As Temitope closed his eyes, he kept picturing Tomisin. He had found it so hard to forget her. He could remember the day Tomisin taught him so calculations and made him get the highest. He could remember various times he would save her from trouble and also Tomisin thay wouldn’t back out whenever he got into trouble. So many instances that he wouldn’t finish thinking of in just a moment.

    He rolled to the other side of the mattress and held his rumbling stomach. He was hungry but didn’t want to eat without speaking with Tomisin. He tilted his head as something dropped in his busy mind. Could she have heard that his parents sent him to Ghana? Was that why she didn’t pick up his calls?

    No! He affirmed as she three his head to the left and right. No! He repeated as he whisked to his feet and walked to the dressing mirror. At least, she didn’t know the mobile number, she sure wasn’t with her mobile phone. But, what if she had zeroed her mind not to pick a call from an unknown source, because Temitope had travelled to Ghana? He wondered again and shook his head. That couldn’t be.

    They loved each other, she should also know this isn’t his fault but his parents’. If he had his druthers, he would disappear back to Nigeria. Either to pick Tomisin up or elope to another country.

    He was even short of ideas as he went back to bed and ignored his grumbling stomach. Maybe he should sleep, or would it be better to walk out and eat while Tomisin hadn’t been contacted?

    Just then, the door was knocked and Pelumi walked in.


    “Dad, she’s a lady I have found so hard to take off my mind.” Kingsly told his father as he walked around him slowly.

    “What did you call her name again?”

    “She’s the daughter of thay friend of yours. She’s Tomisin.” He repljed and took a seat near him quickly.

     “I think we have discussed on this before. But, you repeating this is just as if you’re really determined to marry her.”

    “You have always said it Dad, it’s high time I got married!” He chuckled.

    “Alright, we should visit my friend this weekend. But, what has the girl been saying?”

    “She’s been somehow, Dad. I feel she’s just shy or she’s not in her right mind. She would say yes to me if her father’s involved.” He stroked his beard.

    “What gave you the assurance? Children of nowadays..!”

    “That’s it. It’s written all over her, Dad. I’m going to try my best to talk to her again, by tomorrow.”

    “That’s also a nice decision. Just tread softly.

    “Trusy me Dad. I’m really ready to settle down.”


    He didn’t know what she had came for this time. It was just less than two hours they met for the first time, why was she so intrested in him? Or, was his parents’ wish trying to manifest? The Pelumi in Ghana? He hissed silently and kept his eyes closed as he pretended on.

    “Temitope.” She called his name as she tapped him by his legs. “You have a call from Mum.” She said.

    That actually made him answer her, if not, he wouldn’t have woken up from his fake slumber. “Hello, Mum.” He said as he grabbed the handheld and fixed it to his ear.

    “Temitope dear, shouldn’t you have called me? Shouldn’t you?”

    Why would I call you? If you know how exasperated I am. He had thought. “Who sent me to Ghana? Who should call?” He said as he couldn’t press it down. He wished to take that feeling back, but, it was very difficult that moment.

    “Why are you talking this way? This is simply for your benefit?” Olajumoke told him.

    “Ooh.. I never knew. Do you think won’t make us contact each other? We just finished laughing together via skype. She also made a video call some minutes back. So, we see and discuss.”

    “Temitope, what’s your problem? You still contact her? I give you just a week, you won’t be able to speak with her again.”

    “I understand. You want to end her journey because of me, right? No problem! None at all! You brought me here as if I cant run away whenever I want to.”

    “I’ll disown you!” Olajumoke threatened.

    “Please, the journey was so sapping. I need to sleep. Bye mum.” He ended the call and stretched the mobile phone to Pelumi.

    “Temitope, what’s happening?” She asked.

    “Pelumi, please I need to sleep.” He waved his hand and closed his eyes as he laid on the mattress.”


    Olajumoke was irascible as usual, flinging her phone on the sofa as she rested her back and stared at the television set. Tolulope walked down to her and sat beside her with smiles on his face. “What’s happening again?” He asked her.

    “That Temitope has a whole lot of problem! Or should say he’s a problem?”

    “Jumoke, you can’t talk this way, we have to be extraordinarily careful with our utterances.”

    “If he’s not, why would he still be connected to that girl? He said he just made a video call with her.” She hissed.

    Tolulope chuckled. “There might be a threat. That girl didn’t look like one from a rich background. You know Mike lost everything, where do you expect the girl to have a good iPad or mobile phone to make a video call with him?”

    “Tolulope, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I don’t want the two of them to be connected, I don’t!” She exclaimed and walked inside her room.

    The issue was getting hotter.




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