“Here it is, Temitope.” Pelumi said as She dropped the intercom on the table in his room. She expected him to respond but all still silent. “Temitope.” She called again.

     He heard but felt he didn’t need to answer her. Why would she keep calling him? He hoped she wouldn’t barge into the bathroom just to tell her that. He just smiled, she would receive the beating of her life, then. “Okay, thanks.” He finally said, at the peak of his frustration.

    “Do you want any other thing?” She asked as she seated on the mattress.

    “Pelumi or what’s the name?”

    “Yes.” She replied with a smile.

    “I’m okay. Thanks, you may leave.” He said from the bathroom.

    “Alright, no problem. Just be quick before your food gets cold.”

    He didn’t respond her. Until he heard the screech of the door, he gave a long breath as if God just pushed a big problem out of his life.


    “Dad, what’s wrong?” Tomisin enquired as she stepped into her father’s room again.

    “I’m alright.” Mike replied as he breathed slowly.

    He wasn’t looking alright at all. His face looked dull and himself was weak. It seemed there was more to the issue on ground. “Are you sick?” She asked him.

    “I’m alright.” He replied and continued, “I think my stress is responsible for this.”

    “Stress? What did you do today?” She sat beside him, placing her hand on his head, probably trying to know how much his temperature had risen.

    “You won’t understand.”

    “I just left here dad, nothing was wrong with you. Why this sudden sickness?”

    “Tomisin, all is well.” He smiled faintly.


    As if she just won a jackpot, she sat down on the dining and took some spoons of the meal, before she looked at Tolulope. “I feel fulfilled.”

    Tolu smiled too. “Not only you, I feel over-fulfilled too. As Damilola told us he’s been gotten and he’s doing fine, it was a great relief.”

     “Now I tell you, he will soon forget about that mischievous girl. If destiny would have it, I prefer Pelumi, Damilola’s daughter.”

     “Jumoke!” Tolulope teased her.

    “I’m really serious. She’s a decent girl, her grandfather isn’t a murderer likewise.”

    Tolu chuckled. “You won’t kill me. What’s left is for Damilola and Sammy to get him a work. He should be able to work in their company. At least, if he spends two or more years over there, he should have forgotten the lady.”

    “And focus on Pelumi.”

    “Now, I know your intention..” They laughed.


    Temitope stepped into the room and reached for the intercom. He punched in Tomisin’s mobile number and had called her four times now, she never picked up.

    His mind was at rest that she wouldn’t be annoyed with him, at least that was another mobile number. Maybe she wasn’t with his phone, he had thought as he got a casual wear and stood near the wardrobe, looking round the room.

    He hissed silently. He didn’t like how everything was arranged in the room. He had started pointing his finger, the dresser should be there while the dressing mirror should be here. He laid on his mattress and the door opened.


    He didn’t answer. He already knew her voice. What had she come to do again? He just closed his eyes as if he was sleeping already. As she walked out, she went to inform Damilola that Temitope was sleeping.

    He heard and just laughed. “Rubbish people.”




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