their ‘promise land’ as quick as possible.

    He had called Henry and told him to come back home because they had to start making preparations on how they would get Engineer Ashley and Bennie for them to be arrested by Craig and Doris.

    He liked it whenever he handed over any evil person to Craig and Doris for them to deal with.

    It was immediately Henry left Vivian’s vicinity that the Prince made his way there and parked as he approached hee gate with Osmond and knocked.

    Vivian was at home because she had no work and no job she could do. She rushed to get the gate. “Who’s it?” She asked as she peeped through the hole beside the gate.

    He could see the Prince and his friend again. “Prince Edward.” She heard from outside.

    She hissed aloud, making it known that she heard them, she just didn’t want to open the gate. She turned around and hastened into the house angrily. What are they looking for? She hissed again.

    “Do you know this girl just left us here and went inside the house?” Prince Edward said to Osmond looking so livid.

   Osmond chuckled.

    “I can’t take this any longer. I’m a Prince and I don’t have to be begging around before she decides to date me. I have even thought of discarding any plan but whalen the evil man decides to stop doing evil things, bad people won’t let him!”

     “That was an insult on our personalities, Edward.” Osmond said.

     “There’s no other choice but to get this girl kidnapped to learn her lesson until she tells me Yes!” Prince walked on to his car angrily.

** ** **

    “There was no trouble until I left.” Henry informed Nicholas.

    “There won’t be any trouble until you return.” Nicholas grinned. “I have packaged all the evidences. In fact with gloves in my hands because they may decide to test the finger prints on the media card and the likes.” He said.

    Henry grinned.

    “So, this are the evidences we have against the two, Henry. What we have left is for us to get them, probably into the forest again and get Craig and Doris with ther officers to arrest them there.”

    “You have used the forest before, Nicholas. We can’t use that place again.”

    “But Henry, I also wish to get Jerry and his men arrested, how’s that possible? You know these ones are hardened criminals.” He said.

    Henry laughed. God will teach us what to do.” Henry said.

    “According to their voice note, they’ll be visiting Kings Companies together by 12pm and we have to be around before then. But remember, his guys are following them around already.”

    Nicholas held Henry’s hand and closed his eyes as he made some silent prayers and stood up. “Yes, let’s go.” He grinned.

** ** **

    Prince Edward marched on the accelerator. “I’m very angry, Osmond.” He said.

    “Just calm down, Edward. Should I contact the guys now?”

    “Yes, Osmond. Contact them and tell them to come over as soon as they can! We have to get this lady and teach her a lesson in a right way. Then, I’ll show her to the King as my wife-to-be. If it is by force, I’ll make it by force.”

    Osmond picked up his mobile phone and got some guys informed about the plan. “Let’s talk at Leve Cafeteria.” He said before ending the call.

    “Are we set?” Prince asked.


     “The job is just to kidnap her and bring her to me for proper lessons.”

** ** **

    Nicholas parked his vehicle and swooshed out a long breath. “I think this is Jerry’s vehicle, it should be the one carrying the criminals.” He said as she took a close look.

    “Yes, Nick. That was the vehicle that carried me away.” Henry said.

    “Good.” Nicholas grinned as he picked up a knife from the bag he had by his side and kept it in his pocket. He opened the door and Henry stopped him. “Where are you going to?” Henry asked.

    He smiled. “Watch me pull some stunts.” His smile turned to a grin as he moved closer to the car. Luckily, no one was there was there was no one around.

    He just looked around again for him to be sure no one was actually coming before deflating the two back tyres and rushed back to his own vehicle. “Now, the guys will be busy doing that when Engineer Ashley and Bennie are set to leave, so, we can strike well.” He grinned.

    “Wow! Great of you, Nicholas.”

** ** **

    Four guys jumped into the compound and walked stealthily, giving one another signs concerning where to pass and what to do till they got to the main door of the house.

    The four guys got set to hit the door together so as to get in easily. They did as they gave signs to one another and broke the door, walking in as fast as possible and saw Vivian and her son watching a movie.

    They pressed a handkerchief on their noses and carried Vivian away, leaving the unconscious Anthony alone inside the house.

** ** **

    It was some minutes to 12pm. Nicholas got set as he saw Engineer Ashley’s car driven out and that of Bennie followed. He saw Jerry and his guys rushing to their vehicle but shocked to meet the tyres deflated already. They started making ways on how they could fix the tyres as soon as possible and follow Ashley and Bennie because no one could tell what might happen next.

    Nicholas laughed as he marched on the accelerator and followed the two vehicles till he got to the road alongside the bush where everything was taciturn and decided to strike.

    He overtook the two cars and crossed them at the front as he came down, masked and held a gun in his right hand. He walked to Engineer Ashley’s vehicle and pressed his nose with a cloth soaked in chloroform and did the same for Bennie before moving each of them to his car. He had sent their drivers down, to face the ground before he drove off with the two men.

    “Henry, go and deliver these evidences to Area-F station and make sure you do this gently and neatly so that you won’t be caught. As soon as you leave Area F station, call me so that I can beep Craig and Doris.” Nicholas said as he dropped Henry some distance away from the scene.

    Soon, Henry got a bus and rushed on while Nicholas continued driving till he got to another forest. This was different from the former one, he felt it would be safer enough.

    He parked and drew each of the men on the floor as usual till he got to a more secured place and tied them to the tree, expecting Henry’s call so he could call Craig.

    Soon his phone beeped and it was Henry. He grinned happily as he picked up the call.

    “You must be surprised to hear my voice. We have seen him and we have taken him. Release our Engineer Ashley and Bennie before we release your accomplice unto you, The Unknown.” He heard and the call ended.




  1. Hmmmmm,thats serious,so Henry has been caught? I pray that Nicholas should figure a way out on how to release him from those guys.This story is getting more interesting day by day! Well done Temitopedaniel!!!


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