The Unknown

    His brown eyes widened. He got browned off, moving back a little. All he had seen was just like a dream, but if it really was, he would love to wake up quickly. How come he hadn’t been hearing their voices? All was dark and as silent as graveyard. Perhaps, his fear was at work, wondering if he was seeing clearly or it was just an illusion.

    He pressed his thick lips together, still taking some steps backward till he fired the gun to another direction. He wanted those in hiding know that someone was around.

    Still hiding, but seeing the guys, he noticed that the atmosphere changed. The guys stood up quickly too, holding their guns firmly. He held his breath as he sprung up from where he hid, peeking at them. He knew if he came out of the hiding place, the guys could use Vivian as their hostage.

    He rued that he had shot at the first instance, rambling away from where he was. Still alert, he kept onrushing inside the bush, till he got to a verge where he felt he would be safe. He pointed the gun at one of the guys he saw, a distance away from him. The small fire they made around where they were seated made it easier for him to see them, even though not clearly enough. He pulled the trigger and heard the shout of the fellow and crinkled down again.

    The guys started spattering bullets, but, they couldn’t see the person in the dark. “Loosen her and let’s go!”

    He darted up again. Yes! That was exactly what he saw, wasn’t it? He saw someone moored to the tree. Could that be Doris? He took some steps forward, jacking up his eyes if he could see properly.

    Alas, it was her! He pointed the gun and shot the guy he saw loosening her. He felt happy, but at the same time, he felt Doris was in danger. He stood again, this time more resolute to shoot anyone.

    “Guys, let’s go!” He heard Chief Sam’s voice and moved forward. He shot again but missed his target. Still advancing, he noticed the men had left the scene but Doris was still there. He rushed after them, even though he didn’t know if he was safe or not.

    He preferred being in the problem than Doris. He kept hearing footsteps but he never stopped following the sounds he was hearing. It was darker, even if it wasn’t, the canopy trees at the region where he presently was had caused a blackout.

    Suddenly, he stopped hearing the footsteps. He halted and rushed to his left side, who knows if they had stopped and were seeing his black image? He opened his eyes but didn’t see anyone.

    The cough of one of the men made him get the direction where they have hidden. He came out and spritzed bullets. Soon, he heard the groaning sound of one of them and stopped. The other men started shooting too, though, none of them could see.

    Nicholas made his way to the branch of one of the trees. He kept hearing the groan and knew they were still at the spot. He shot again and was convinced he just shot another one of them. “Let’s go.” He heard and jumped down the tree.

    In the dark forest, he could hardly see but he kept going. He kept trailing, using thier sound of footsteps to trace them. Then, they got to a lighter region and he noticed it was just two of them left. Chief Sam and one of his men. Still shooting, he heard a shout suddenly and paused. “Boss, please let’s go.” He heard faintly and moved some steps forward.

    He moved closer, still alert and sweating profusely. He got near them and pointed the gun. The guy with Chief Sam suspected and ran up to his feet. Nicholas stood behind the tree, peeping as he saw the black image also pointing a gun. He pointed his gun too and pulled the trigger.

   But, he was short of bullets already!


    “I hope you have been enjoying yourself?” Prince Edward asked Beatrice, taking a seat beside her.

    Beatrice smiled. The scent of the body spray the Prince used refreshed her breath as she looked into his eyes. “I have been, thanks to you.”

    “It’s a good thing you’re still in the palace, I thought you’d go earlier than this.”

    “Did I tell you I’m going now? I won’t leave until the end of the party.”

    Prince chuckled. “This is such a nice personality.” He drifted closer to her and whomped his fingers.

    “This place is jaunty. By the way, tomorrow is Sunday.”

    Edward laughed. “Don’t you go to church?”

    “I go, that is when I feel so bored. But, I leave anytime they start to annoy me.” She grinned.

    Prince clapped his hands together. “Now, we really fit in. I don’t go to church too.”

    “No, I didn’t tell you I don’t go to church, I only told you it’s whenever I feel the urge to.”

    He chortled as he stood up. “Let’s go and have a nice time.” He made tense his hand to pull her up.

    She gave in her hand and stood up too. She yawned as Edward led the way and she followed. “Where exactly are we going to?”

    “I asked for us to have a nice time, haven’t you gotten the message.” He winked and she laughed. He drew her closer so she could be by his side. He walked in and neglected the faces on seat till he got to his room and got the door locked.


    To Nicholas, it was his very end already. He was running mad as he hid behind the tree, wondering how he would go about it. He was hearing strange footsteps, imagining if the guy was approaching him. “How am I going to get myself out of this trouble?” He mumbled as he tried to peep again and there was a loud gunshot.

    He shivered. It seemed the guy was moving closer to him. He wished to bring out his heart and placed it in his heart before he would come and shoot him. His heart race was as fast as if he just concluded a relay race.

