The Unknown

The diary.

    Prince got back to the palace. He just laid on his mattress and tried to get some sleep but he couldn’t. He rolled on the bed continuously but still couldn’t sleep. He sat up and began to think of why he couldn’t sleep.

    Because of this lady? No! That wouldn’t be the right answer to the  puzzling questions troubling him. It wasn’t night already, so it was not necessary for him to sleep, he just felt like.

    But on a good day, he knew on shutting his eyes, he would be dead on earth already, snoring and already dancing in the dream land. Maybe the lady, maybe not. But, if she was the one, why would she make him uncomfortable?

    He started parading the room, perharps that would wash his worries down. But no,he was wrong. “Guards, we have to return there.” He told his guards as he stormed out of the room.

    The guards too knew there was more to the issue.


     Nicholas cleared his throat. He raised his head more and tried to peek at what Doris was doing on the p.c. He cleared his throat again, just to gain her attention and contorted his mouth. “What on earth are you doing there?”

    Doris grinned. “Don’t mind me, just going through.”

    He stood quickly and helped to switch to the videos so she could watch. Thank God she hadn’t seen something that would make her marvel. “I wrote that when you guy never believed that I could enter into the forest because of any of you.”

    Doris laughed. “You really have a lot of problems.”

    “Let’s begin to watch, who knows what it entails?” Stella shifted closer to Doris and both began to watch.


    “Vicky, where’s my son?” Vivian asked Victoria, standing at a point, trembling with fear and filled with shock.

    “Maybe he rushed to get something.” Victoria peeped outside again.

    “No, he wouldn’t do such.” Vivian jumped outside and stood on the road, running up and down as she continuously screamed Anthony’s name.

    “Take it easy, Vivian. I’m sure there’s nothing.” Victoria came outside to meet her.

    “I am sure there’s a problem, my son wouldn’t do such thing, I know Anthony!” She said and screamed his name again.

   “Just take it easy then.”

    “No. Shut the gate and enter into the house, I will be right back.” She said and ran away.

    Victoria was breathing heavily too, scared if there was no trouble already. Where could Anthony have gone to?


    It was evening already. Nicholas had waited for Henry all day till he eventually came. He had called Nancy to ask if she was still in the office, so he could know if Engineer Ashley too would still be there.

    He had made up his mind that he would leave the house whether Henry returned or not. Just as he was about to leave, Henry arrived. His heart skipped a beat concerning what he would like to tell him.

    How sure was he that Henry would not tell it to anyone? How sure was he that Henry would join him to fight? He smiled as Henry walked in. “I was about leaving.” He said to him.

    “It’s been tedious, working in the studio.” Henry smiled too.

   “Welcome.” He said and sat down.

    “Thanks. We just don’t know the nature of your own job, we don’t know how you survive, only God knows.”

    “Only God, no one else.” He added and shrugged. “Anyways, I have something that I want to tell you, so that you won’t be shocked when you get to know later.”

    “What?” Henry sat quickly.

    “Em… Good you wish to know. I just don’t know if you will become a source of help to me.” He paused.

    “Why wouldn’t I? You have me in your house, I’m definitely going to help you.”

    “Alright. I… I’m that fellow called.. please don’t tell anyone, please. I only want us to be working together to make it easier.”

    Henry smiled. “You have problem, tell me what you want to say.”

    He finally summoned courage and spoke up. “I am The Unknown.”

    Henry looked at him at once. “Huh?”


    “He’s still nowhere to be found, he’s still nowhere to be found!” Vivian cried into the house.
    Victoria wiped her own tears too. She had been crying,  wondering what could have happened to Anthony. Was he kidnapped or what on earth had happened to the little boy?

    She had to calm herself down because of Vivian. If she didn’t stop, she would only add salt to Vivian’s injury. “Stop this! Don’t weep, he will be back.”

    “He will be back? When will he be back? How? Who took my son!” She bellowed.

    “At least we’ve gotten the police involved, we should get the response to the questions very soon.”

