Life is not measured by the number of your days, it is measured by the things you that you have done.
→How many people have you made happy?
→How many lives have you changed?
→How many people have you talked to about God?

See, money is not all, fame, wealth is not all, but we’ve got to know if we live 120 years on earth and have nothing to write home about and another lives 20 years with remarkable historiES and most especially makes heaven, that’s the main thing.

    I just feel kinda sad when I remember Methuselah. That man live for 696 years and there’s no account of anything good done by that man! How will someone live for that number of years and have nothing good inside the big picture?

    Live a life that when you die, people would know a RARE GEM is gone, not a type of comment that THANK GOD HE’S GONE or TO HELL WITH HIM.

Imagine, if all these boko haram guys die today, how many people will cry? That is it! Do you know the hell fire that a person who slaughtered 100 Christians will go to is the hell a person who just lied would also go to?

There’s nothing like a small sin or even big one, they are the same before God.

Please turn away from the sins,


4 thoughts on “KNOW THIS!

  1. My words may not be cool enough to soothe your pain but,….. I believe the earth needed him but heaven needed him most. As you know, the lord never leaves you without a solution he says in john 14:16 that he will leave with you a comforter who will comfort you in all things….take heart and know that you are not alone….he has left with you the holy spirit who will comfort you.


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