Olajumoke laughed off as she saw Tomisin’s mobile number. She was so pleased that at last, she found it. What should I do now? She wondered and dialed her mobile number.

    She felt that was the right thing to do, at least, if she shouted at her over the mobile phone, she wouldn’t pick Temitope’s call whenever he called her. She nodded with a smile. “Hello.” She said and stood up, walking around.

    “Tope?” Tomisin enquired.

    “You still haven’t heard the voice? You still don’t know that it’s not Temitope but the voice you wouldn’t wish to hear?”

    “Ah… Good day ma.” She quickly said as she got to know it was Olajumoke.

    “No need of greeting me that way. I know your greeting is not from the heart, so, don’t greet me.”

    Tomisin narrow her eyes. She knew something was going on. Where could Temitope be, for his mother to have gotten his mobile phone? She removed the mobile phone from her ear and glimpsed at the mobile number again. It was his! She affirmed and cleared her throat. “What of Temitope, ma’am?”

    “I think you’re sick. I am just calling you to tell you he’s not ready for you again. He doesn’t want to speak with you. If I am lying, what would his mobile phone be doing in my hands? You better keep off because he’s getting wedded soon.” She said and ended the call.

    Tomisin felt that was just cooked up as it was. Temitope wouldn’t say such! He loved her. It might be Olajumoke’s work to stop their love, not Temitope. She felt her world was crashing, everything would just end if it was really Temitope that told his mother to do that.

    Trouble was looming.


    Temitope hissed quietly that Pelumi and her friend didn’t even hear him. He knew all the qualities they have been lisiting concerning guys might be because he was there. No doubt, it was even because he was there, he affirmed as he cleared his throat to gain their various attentions. The two hurtled their gazes at him instantly.

    “Don’t you know it’s so wrong to keep talking while eating?”

    “Ooh.. Temitope, do you enjoy our subject of discussion?” Becky grinned.

    “What should be enjoyed in that? Why should I enjoy you, talking about something that makes me sick? It actually makes me sick. Talking about six packs, pink lips and other things, if God has destined you two with the shortest man on earth and his lips look as dark as a charcoal, he has a pot belly, he would be lanky and his teeth would be like a buck, his ears like twigs and his thin legs like shovel. Will you reject him?”

    They kept staring at Temitope.


    “This is absolutely not my Temitope, No!” Tomisin affirmed as she rolled on the mattress. She was brooding, cogitating if Temitope would have really left his mobile phone with his mother and just neglect her?

    She shook her head in disbelief as she sprung to her feet. She wanted to check on her father and how he was fairing.

    She walked on to his room and knocked for some minutes but there was no response. She just opened the door by herself and walked closer to him. “Dad.” She called and thought he was probably sleeping.

    She looked at him but his eyes were closed. “Dad.” She tapped him. She felt she should ask him about Olajumoke again, if he would tell her. But he hadn’t answered her. “Dad.” She tapped him again and noticed he had not been answering him.

    “Dad?” She made her voice louder as she tapped him more. There still was no response.

    “No.. Dad! She exclaimed quickly, it looked as if something else was happening. “Dad!.. Dad…!” She kept on calling but there was no response.

    What could be happening?


    “Temitope, but why have you taken this issue personal?”

    Temitope looked at Pelumi. “I shouldn’t, right”

    “Yes. At least, we were just talking about the kind of guys we like.”

    He smiled faintly. “I see..” He nodded continually. “Guys you like..?”

    “Yes. I know you also have your taste, don’t you?” Becky chimed in.

    “I don’t have a problem with any lady, but, I have a problem with a lady who tries to get my attention everytime. That can be likened to the lady forcing herself on me.” He said and stood up. “I’m done with the food.”

** **



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