    “Where’s my Anthony? Where’s my son? Where!” She continued crying as Victoria moved closer and petted her. “All will he fine.” She assured.

    “Anthony..!” She squeaked.


    “Just the fact, nothing but the fact.” Nicholas told Henry.

    “No. Tell me… it’s even a lie.” Henry grinned.

    “No! I am really serious, Henry. Jokes apart now, I am The Unknown.”

    “Don’t make me go mad, Nick, you can… can’t now.”

    “I am seriously the one. In fact, these are some evidences.” He showed him some leaflets of the signature and the works on his IPad. “Honestly.” He said.

    “But… I don’t know why it is so difficult for me.. I don’t know why.. it’s very difficult to believe.” He stammered.

    He smiled faintly. “Now that you have moved in with me, I hope we can cooperate.”

    “My cooperation? That will be very difficult. You’re risking your life man! Why on earth are you doing this? Why?”

    “We still have a lot to thrash out, including the car parked outside. I own it. Now, I am starting my work on Engineer Ashley this evening and I have to be at Della Companies.”

    “Nicholas?” Henry was still in shock.

    “I’m serious. Don’t let it be difficult, please. It’s just that I have my reasons. The board of directors in that company do murder people when they want to fight for contracts.”

    “What on earth is your own business! At least they didn’t kill any of your relative.”

    “They killed my parents.”



    Moriah packed the files on her table and glimpsed at the package on the floor. She had missed working with Vivian. She knew if she was around, her goods would move faster than that.

    She just smiled, happy for Anthony because he was lucky to have a mother like Vivian. She raised her head and saw Frank, coming out of his office. She greeted him and faced her work.

    “Em.. goodnight, I’m off.”

    “Off?” Moriah repeated, looking at him.

    “Have you never heard that? I’m going home, I have some things to thrash out.”

    Moriah smiled. “Alright, Sir.”

    “Yes, bye.” He waved and stormed out.

    Moriah just hissed silently. “I’m sure he’s going out to meet a lady.” She muttered. At least, an oppurtunity for her to leave as early as possible too. She nodded with a broad smile.


    The diary.

    It was a relief for the Prince to see the lady he saved hale and hearty. He smiled and picked his seat. The Prince, smiling?  The guards wondered. It seemed it was the end of the world, for the Prince to be smiling because of the welfare of a lady.

    “Weldone Doctor.” He addressed the native Doctor.

    “Thanks to your majesty.” The old man appreciated him.

    The lady was getting well too, sleeping already. It was a great relief that she was alright, she would be the one to expose the fellow that shot her after all. “So, how much should I pay?” He asked the man.

    “Pay? I dare not collect any dime from my Prince.” The man bowed before him.

    He felt on top of the world. “That’s good. I thought you’d ask me for anything.” He laughed. “Now that I am sure she’s fine, I should get going, it’s getting dark.”

    “Alright your majesty. I will take good care of her.”

    “If you try not, then, you’re in a hot soup.” He stood and walked away with his guards.


    “Harry, where are you coming from?” Dennis asked Prince Harry as he walked into the palace.

    “You never told me you now monitor my movement in my Kingdom. Why on earh would like to know?”

    Harry shrugged. “Perhaps because you cause a lot of trouble and I want to know how well my brother is.”

    Prince Harry laughed. He was just coming back from the lady he saved and met his brother in the compound. He just didn’t like him. “Dennis, why do you always behave this way?”

    “What way?” Dennis asked him, squinting his face.

    Prince Harry shrugged. “How would I know the right word to use? I really don’t!”

    Prince Dennis chuckled. “I don’t have anything much to discuss with you. I just care about you, even if you don’t care about me to an inch. I’ll see you.. maybe while taking dinner.”

    Prince Harry hissed and walked away.


    Henry and Nicholas were already around Della Companies. The two were seated together, expecting Engineer Ashley to come out of the company. “According to my findings, he uses Hyundai.” Nicholas told Henry.

    “Honestly you are so bold. I still find it hard to believe.” Henry clapped his hands together, still in shock.

