Oh yeah! I feel fulfilled! Oh yes! I am happy!


Be of good courage! Why would you not be!

ISAIAH 41:16

They helped everyone, his neighbours; and everyone said to his brother be of good courage.

Be of good courage because I’m a chosen one!

Is 41.8 says
But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the offspring of Abraham mt friend


I am his servant and he has promised that I shouldn’t fear anyone! Neither anything because he’s my shield and my buckler. I am an offspring of Abraham, and God’s concerned about me!

Hebrews 2:16 talks about myself and the angels. I am treasured by God! I am a chosen one! I am a blessed child! He promised me a whole lot of things, even that he would destroy my enemies.

I feel favoured!

Do you know if I was the only sinner, Jesus would still have came to die for ur sins? I don’t know about you, I’m Special!
Read Isaiah 41…

God bless you.

KiP cOnNeCtEd.


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