This is Temitope? Pelumi muttered as she looked at Temitope from head to toe. Has he heard all she had been discussing with Becky? That won’t be possible. “Temitope Philips?” She asked again.

    Temitope nodded. He didn’t look cheerful as he stood before her. He had been thinking of it that if she was the Pelumi his mother had discussed with him about, then, she’s just playing around. “Welcome.” Pelumi grinned, showing how happy she was.

    “Thanks so much, let’s get going.” He said, looking around and eager to leave the spot.

    “No problem. Let me help you with your bag.” Becky approached him.

    “Ooh… No. Thank you, God bless. I appreciate this but ladies can’t help me.” He said.

    This is cool, maybe I will use this to make a topic out of him. “Really? Because ladies aren’t as powerful as you guys, right?”

    “No.” He shook his head. “Please we need to leave as soon as possible.”

    “Alright, no issue.” Pelumi lead the way, walking to where the car was parked.

    Temitope delivered his luggage inside the empty booth and entered into the car. Had it been he wanted to fulfill the dangerous mission he had in mind, he wouldn’t let Becky and Pelumi see him before running away.

    But, he felt he would be stranded at last. He had no friend, no family member in Ghana. What exactly are these people fighing on? He asked himself again as he watched Pelumi trying to get out of the airport.

    “You are highly welcome to Ghana. This is a cool Country.” Pelumi smiled, trying tl gain attention.

     “Hmmn…” Temitope nooded and just looked outside the car.

    Why’s he being so weird? Pelumi wondered as she gazed at him via the mirror. “I’m sure you will enjoy tbjs place, Temitope. You look gentle but you aren’t acting this gentle behaviour of yours, you nevee asked of my name wnd that of my friend.”

    What business of mine is that? Will that one make me fit on the judgement day? “Okay  I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

    Pelumi grinned. “I’m Pelumi and this is Becky beside me.”

    “Okay, we thank God.” He just smiled faintly.

    Pelumi and Becky looked at each other and smiled too.


    “People never cease to amaze me! After all the atrocities his father committed, he sent his daughter to come and kill my son too, right?” Olajumoke hissed on her seat.

    “But, who knows even if Mike’s still alive? What if Temitope just met that lady and nothing more attached?” Tolulope spoke.

    “Why are you talking like this, Tolu! What would have killed Mike? What? I’m sure he sent his daughter, just to know what’s up.”

    Tolulope shrugged. “I still don’t think so. Even though I’m not in support of both of them, I think they were true. By the way, do you think both of them won’t still be contacting each other? Mobile phones, social networks and many other.”

    “My son isn’t into social networks, but, I can’t tell if he would speak to her on mobile phone.”

    “If that still happen, then, our plan of sending him to Ghana has crashed.”

    “I will try to stop them.” She looked away.


    “Temitope… welcome home!” Damilola ushered Temitope inside happily. She just had smiles on her face, hugging him almost every minute. Temitope just kept bowing as he managed to grin. So this guy laugh too? Pelumi had thought as she looked at him grinning.

    “Thanks so much ma’am.” He bowed again.

    “Now, you’re welcome to our abode. I have heard a lot of things about you and the wonderful works you have done… come on, sir down.” She showed him to a seat and sat beside him said. too.

    “Thank you ma.”

    “You mum and I have been close friends from school days till we got married. So, feel free because you’re in your second house.”

    “Alright ma, thank you.” He bowed again.

    “This is my daughter, Pelumi and her friend, Becky. We all will be living happily under this roof.”

    “Ooh… we have introduced ma’am.” He smiled.

    “That’s nice. It’s nice to get along very quick. Show him to his room.” She faced Pelumi.

    “Let’s go.”

    “I have prepared you a delicious meal. I want you to shower and let’s all eat together.”

    “Thank you ma.” He bowed again and walked behind Pelumi.


    “Please can I make a call?” Temitope asked Pelumi.

    “Do you know I bear Temitope too?” Pelumi grinned.

    What’s she saying now? I just asked after how I can make a call. “That’s nice.” He nodded. “But I want to make a call.”

    “Really? Just go and shower, I’ll prepare you a landline.”

    “Oh, thanks so much Pelumi.”

    Pelumi smiled. “You’re welcome.” She said and walked out of his room. I don’t even know why she entered into the room.




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