    Nicholas smiled. “I just got to know that no one is a coward. If you get there, you will surely knkw what to do.”

    Henry nodded. “I just… that’s the man.” He pointed forward.

    “Yeah.” Nicholas raised up his thumb and made a turn to follow the vehicle that just passed his side.


    “Greg, how’s everything going on?” Frank asked as he entered into Gregory’s house.

    Gregory was lying down on one of his tan sofas, punching buttons on his handheld. “He’s been tied inside a room there.” Gregory replied Frank.

    Frank smiled. “I thought the guys would take him to their place. Don’t you think it might be a problem for us?”

    “It? Who is the it? Or what is the it in question?”

    Frank stroke his beard. “This action. What if they declare him missing, I am sure Vivian will suspect me.”

    “What’s my own business with Vivian?” He took his phone away and sat up. “I don’t even know, I think we should just kill him.”

    “Kill…him?” He opened his mouth in shock.

    “Yes. It will only take few months for her to forget about him, that’s all.”

    “Greg! You’re very right! But wait, how easy did the job went?”

    Gregory clapped his hands. “The guys are so good. They said he came to get the gate for them when they knocked and he just opened it.”

    “The small boy himself is a big fool.” He laughed.

    “When death is already smelling on one’s head, he or she will definitely get to where he’d be killed.” They both laughed.

    “So, how soon should we make it? The earlier the better.”

    “We can just smother him to death and throw him away later.” He said.

    “That’s nice. We should get all these unwanted trammels away at once. I don’t know why I can’t get his mother off my brain. If he will be the problem, let him die.”

    “Let’s do it now.” Gregory said and both stood up.


    “Its just another person who knows about my identity.” Nicholas told Henry.

   Henry looked at him and tilted his head.

    “One foolish Nancy.” He replied.

    Henry laughed. He turned back and stared at the Hyundai car they were trailing. “Who’s Nancy?”

    “One foolish girl. She wants to be in a relationship with me and trailed me to the forest where I tied Chief Sam. She took pictures and left me a sign likewise.”

    “That’s really crazy.” Henry laughed.

    “Exactly what it is.”

    The Hyundai car pulled to the left and honked at the front of a big building. Nicholas drove on, but this time it was very slow. “That should be house.” He muttered.

    Henry also looked back and saw the car as it was driven in. “Nick, that’s the house.”

    He nodded. “Yeah.” He replied and parked his car. “This house is just beside the road. Anyways, let’s see what happens.” He said and came down.

    Henry rushed down too. “Are you going to jump in now?” He asked him.

    Henry halted and turned his head back a little. Suddenly they heard a shout of a young boy from the house beside Engineer Ashley’s and both gazed at each other.


    The diary.

    A week later.

    Prince Harry stopped his horse at the front of the native Doctor and came down. He had been told the lady would be discharged that day because she had gotten better.

    He still didn’t know if he was feeling something for her or he just felt like helping her. But to him, it looked like he felt for her now. If not, he would be able to focus on his life without her for a week. No!  I can’t fall in love like this.. he shook his head and entered into the small room.

    “Good day Doctor.” He smiled and looked around.

    The old man stood on seeing him. He welcomed him with a smile, though, it was written all over him that he was sad and afraid.  Regardless of, Prince Harry smiled back, still wondering where the lady was. “Where’s the lady?” He questioned.

    “Urgh… em.. she.. she just went to.. to.. em.. to..” He began to stutter.

    “Doctor whatever, where’s she!” Prince’s voice was getting husky.

    The man shuddered and fell on the ground. “I don’t know. I just woke up and didn’t see her again.” He began to cry, knowing well the kind of Prince he was.

    “She left?” He constricted his eyes and kept repeating himself. “How could you sleep? How! You slept when I brought a lady for you to get treated, right?”

    “I’m sorry your majesty.” The man continued crying.

    “Guards! Beat him mercilessly, after, burn this place to ashes.” He ordered and walked out.

