I’m sorry for my inconsistencies. Though if I you guys always comment it’d have been a lot better. All the same, I’m sorry for my on and off… it’s due to d tight schedule.




The series that everyone have been demanding for. I was mandated to write this one again. So, I filed up a schedule for the stories on this blog.

THE UNKNOWN- This will always drop every two days. Like now, I updated today and the next update would be on Saturday.

NO MATTER WHAT- Meant to be a daily episode but because I have been busy. I promise it will continue tomorrow morning. Every morning except sundays.


My Crony

This one will only come up every Saturday, 5pm.. like before. It will be a weekly series of the story between Aishat… Hakeem… Azeezat and co. I wanted to release it as an ebook but I have been lazy to type and gradually the story may fade off ppl’s brain. So, these are the latest deductions.

Thanks to all my fans! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter- @TeeDanAbimbola


Love u plenty!



2 thoughts on “From Daniel

  1. Apology accepted. Though i knw it’s not easy but there are still pple dt cherish ur stories. The Lord is ur strenght. He wl give u more & heavenly wsdom. W shal b xpectn as promsd. It’s wel wt u.


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