Olajumoke smiled, crossing her legs as she gazed at Temitope. She wasn’t shocked, she expected that reaction so well that she just curved her lips into a smile. Normally, when many hear something shocking, it had become a slogan to exclaim ‘what’.

    “If you shout ‘what’ till tomorrow, it won’t change.”

    “Mum this is not funny! Why are you smiling? I am sure you’re just joking.”

    Jumoke chuckled. “I know how shocked you are, but, you’re going there to live till you get married.”

    “And so be it.” Tolulope walked into the living room.

    “Dad! What’s this? I don’t understand this, what’s the meaning of this now?”

    “It’s the reality when you have refused to lisen to us.”

    “Is there anything to listen to? You haven’t told me what the fact is! You have been bothering concerning this, now that I have finally listened why have you decided to bring this up?”

    “This is because your Dad and I really love you. I can’t leave you for a Lion to devour.”

    He sniggered. “What Lion? I am old enough to take care of myself, I see this as a burden. You know what? I am going to leave this house now and I will never return.”

    Tolulope laughed and picked his seat beside Olajumoke. “Everywhere have been locked. Just sit down and let us have a little discussion.”

    He swooshed out a breath from his nose and thudded down. “Now, what have I done to deserve all this?”

    “I don’t want to hear this! We are just trying to sav you from a danger which you can’t see yourself. You’ll be traveling to Ghana in some hours time and will put up in a friend’s place.”

    He gazed at the two before he cruised forward. “And what if I refuse to go?”

    “There’s no way you can refuse because the people you’re going there to meet are expecting you already.” He grinned.

    “Moreover, you’re going there to mix with a good girl, Pelumi. Who knows if something good happens?” Olajumoke smiled.

    “Something good, right?”

    There were knocks at the door. David and Clement walked in with Temitope’s luggage. “There they are, you’re going soon.”

    “Why aren’t you even batting an eyelid, what is the problem with this family, I ned to know. Even if I don’t marry her again, I just need to know.”

    “You will know when it is right for you to.” Olajumoke replied.


    Tomisin motioned closer to her father and sat down. “Dad, is all well at all?” She enquired.

    Mike just glimpsed at her and sighed. “Who’s the person you went out with?” He enquired.

    “He’s actually a very close friend of mine, since our school days.” She replied.

    “I just hope there’s nothing more to your friendship, if there is, you should end it.”

    “Dad, what’s happening? Why’s everyone this way?”

    “Have you met with her?” He asked her.

    She nodded to reply him and drifted closer to him. “What have we done to them or what have they done to us?” She asked again.

    “That, you won’t understand.” He gave a faint smile and stood up. “Just keep away from them because we aren’t rich, we don’t have what it takes.”

    “Dad, because of wealth? Love is the paramount thing, Dad.”

    He gazed at her. “There’s more to it.” He said and walked inside.


    “Temitope’s parents have taken this issue so serious.” David whispered to Clement on their way out.

    “I wonder what’s happening too, why would they take it up to this extent? We can’t tell, she might have done something bad too before.”

    David hissed. “Is it now up to the extent of sending Temitope to Ghana? Ghana! Ghana!” He emphasized.

    Clement chuckled. “We are not his parents, so, don’t keep repeating Ghana as if goats live there.”

    He smiled. “The problem is how we’ll keep contacting him, I don’t think I can come here again.”

    “Why? If we don’t come we won’t be able to get his contact.”

    “It’s when one’s alive that friendship can be done, what’s the essence of friendship when one’s dead. Now, if he has died, would I want his mobile number? Don’t you know his parents may think we want his contact just because of Tomisin.”

    “When you started your discussion at first, I thought you have started with your foolish talks again. But, we will come. At least to fulfill all righteousness.

    “The face of his mum was just glowing like a fire. Tomisin must have done something so bad.” He smiled.

    “That’s their business. I just feel for my friend. Let’s get going.”

    “Yes oh.”


    Temitope just walked into the car beside his mother as the vehicle drove out of the house, heading to the airport. He looked really umbrageous that he felt he could just jump down from the vehicle.

    He had no choice. He kept glancing at his mother, wondering what had came over her. We shall see. He muttered and hissed aloud.




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