    He waited outside for some minutes and enjoyed how the man was being beaten. Soon, he didn’t hear a noise again and the guards rushed out. “He gave up.” The panicked.

    “Just burn the house, people will think that the house was razed down when he was asleep and he couldn’t help himself.

    “Alright, your majesty.” The guards chorused and got a source if fire.

    Then, they razed down the hut and left.


    “That doesn’t look like a play, does it?” Henry questioned Nicholas.

    Nicholas thought for a while. “The child is still shouting, screaming for help.” He said as he gazed at the building.

    “Nicholas, what’s happening?”

    Nicholas looked away.


    “Why are you doing like a kid? Why?” Frank shouted at Gregory.

    Gregory was shivering. “Will you this boy keep quiet!” He shouted at Anthony and looked at Frank. “Do you think it’s easy? Come and do it yourself, at least you are the one who wants Vivian, isn’t it?”

    “I think another recipe will be better, this fool is just screaming.”

    “If we call on these guys, they will charge more money. Frank, we can do it.”

    “Sure. I think we shoukd take him to a quiet place and just do it there.” He suggested as he wiped his sweat.

    Anthony kept shrieking. 

    “Shut up! No one will rescue you here.” Frank shouted.

    “Alright, I have a gun. If I shoot here, they will suspect something. Let’s just go to somewhere.” He said.

    “Carry him.” Frank said as both moved closer and carried Anthony.


    Ramsey walked beside Stella, smiling. “I missed your absence at work, today.”

    Stella tittered. “You? Anyways, did I tell you to start coming here often?”

    “And apart from the day we took dinner, when last did I come?”

    Stella laughed.

    “I just came to see Doris, to see how she’s fairing.”

    “Hmmn… alright, thanks for the love.” She opened the main door and let him in.

    He was just coming back from work and had decided to drop by and greet Doris, an oppurtunity to see the face of his crush too.

    “Doris, how are you?” He asked as he stepped inside, shining his teeth.

   “Doctor!” Doris grinned.

    Ramsey laughed. “That’s me now.”

   “What?” Stella walked behind him and clapped his hands. “You this Anesthesiologist.”

    Ramsey laughed. “My work is tougher than you these Surgeons.”

    “What? He’s the Doctor that helps you to sleep through painful operations and medical diagnoses. They are responsible for administering the anesthesia and be present during surgeries to help in complications arising from anesthesia medications. So, how is that as difficult as the work of we Surgeons that cut, tear and join together.” She grinned.

    “Can you hear that? We are always there during surgical operations to help in case of complications.”

    “Those are complications that has to do with anaesthesia.” She pulled out her tounge.

    “So if you will agree, I have the toughest work of all.” Doris said as she picked up her phone.

    “You should always keep quiet when we geniuses are talking.” Stella addressed Doris.

    “Who are the geniuses? It seems you’re getting carried away. The works of officers are tedious in such a way that when they shoot them.”

    “What’s my business?” Stella laughed.

    “Don’t mind her, Thanks Doctor Ramsey.”

    “It’s left to the two of you.”


    Nicholas moved closer to the Engineer Ashley’s gate was looking around when he heard the gate keeper speaking with Ashley concerning the cook of the house. “Take a board outside and write it there that a cook is needed. How could that lady have gone without prior notice! What’s the meaning if that nonsense? How do I survive? Just write it outside till I contact my firends to get me another cook if eventually we get none.” Ashley said.

    “Cook?” Nicholas muttered and turned his head as a car pulled out Gregory’s house.

    He saw just two men inside the car as it was driven. He walked back to Henry as they watched the car leave. “My mind tells me those guys are pernicious. I will always bring evil people down, let’s follow them.”

    “Nicholas!” Henry shouted.

    “They going farther. The earlier the better!”

    The two darted into the car and sped after Gregory’s car. He had already locked Anthony inside the booth of the car, going to a more quiet place to kill him.

    Nicholas and Henry continued trailing them until they missed their way and couldn’t find the vehicle again and trouble was looming.



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