Tomisin giggled on her seat. Her father had never done such to her- leaving her on the seat either due to anger or because he wanted some words to remain unsaid. Who’s this Olajumoke woman in question? She had asked herself as she swallowed. She was wondering if her father had dated her before.

    But, even if he had, that shouldn’t stop the relationship between herself and Temitope. She swooshed out a long breath and whisked to her feet. She still needed to clarify some things from Mike, she wasn’t herself any longer.


    David and Clement walked inside the house and sat heavily. “I really feel sorry for Temitope.” David said as he sat down.

    “It’s still something I don’t know. Why did she refuse Tomisin totally? I’m sure Tomisin isn’t a bad girl, I’m sure!”

    David laughed. “You can’t be sure of the ladies of nowadays, they are devilish and dangerous.”

    Clement hissed. “Why are you talking as if you don’t know Tomisin? She’s one in a million, I’m sure!”

    “I see… One in a trillion would be better. But, I hope Temitope won’t fall for another lady in Ghana.”

    “Temitope isn’t an easy guy too. I’m sure he’s going to  get everything within his reach done.”

    David shrugged. “I pray so ”



    “Pelumi, won’t you clean this place up!” Damilola got to the living room and shouted at Pelumi.

    “‘We are going to get it cleaned now.” She replied as she looked at Becky. They had to clean everywhere because Temitope would arrive in their house.

    Pelumi could pay anything to see Temitope. She had always heard his name from the mouth of her mother and had always painted a picture. She had liked him before seeing him, even to the extent of sending him a request on Facebook. But Temitope had no time for social networks.

    Becky understood her look and both rose to their feet to start cleaning everywhere up, for Temitope. Pelumi’s father had informed that he would return back home the very next day too, so, everywhere must be in a good shape.

    “I think you should go and handle the guest’s room.” Damilola tapped Pelumi as she sat down.

    “Really? Alright.” Pelumi climbed the staircase and hurried to the visitor’s room.

    As soon as she got there, Damilola’s phone buzzed. It was her friend- Olajumoke. “Hello, how’s it now?”

    “I’m just turning back from the aiport, he’s on his way.” Olajumoke informed her.

    “I’ll get set to pick him up immediately he gets to the airport. By the way, what’s he colour of his dress?”

    “He wore a black suite. I’m going to advice you to take a cardboard or a board, write his name so that you can get him easily.”

    “Alright, that’s nice.” Damilola smiled and hung up.

    “This place is neat enough.” Damilola told Becky. Maybe you should go and meet Pelumi, get a big board or cardboard, write Temitope Philips.”

    “Alright ma’am.” Becky said and hastened to the guest room to inform Pelumi.


    “Dad, what on earth is the issue? Why don’t you tell me what it is?” Tomisin stormed into Mike’s room.

    Mike who had buried his head in his palms raised his head slowly and looked at her. “You really don’t need to know what the problem is, at least he’s just a casual friend.”

    “Dad, it doesn’t matter! You haven’t been yourself since you heard the name of his family, please tell me what it is, please.”

    Mike smiled faintly. “A man walked a very long distance and needed help. He sat down because he was tired, famished and thirsty. Then, he saw a close friend approaching him with a new cloth, food and water. He smiled, hoping the friend wa coming to welcome him, but his friend just walked beside him and left. As he was going, the man called his friend, thinking he never saw him on seat. ‘Please give me water.’ He said to him, but instead of water, he gave him a poisonous one and killed him. After that, he walked back to where the man was coming from and took all his things away, so it would be his.” He sighed.

    Tomisin was just staring at him. “What’s the meaning of this whole story, Dad?”

    “You will understand in due time, but now, some words are better left unsaid, some signs are better left unshown and some scenes are better left unwatched.”

    Tomisin still didn’t understand. Why would Mike speak in proverbs? “Dad, when did you become Jesus Christ that spoke with his disciples with proverbs, throughout.”

    Mike chuckled. “You’re the clown. Just go and out your mind at rest, all would be well.” He said and laid on his bed.

    Tomisin looked at him for minutes before she walked out of the room.


    “Is it that you’re really expecting this guy in question or what?” Becky walked into the guest room and smiled.

    Pelumi hissed. “I can say so, but, I don’t think so.”

    “You cannot be hot and cold at the same time.I’m sure this smile on your face is about the guy, no doubt about it.”

    “I’m just amused. But, bothered that a guy will be start living in this house dominated by three ladies.”

    Becky knew she was just trying to change the discussion. She knew there was more to her laughter and happiness. She just hissed as she hurtled a gaze at her. “Mum said we should get his name writtern on a cardboard. ”

    “So mum doesn’t recognize him that much?” She squinted her face.

    “Sure.” Becky replied. “She said we should write Temitope Phillips.”

    “It doesn’t matter, get it done too.”

    The door screeched open and Damilola walked inside. “The two of you will be in charge. You’ll go and get him at the airport while I get something prepared. He will get to Ghana soon.”

    “Ooh… Alright mum.” Pelumi said and smiled. “We’re going to the airport any moment from now.”

    “The duration is usually between 45 minutes and 1 hour.”

    “Go and get set, I’m going to conclude this now.”

**40 minutes later**

    Pelumi and Becky had already gotten to the airport with their cardboard. As soon as it was announced that a plane would land in the next five minutes, the two rushed down and joined the people already waiting for their loved ones too.

    Just like them, some also had cardboards in their hands. Perhaps they didn’t know who they came for too or probably a welcome message. “He’s getting here soon.” Pelumi said to Becky.

    “We are simply expecting him here.” She smiled and nodded.

    “Don’t…Wow! The plane has landed.”

    “Ooh..” Becky grinned.

    Soon, the passangers were approaching those on stand, each with their various boxes and luggage. Pelumi had raised her cardboard up, searching for Temitope.

    She had seen some of those with cardboards already getting who they came for. “Where’s this guy? What’s delaying him?”

    Becky looked at her. “It seems you’re really expecting him, even before setting your eyes on him.”

    “At least I have heard enough about him. It’s going to be fun living with him.”

    “Nice I’m at your place too.” Becky grinned.

    “Just watch your ways or you get punched.”

    “Why will you punch me? Because of Temitope?”

    “Sure… you won’t understand.”

    A man cleared his throat behind the ladies and tapped them. “Temitope Philips.” He said.

    It was Temitope.



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