The lady rushed back as soon as she heard Pelumi’s bellows. How would someone shout like this? She had thought as she stood before her and bowed. “I just thought…”

    “Will you keep quiet! Just drop the file on my table and leave.” Pelumi said.

    The accountant dropped the file and walked out of the office as quick as possible.

** ** **

    “Dami, how’s everything over there now?” Olajumoke asked as she adjusted her phone. She had been on call, discussing with Damilola, with the motive of asking after Temitope and how everything was going between him and Pelumi already.

    “We are all doing good here, Jumoke. How’s everyone there too?” Damilola enquired.

    “Yeah, all fine. I hope the two couple are getting along very well now?”

    Damilola chuckled. “They should. I deliberately joined their office together so that they can flow very well and so that Temitope would forget everything about the other lady real quick.”

    “That’s my Dami..” Olajumoke was excited to hear that.

    “I am just starting with the two of them, don’t mind me.” Damilola laughed too.

    “Anyways, my regards to Temitope and our wife, tell them to tread softly oh.” Olajumoke said.

    “Alright, bye.” Damilola ended the call.

** ** **

     Tomisin had placed her head by the side of the mattress if she could get a sleep when she noticed Mike had woken up and jacked her head up. She looked into his eyes with enthusiasm, smiling broadly as she placed her hand on his hand.

    “Dad, are you really awake?” She said, probably out of her surprise and happiness.

    Mike nodded slowly. His wound was still fresh and he couldn’t speak fluently.

    “Wow! I’m so happy everything resulted to this. Should I get you what to eat right now?” She asked.

    Mike smiled. An operated patient wouldn’t eat for the time-being because of the stitches. He just shook his head and managed to give her a smile. He wished to speak but he had no strength to do so.

    Tomisin was at least happy, her father was alive again, hale and hearty!

** ** **

Some hours later.

   “And what exactly is wrong with you, Pelumi?” Temitope cleared his throat as he spoke from his seat.

    Pelumi gazed at him and chuckled. “What on earth is wrong with me? I don’t understand that awkward question of yours, Temi.”

    “You should better do. I wonder why you shouted at that accountant because she wanted to drop some files for me, I don’t!” He exclaimed.

    “Yeah, Nicholas. I had to do that because I have always been in charge of this file and I noticed that lady too, I think she’s having some dangerous desires.”

    “Just like you, isn’t it?” Temitope chuckled. “Anyways, I’m not bothered if you can treat ten files together, you are making me relax, at least I’m going to receive my salary at the end of the month.” He smiled.

     “Are you now feeling bad? Oh no! You shouldn’t, Temi.”

     “Why would I? I’m simply letting you know what you’re doing isn’t the right thing because you have to change your evil and I repeat, evil ways!”

    The door was knocked. “Come in.” Pelumi quickly said.

    A lady walked inside the office with smiles on her face as she greeted Temitope and Pelumi. Then, she headed to Temitope’s desk.

    “Please come back here.” Pelumi said from her behind.

    The lady just looked back at Pelumi and approached Temitope with the package she was carrying. “You’re Mr Temit..ope, right?” She asked as she couldn’t pronounce the Yoruba name well.

    Temitope nodded. “Madam Damilola said I should drop this phone for you, Sir.” She said as she turned around and got set to leave.

    “I so much appreciate this, thanks.” Temitope grinned as she lady walked out and brought out the phone in the package.

    He plugged the mobile phone and switched it on quickly. That wasn’t what he was happy about, he was just being happy that he would call Tomisin instantly.

    He had already inserted the sim card attached to the mobile phone but not sure if it had airtime and decided to give it a try. Then, Tomisin’s phone rang.

    It was with Olajumoke and she suspected it was Temitope calling her immediately she sighted the mobile number on screen. She decided to pick it up and kept mute on the call.

    “Tomisin, good morning.” Temitope quickly said.

    Olajumoke smiled as she confirmed it was Temitope and hissed before she ended the call. Then, she brought up a horrible text message in Tomisin’s name and sent it to Temitope.

** ** **


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  1. Nice stories. I’m new here and I’m really interested in reading d remaining episodes of ‘No Matter What’ plss…. The last episode I read was d 30th


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