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    Temitope walked down the staircase slowly. His lips was pressed together firmly, his skin- oily and shinning. He bowed as he greeted Pelumi and Becky that were already on seat. “Good morning.” He said to them softly.

    Pelumi just looked at him and gave a faint smile. Ladies and this smile! He had thought as he pulled out a chair and plopped down. His lips were still tightened up.

    “Pelumi, serve Temitope his meal.” Damilola told her with a glimpse.

    Pelumi wanted to hold herself back at first, but, she felt it would be of no importance to let Damilola know she had pulled out of Temitope’s way. It seemed she was really disturbed by what the guy said to her the previous night. She never saw it as the truth and Temitope too wouldn’t accept the fact that she didn’t know he told her the reality.

    She served Temitope and he began to eat. At first, he didn’t want to eat in the house, but who did he know in Ghana? By the way, he didn’t want to give Damilola any trouble because she didn’t cause his problem, it was  Olajumoke.

    “We should get a mobile phone for you today, Temi.” Damilola said from her seat.

    He looked at her and bowed his head. “Alright ma’am, thanks.”

    “So, without much ado, my husband and I already finalized that you and Pelumi would be the managing directors of the company. So, your seat will be moved into her office and you both will be working out things in there.

    He dimmed his face. Which kain managing director be this? He thought within himself as he took a short look at Pelumi. It seemed she didn’t know too.

    Let’s see how it goes. He surmised and continued eating his food.

** ** **

    As Tomisin hastened to the reception, thoughts blew through her mind. She felt she was still in the dark because Temitope wouldn’t leave the country without telling her.

    I even know him, he wouldn’t leave me..! She had thought as she sat down and went deep in thought. Could he be the one that called me yesterday? That wasn’t a Nigerian mobile number. She let out a long air from her nostrils and rested her back. What if Madam Olajumoke was just lying? But, she I Temitope’s mobile phone with her truly, that shouldn’t be a lie.

    She stood up again and walked to and fro. She wouldn’t visit her working place that day, at least it was a relief. There was no way she could get in touch with Kingsly to tell him why she would be absent. She never thought the surgery would be that quick, it was early.

    She retired back to the chair, also tired.

** ** **

    Temitope sat at the front seat beside Pelumi as the car pulled out of the compound. He wished he already had his own car and knew everywhere in Ghana. He had no choice, Becky was with Damilola while he was with Pelumi all alone in the vehicle.

    Pelumi tuned the sound system of the car and played a music, loud and deafening. She didn’t want anything that would ensue discussion between herself and Temitope. He shouldn’t have said it to her, even though it was the fact. She thought as she pulled the seatbelt and soed on.

    She had been thinking too. It would be a problem to be in the same office. Though, they would dialogue, but how fluent would it be when the two weren’t on like terms. She didn’t even care. You do your work, I handle mine! She thought.

    Soon, her car screeched to halt at the front of the company and she drove in instantly the gate was opened. She came down first as she walked on, she really didn’t want to discuss with him.

    Just then, Damilola also drove inside the company and took Temitope with her for introduction to other staff workers.




  1. I just discovered you stories,they are really good,interesting with good moral lessons,but the problem I have with your stories is that most of them are incomplete,which is not good enough, pls try to complete them on order to keep your fans,thanks.


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