Olajumoke grinned mischievously. She had gotten what she really wanted from Tomisin and felt all other things would just be like a fun. She stared at the Sim Card without batting an eyelid, knowing well that she could cause thousands of troubles via it.

    She chortled and drank from her cup of wine. She knew a head that would recieve a knock to sleep would wake up even if the head had slept to get the knock. She was just someone she had always wanted to get, thank God she walked in all by herself.

    She continued staring at the sim card and removed one of Temitope’s sim cards, inserting Tomisin’s. She had to pull some stunts.-


    Temitope laid on his mattress slowly. He felt he hadn’t done anything wrong by all he had said. At least if it was even wrong, it would keep Pelumi and her evil friend away from him. She had been trying to make herself known to him for how long? He knew that might be part of his mother’s plan to join himself and Pelumi together.

    He didn’t even like her.

    Though, he admired her beauty, but no one could be as beautiful as his own Tomisin. All he had just be wonderng on was that she didn’t pick up his calls. Had she known that he was the one or was she actually not with her mobile phone?

    He stood up and picked up the landline again, pulling a call through to her mobile number. It still wasn’t picked up after six times of call again.

    He sighed. If she knew he had travelled to Ghana, she might not pick it up, but she hadn’t met any of his friends, had she? He kept wondering as he breathed heavily. Even if she knew, that wasn’t his own fault at all.

    He plopped down the mattress. He would definitely get a new phone the next day and contact her, he thought.


    …A NEW DAY…

    Temitope had woken up so early and had called Tomisin continuously. After trying so much to reach her and there was no success, he decided to take his bath and get ready for office.

    He had dressed up and putting on his black pair of Italian shoes when he heard knocks at his door. He looked annoyed as he heard that. Thay would be no other body but that Pelumi! He had affirmed deep within himself. “Come in.” He said softly and kept on putting on his shoes.

    It was Damilola.

    “Good morning ma’am.” He sprung to his feet with a grin.

    “How are you, Temitope?” The woman approached him with a smile.

     “I’m very good, ma’am. Thanks.” He bowed.

    “So, I’m here to call you for breakfast, we’re leaving for office any moment from now.” She said.

    “Alright ma’am, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” He nodded with his pressed lips.

     Damilola went on ahead as Temitope tightened his belt.

** **

    “How was the operation, Doctor?” Tomisin asked as she sat before the Doctor.

    “We thank God there was a kidney that we could get used. It was one of the kidneys of a man that died yesterday morning, so, his family gave me the go-ahead when I demanded for it to be used for your father?”

    “I told you to let me donate, Doc! How come? A dead man?”

    “That’s what most of us believe in, you think because the person is dead, the person is useless. Using the dead man’s kidney took our time though, but would you pay two hundered thousand to a donor? know that you may not fit in to donate for your Dad. By the way, medically, the kidney of a dead person can be used by transferring it into saline as quick as possible. See, we just thank God that it was successful.” The Doctor smiled.

    Tomisin smiled too. “Thanks to God, sir. Can I check on him?” She asked.

    “No.. not now.”

    “Alright.” She nodded.

** ** ** **



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