An entirely new environment it was to him. He kept looking right and left, seeing various faces of the workers in the company. He missed his friends, he missed Mr. Peter already and Clement that was always in the same with him.

    He had been looking forward to how the co-operation between himself and Pelumi would be in her office. He never liked the idea but what would he do? He felt he had been left without an option, she had called Tomisin severally but she didn’t pick up, had she heard that he had travelled to Ghana?

     As he stood before the members of staff for introduction, he rubbed his palms together, his mind had travelled far away, thinking of possibilities between himself and Tomisin. Had she misinterpreted his trip to Ghana? Did she meet his mother already? He didn’t know why and how the questions just kept flowing in, he just knew he had many questions he had no answer to, upstairs.

    He pressed his lips together as his two hands were still being rubbed together. His head was down and his tall hair was neatly combed, black and shining. He liked it, he liked looking neat and handsome always. He had always believed that one of the factors that could be used to hook up with anyone for anything was his good looks and neatness, especially ladies. He was handsome and he knew that.

     Raising his head slowly, his eyes collide with that of a bright lady, looking at him with great pleasure. He knew and could decode the look immediately. She liked him at first sight. Who’s this one? He wondered as he took his eyes off her and threw the gaze on Pelumi that was seated, watching him he stood there. Same office with this lady will be my hell on earth, honestly! He had imagined.

    “I’m Temitope Phillips.” He spoke up with a confident tone of voice.

    “This will be the assistant managing director of this company, his office is being arranged as I’m talking and would share the same office with Pelumi, the director.” Damilola said as she briefly introduced.

    He cleared his throat quietly and looked at Pelumi. He set his two hands apart and stood akimbi for some seconds before passing the hands to the back and looked innocent.

    “He worths the position he’s been given, brilliant and reserved. So, don’t hesitate to take some files and problems to him to solve..” She continued explaining and introduced each of the staff members to Temitope too. “You should shake them.” She said with a smile.

    Temitope fainted a smile too and started shaking all of the staff members. He got to Pelumi and both looked at each other for a while before giving her the handshake and turned around bowing to Damilola.

    “So, good! We should all get to out various duty posts now.” She said to them.

    According to the introduction, the lady that had been staring at him was the company accountant. He still saw the lady glimpsing till she left the hall that morning.

    “Follow Pelumi, she will take you to the office.” Damilola said to him as she turned around too and left for her office.

    “Alright, ma’am.” He had said and turned around seeing Pelumi already off to her office, he rushed after her.

** ** **

    At last! Tomisin had muttered as she felt one of her heart desires had been granted. She had been dying to see her father that just got operated but the Doctor kept on telling her to wait. Now, she had been given the go-ahead to check on the man.

    Mike was just moved back to the ward. He was on drip and was responding to treatment very well. Tomisin smiled as she saw her father on the bed with his eyes closed.

    Her smile suddenly changed to tears. She didn’t like the kind of life at all. She had lost Temitope on e platform of saving her father, her father was still on the sick bed too, just responding to treatment.

    “Dad.” She said softly as she sat on one of the chairs beside the mattress.

    Mike was still sleeping. She just went downcast and tears kept rolling down. So, she lost Temitope forever? She still couldn’t believe the fact that he left for Ghana. Did he truly leave because of her or Olajumoke was at work? She couldn’t place her hands on it.

    She was weak and tired, going up and down all over the night to save her father. At least if Temitope was gone already, Mike should remain.

** ** **

    It was a big office. Temitope walked to the seat he could see void after Pelumi had sat down on her on seat. He sat down and prayed before admiring the office better.

   It was big. The floor was tiled brown tiles with beautiful wall scones that illuminated the office and gave it a welcoming atmosphere. The brown curtains too and air conditioner. This one better Mr Peter’s. He smiled as he thought within himself.

    He didn’t even know what he would do to start his work that day. Just then, there was a knock.

    “Come in.” Pelumi quickly said.

    “Weldone, ma’am.” The lady said to Pelumi.
     Temitope raisd his head slowly to see who it was, it was the accountant.

    “Thanks.” Pelumi said.

    The accountant walked on, heading to meet Temitope to submit a file for him to check out when she heard Pelumi’s blusters. “Will you come back here!”

…and the story continues…



  1. I was just waiting for the update on the unknown and thought I should catch up on no matter what since I have been busy with school. Good work sir.
    Btw please tell that accountant to stay away from temitope, otherwise me and her will wear one trouser…….


  2. Hmmmm…I found u about a month ago n became hooked! I love ur stories..they are didatic, full of morals n one can reckon with them. More power to your elbow, or should I say more ink to your pen. Pls I have a request, I was unable to see thge concluding part of ‘no matter what’..was able to read up to chapter 29. I’d really like to complete it. Thanks in anticipation.


  3. wat a great nd nice writeup, but pple av bin askn 4 d concludn part nd yet u didnt put it dia and moreover try 2 complete d other stories dat u refuse 2 finish also


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