Good Morning everyone. I appreciate your love and care when I have been away, it’s school registration which has got me traveling around to get some documents.

NOW, I’m partially back. Lol! Yeah, before we start showcasing all other stories on board, I want you to check out this master piece by KINGZPEN if you click on the name, it will take you to his blog. KingzPen

He’s a prolific writer and a master at writing thrilling stories. This one is a voice not drama between himself and a lady.

Before I can bring anything to my blog for my fans to download or read, know it’s been tested and trusted… Lol!

Visit to read his stories and most especially s/4xsfnizxdm09k7a/Never %20Say%20Never.mp3?dl=0

To download the studio work/ voice note storyline/drama- NEVER SAY NEVER BY KINGZPEN

He’s a master and a star! A boss too… Believe me!


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