Tomisin walked into her room and looked at her mobile phone. It was an unknown mobile number. She just exited the missed calls and pulled a call through to Temitope but it wasn’t going through. She dropped her mobile phone and laid down on the mattress. She didn’t know what exactly what wrong with her father.

    Was that a sudden illness or what? She asked herself, feeling lonely inside the room. She prayed there wouldn’t be any issue, she didn’t have much on her.


    Damilola walked into Temitope’s room and sat beside him on the bed. Temitope had thought that Pelumi was back again and didn’t bother to open his eyes. “Son.” He got a tap on his hand twice and opened his eyes.

    “Mum.” He smiled faintly as he looked at her.

    “Why have you been in? You should come and eat before it gets cold, don’t you think so?”

    “Em… I’m just trying to get some things together. I’ll come in some minutes’ time.”

    “By the way, what went wrong between you and Jumoke? She said you didn’t flow with her very well.”

    “I did, Mum. She was just trying to tell me not to call someone whom I have called already.”

    Damilola chuckled. “I don’t want you to fight your mother. No matter what happens, one’s mother is still ones mother. No one carried you for nine months except your mother. Know that she wouldn’t see a pit and a good way, then ask you to fall into the pit.” She admonished him.

    Temitope cleared his throat. “I know, Mum. And, I really love my parents. I just don’t know why it is hard for them to love what I love, I don’t know why it is hard to let me do what I want. If I was a real bad child I wouldn’t come here at all! They thought by locking the doors and other things in the house made me surrender, but I knew what I was doing.”

    Damilola chuckled. “All will be well, dear. Just come and eat.”

    He kept quiet for a moment. “Thanks ma.” He bowed his head.


    “Olajumoke, two wrongs can never make a right! When you get angry and your son is angry, how do you think things will work out? How?”

    “Why wouldn’t he listen to me? Did he know what happened to me back then? He wants her father to kill either us or himself, right?”

    “But let’s look at this from this dimension, I am just seeing it vividly that there’s nothing wrong if these two get along.” Tolulope said.

    “Tolu! Have you forgotten so soon? That day I escaped through the narrow breath, you have forgotten, right?”

    “The fact that Mike’s father murdered yours doesn’t mean Mike will kill us or our son! I have been thinking on it, and just knew I have been playing along with you on the wrong decision. Good, if you don’t want him to marry her, he’s gone now. Leave them if they try to contact each other, at least he might fall in love with that Pelumi over there!”

    “I see that you are getting angry too. You know how cantankerous I am, don’t you?”

    “I don’t want to know! Just put your mind at peace! Just that!”

    “Okay.” Olajumoke nodded.


    “I have been delaying my own dinner until you come downstairs, now, let’s eat.” Pelumi said and Temitope came downstairs.

    Temitope looked at her closely before he pulled out a tucked-in chair and plopped down. He looked new and felt lonely. He wondered if Tomisin had known of his depature already or not.

    He had been bothered by that. He had been unhappy because he couldn’t tell her he was leaving. That wasn’t his fault, his parents were at fault. He didn’t want to think about it again. He felt the more he thought about it, the more depressed he would be. “Here’s your meal.” Pelumi served him with a smile.

    But, Pelumi wasn’t aware of everything that was going on between him, Tomisin and his parents. She had been trying to render hospitality like she would love to get if she wasn’t in her place too. Though,  she liked Temitope, but not trying to force herself on the guy.

    Temitope took a spoon and raised his head up. Why was she still looking at him? Was she wondering something? He bowed his head and took another spoon.

    “I like guys with pink lips and six packs.” Pelumi said to Becky that was beside her.

    Temitope raised his head and pulled in his lower lip. Are they referring to me? He wondered as touched his belly too. I just got here, how would she know I have six packs? Who knows if she’s just saying hers. But, was that the discussion before I got here? He wondered.

    “Same here, especially with bulgy eyes and smooth forehead.” Becky added.

    “You should add a beautiful set of white teeth and tall hair.”

    That’s me! He nodded.


    Olajumoke had laid on her bed, just remembering all Tolulope had said to her. All that was on her own mind was that Mike would kill her son if he had any chance to get him. No! She affirmed strongly and looked to her left. She saw Temitope’s mobile phone and picked it up.

    She switched it on and check his contact. She tried to fish out Tomisin’s number. She had to pull some stunts.



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