I had the puissance,
I shut my eyes at every problem and followed my heart,
I thought I had just one chance,
Loving her with all my heart,
Never did I give up,
I gave it a lot of stretch,
Then, I noticed it was no longer bracing up,
I had a dream  in sketch,
My feelings for her made me start giving up,
I loved my dream, even right from creche,
I looked into her eyes every moment I had the oppurtunity,
Neglecting what I was meant to thrash,
I never gave up on my ability,
As well didn’t want my dream to crash,
My attitude was no longer in conformity,
Her love was like a wave that gave  me a bash.


Her grin did get my eyes widened,
I couldn’t tell if mine ever moved her,
Moving near her makes my heart gladdened,
My days of reckoning was getting near,
I whisked to my feet and told her what I felt,
She walked away and left me on the spot,
I cried that my heart would melt,
I felt as if she just let out a shot,
My behaviour started to become preposterous,
My life was as if I wouldn’t go far,
She never knew what she did was disastrous,
I started being a drunkard in a bar,
Her love had deluged my life,
And my story changed completely,
I wished I could kick her out of my life,
But I knew it wasn’t so easy.

I kept on drowning in this river,
She was not around to bring me out,
I was stranded because I had no helper,
Weeping because I thought I wouldn’t get out,
Going deeper as I walked out into the cold air,
Amalgamating various odours,
Weeping because I had no one there,
My bawl was enough to shut doors,
I raised my head and saw the eyes flashing in the dark,
I was dazzled because I felt my end had came,
To fight for myself was a great lack,
I felt it was a dream, or even a game,
The light came from nowhere,
I saw her standing before me,
I widened my eyes to make the vision clear,
She walked closer and hugged me,
I froze because my heaven was becoming blue,
I looked around and it was only we two,
She smiled and said I love you,
My grin was enough to tell her I loved her too.

Temitope Daniel.


6 thoughts on “MY LOVE- a poem by Temitope Daniel

  1. This describes perfectly, one of my all time favourite quotes by Bruce Lee. Where I personally feel he speaks of love in such a beautiful way…. “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable”.
    Bruce Lee


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