Temitope had been hanging his head in anger all day. He hardly ate, wondering the kind of parents he had. They were the ones that told him to bring a lady home, weren’t they? Why would they be making life difficult again?

    He couldn’t get it straight. Whether there was something Tomisin had done to them before. He whisked to his feet and thought wthin himself that he had to discuss with her. Who could tell if she had done something worth hatred before?

    He dialed her mobile number and told her to get dressed because they had to meet at the junction, to discuss. He stormed out of the house, angry that he hardly told his friends he was going to her place. “I’ll be right back.” He simply saod and slammed the door.

    Without wasting much of his time, he shrilled at the gatekeeper and sped out of the house. He had truly missed Tomisin, seeing her again, his parents wouldn’t allow the union?

    He got to the junction and picked her up, driving on, probably to an eatery for them to discuss better. As he sped off, he started asking her series of questions. “Tell me the reality, have you done anything wrong before?”

    Tomisin who had also buried her head in her palms, thinking of the way out of the problem jacked her head up and glimosedt Temitope. “What are you now saying?” He questioned him and returned to the position she had kept herself before.

    “Really? You think so?  But, why would they have refused you? I still don’t understand! I still don’t!”

    Tomisin heaved a sigh. “Do you know what? Maybe they have an issue with my dad, you know the surname they heard made them shocked.”

    Temitope squinted his face. “Really? Wait… that’s true. But, what on earth happened that caused this while scenario? I hate this and they know!” He hit his fist on the steering.

    Tomisin smiled faintly. “I know how you feel. I just want you to know no matter what it is, what it takes, there’s no problem.”

    Temitope smiled too. It seemed those words soothed his bones. “I trust you dear.” He raised his brows and drove off.


    “What do you think Tomisin’s parents must have done that would make Temitope’s behave this way?” David asked Clement.

    “See, David. That one is the question for the gods! What I just don’t like is this behavour of Temitope. Why’s he not taking everything easy? Is he God?”

    “But guy, why are you also talking as if you have never fallen in love? Even if you want to break up with a lady for no reason and you don’t feel anything, you should be beheaded! Not to talk of seperating the two.”

    “You’re always off point! David, just let me think, I think he must have gone to his parents’ place. Perharps to ask them of the reasons behind thier action.”

    “You think so? I guess he’s gone to Tomisin’s place. But, Clement what can we do to help the situation?”

    Clement hissed. “I don’t know oh.”

    His phone buzzed and he reached for it. “Hello, who’s this?” He enquired.

    He sprung to his quickly as he heard the voice. “Temitope just left, we don’t know where he went to.” He replied.

    “Alright.” He concluded and ended the call. “That was his mother.” He informed David and smiled as he sat down.

    “Really? Yeah… I know she has our mobile numbers. What did she say?”

    “She just asked if Temitope was at home. I told her he went out though. She said he’s not been picking up his calls.”

    David frowned. “I am sure he’s not in the reach of his mobile phone. We all know how much Temitope loves his mother, he wouldn’t do such a thing. I am sure.”

    Clement chuckled. “Exactly what I am thinking of.” He picked up his phone and pulled a call accross to Temitope.

    The phone rang but he didn’t pick it up. “What’s happening to this guy?”

    “You know when one is frustrated,  he can go out to have a nice time by drinking. Who knows if he’s gone out to drink?”

    “Talk sensibly! Temitope doesn’t drink,  we know that!”

    “It starts a day.” He smiled.

    Clement hissed and stood up. “Someone like you can ruin one’s thought.”

    David laughed.


    Temitope was fulfilled to have Tomisin by his side. A part of him told him to elope, another was telling him to stay and obey his mother. Why would he obey her? Earlier, he did think if he had his druthers, he would get Tomisin. Now that he had gotten the volition, it was hard to decide.

    “What would you love to eat?” He asked her.

    Tomisin smiled too. Though she felt all wasn’t really fine, She still had to play along. Why would she leave Temitope too? After letting Kingsly go, no! “Anything, just order anything.” She grinned.

    Temitope nodded and ordered for the menu list.  He hardly picked the choice when he reached for his phone and met missed calls. He was shocked, forgotten he had changed his mobile phone to silent profile earlier.

    He felt like calling his mother, but who knew what she would tell him again? He dialed her number and swallowed. “Mum, how are you?”

    “Come over, we need to discussed.” He was replied and the call ended.

    He pulled his lower lip and swooshed out a long breath before he passed on the menu list to Tomisin. “Just pick your choice, Madam Olajumoke Philips wants to see me.”

    Tomisin smiled and stood up. “Let’s start going.”

    “To?” Temitope questioned.

    “You’ll drop me off at the junction and you drive on.”

    “What of the food?”

    “I’m alright, let’s just keep going.”

    Temitope smiled.


    Tomisin waved at Temitope as he dropped her off. She walked by the side of the road and the slow wind blew her hair gently. She felt her heartbeat was alright because she felt Temitope wanted to take her over to his parents house earlier.

    He remembered his grin and she chuckled. She pulled the handle of the gate and entered into the house. “I went out with a friend.” She uttered before her father would combat her with questions.

    Mike chortled. “Alright, how was the outing? Is this friend a male or a female?” Hos lips spread to a grin suddenly.

    “Dad, from my observation, I think what I asked the other time about the Philips, the mother’s Olajumoke Philips. Do you know her?”

    Mike hurtled a gaze at her.


    “I am here, mum.” Temitope shut the door, even though he wasn’t pleased to be there.

    “Welcome.” Olajumoke walked down the stairs with a smile.

   Temitope bowed and sat down. “Mum what’s the issue?”

    “The issue is that you’re taking the almost next available flight to Ghana. Your friends will be here soon, to drop your things.”

    “What!” He whisked up.




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