Tomisin quickly picked up her mobile phone and dialed Temitope’s mobile number but it wasn’t picked. She was just agitated as she kept shaking his father on the bed. What could be happening? They just spoke, nothing should be wrong with him, she had thought.


    “Becky, have I been trying to gain Temitope’s attention?” Pelumi asked her friend.

    “It looks like that, or should I say your up and doing business with him has made him think so, if you truly haven’t been trying to gain hie attention.”

    Pelumi looked at her for a while. “Alright, no problem.” She stood and walked to her room too.



    “Doctor, what’s happening?” Tomisin asked the Doctor who just hurried out of her father’s ward.

    He didn’t answer her as he rushed on, probably to get something needed in the ward. She had boarded a cab with the help of the cab driver whom she called to help her carry her father downstairs. Now that she had tried all her best to take him there, she couldn’t tell why everyone was doing that to her.

    “Please what’s wrong with him?” She rushed to meet the nurse at the reception too.

    The lady just smiled. “He’s fine, just go and sit down, no problem.”

    She looked worried as she hurried to a seat and thudded down. Though, she still wasn’t herself, but it would be better if she remained seated there.

    Mike had been suffering from kidney problem, perhaps it just got worsened. Tomisin had cried her eyes out, if her father died, that was really the end for her. She had called Temitope severally but he still never picked up her calls. The phone was still with the evil mother.

    She was beginning to believe what Olajumoke had said to her. It seemed Temitope didn’t want to see her again, if otherwise, he should have picked up her calls. Different thoughts began to flow through his mind as he thought of what was next to do.

    Soon, the Doctor rushed out. “We have a donor but we need money for the operation.” He told her.

    “I can donate my kidney for my father.” She quickly said.

    “No. We have gotten one already. It would waste our time to start carrying out some tests on you. Delay is very dangerous.”

    “Alright, how much should I get?” She enquired.

    “One hundred and fifty thousand naira.” The Doctor said and turned back as he left her there.

    “One hundred and fifty thousand naira?” She repeated as tears rolled down her cheeks. Where could she get that kind of money from? At least, if Temitope wouldn’t pick up her calls, she decided to send him a text message concerning the money she needed urgently.

    As she was stepping out of the hospital, a new message was received by her too. “Come over to my house.” She read out as she raised her head and stopped a motorcycle as she rushed down to Temitope’s place. She never knew Olajumoke was at work.

    She got to the front of the gate and didn’t waste time before she knocked. The gate keeper opened the gate and let her in as Olajumoke had instructed the gatekeeper when she replied her message. “Go there.” The guy pointed and she rushed over to the place and met Olajumoke on seat.

    She was speechless. She wasn’t expecting to see the woman there at all. How did she get to know about the text message? “Welcome here.” She addressed her.

    She jacked down her head. “Yes ma’am.”

    “I learnt that you need money so badly.” She said.

    “Y..yes ma.” She stammered.

    “Alright, if you know you truly value the life of your father, you have to sign an undertaken before I give you two hundred thiusand naira instantly.”

    “Undertaken?” She repeated.

    “If you don’t want to, you may leave your father and let him die iver there.”

    “Please mum, what of Temitope?”

    “Firstly, who’s your mum? And, if you don’t know, Temitope has travelled to Ghana. I have been with his mobile phone.” She showed her and laughed. “The guy ran away from you and won’t return.”

    “If you don’t need the money, get out!”

    “I need…” she quickly said. She knew she had no other place to visit that night to raise that kind of money. “So, you have to give me the sim card to your mobile phone and sign the undertaken.

    Tomisin gave her the sim card and signed quickly. Then, she was given an envelope before she rushed out, rushing back to the hospital.

** **


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