No one knows everything, so, we keep on learning to keep knowing more in this life.

    I think this is the first time I’ll be discussing about relationship ish on my blog, I want you to read because you’ll learn more, trust me.


    Temperament is hereditary and can not be changed, unlike charactees that could be changed over time, it can only be managed.

    A lot of people mistaken temperament for character or personality,  but I want you to know that they are not the same. Both temperament and character are part of what forms the overall personality of the individual.

    There are four main types of temperaments: Phlegmatic, Choleric, melancholic, and sanguine.

    Today, let’s talk about Phlegmatic.



    A phlegmatic person is usually quiet, slower and more deliberate non combative speaker. He’s often a calm kind of person who so much believes in maintaining peace at all cost. He detest trouble, quarreling and rarely gets angry.

    So, he or she is not too comfortable with keeping malice and prefers peaceful co-existence with people. Following their nature, they are not easily made angry, they are easy going set of humans and do not take situation too seriously.


They are usually peaceful, pacifying, kind, understanding and diplomatic, since they like being at peace with everyone. They compromise with their spouse/spouse-to-be; they tend to be considerate. They are good listeners and great counselors.

    The other side of them is their slower in nature, not enthusiastic, these life of thiers sometines may make people to shun them. They are usually boring and like to be quiet. This makes it difficult for a ‘sanguine’ who enjoys talking to be with them. They lack self confidence and this makes them indecisive and lack motivation. They keep secrets and wouldn’t divulge a secret unless pushed to the wall.


It is very difficult to understand them by facial appearance or looks. Facially, a phlegmatic may seem happy but deep within, reverse is the case; he or she may be pretending, concealing the reality. They hardly laugh very loudly or cries hard, he or she always appear unagitated, seems unconcerned about his surroundings, hard and orderly minded disposition.

    They are ever dependable,  stable and unchanging type. Always the same irrespective of the situation.

    Living with them as spouse can be very difficult to one who do not understand them. Since they aren’t jovial, outgoing, and have a kind of natural sense of dry humour but generally good to live with as a spouse once you’re able to study them well.

    Owing to their slow nature, a task that would take another person with another temperament 10 minutes would take a phlegmatic 30 minutes to complete. But they are good at perfoming their tasks in an orderly and organized way.

    You can always teach him or her how to do things faster.


Considering the two sides of this temperament, it is not good for two lovers with such temperament to couple! They will not be able to run their home well and problem begins. For children upbringing, parents must be up and doing which a phlegmatic is really not.


Hence, it is advisable that phlegmatics do not go into courtship not to talk of marriage due to future consequences.

-Temitope Daniel Abimbola.



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