    The footsteps didn’t stop getting closer, he never stopped shivering too. It came from nowhere, he felt he could finish any task before him that moment. Nicholas threw his fist against his hand as he peeped and saw the guy still advancing. He liked that, a courage from nowhere. He calmed himself and swallowed, wiping his sweat and scratching his head. He felt he would die due to the heat.

    Suddenly, he heard another shot and a loud groan after. He froze as his mind was thinking of what must have happened. “Doris?” He remembered her and shivered.

    He still couldn’t get what was happening well. [i]Who just shot?[/i] He skipped his breath as he tried to peep and met the guy lying on the floor already. He simply came out to face whatever it might be, holding his gun as if he still had bullets in it. “Hold it.” He heard Doris’ voice.

    [i]How did she get here?[/i] He thought as he dropped his gun, turning around to view if he would be able to see her. He saw her tall self pointing a gun at him and he simply stood, looking down. “Turn around.” He heard and smiled.

    Still thinking if they were still safe, he turned around quickly and waited for her to approach him. Doris herself was short of ideas, it was not totally dark at the region where they were, but she was alone and knew the man before her was The Unknown. “Don’t play knavery with me.”

    Nicholas just smiled,  raising his hands up. Doris reached for her mobile phone in her pocket and dialed Craig’s mobile number but it wasn’t going through. Perhaps, because they were in a thick forest. She snifled and dipped the mobile phone into her pocket quickly.

    She walked closer, incertitude if The Unknown still had no gun. “Don’t make any move.” She found her voice again as she finally got behind him. She checked her pocket if the handcuffs she took away from the office was still in her pocket. She finally reached for it, shivering that something might happen too. She knew she wasn’t safe, neither The Unknown that was before him. Who knew if the man would just snatch the gun from her and shoot her?

    She held her breath as she moved closer again. “Bring your hands to the back.” She ordered.

    Nicholas brought down his hand slowly and motioned it to the back.  Doris shivered as she wanted to the the handcuffs on him, though she couldn’t see properly. Suddenly, Nicholas turned around quickly and held her hands. “Don’t shout.” He faked his voice and handcuffed her hands instead. He picked up her gun and dipped it in his pocket as he carried her up.

    He motioned forward and dropped Doris. He kicked Chief’s man to know how far with him. He crossed over him and crouched, touching Chief Sam.

    He heard his  moan and carried him up, wondering how he would get Doris and the man out of the forest that night. He was at ease for the moment and sat down, thinking of what to do. “Till tomorrow.” He surmised with his eyes still wide open.


    Craig stared at his mobile phone and left it continue ringing. He was not comfortable with the call and switched off his mobile phone. Why would she be calling him? He wondered and hissed.

    He walked to to the bar to have a cup of drink, not ready to pick up any call from her. They had dispersed months back, why would she  want to cause a kerfuffle that night? He wondered and guzzled from the cup.

    His thought changed suddenly he remembered Doris. He began to wonder if she had gotten Doris already. Who could tell if the ‘ex’ was just calling to get him informed about Doris? He reached for his mobile phone and switched it on quickly.

    He dialed her mobile number, but this time, hers was switched off too. He hissed and flung the phone away. He prayed Doris would be safe till the following day.



    Nicholas didn’t bat his eyelids throughout the night. He quickly stood up when he checked up what time it was. He noticed that Doris too couldn’t sleep, neither the pernicious Chief Sam in question. He brewed that if he waited till the sky got cleared, the officers might meet him at the spot.

    He carried Chief Sam and tied him to the  hither available tree. By the way, he didn’t want Doris to see his stature, so, that would be the very best time to vacate the forest.

    He carried her and began to walk back. He hoped he would get to know the way back to the ingress of the forest. Soon, he got her out and was troubled with the thought of going back deep inside the forest to get Chief Sam again.

    He brought out a rope and tied Doris to the tree, rushing back into the forest to get Chief too.

    Craig had gotten out of the bed, preparing to visit the forest for Doris again. He had told other officers they needed to start their ultimate search by 6am that morning.

    Soon, he set out planning to get there by 6am. He had been praying for protection over Doris.

     Craig was very tired. He got Chief Sam out of the forest and placed him by the side of the road. He was breathing heavily when he saw the head lamp of a vehicle coming near. “This should be Craig.” He had thought and cantered into his car, speeding away.

    That was not important to Craig. He ran down as he saw Doris and untied her. “The Unknown.” Doris said as she pointed to the direction where Nicholas ran through.

    “Leave him, we will get him some other time. By the way, what happened? Why are you like this?” He wondered, removing the dirts on her.

    “That’s a long story, arrest Chief Sam quickly.” She told him.

     “The other men are coming now, let’s wait. Once they arrive, I’ll take you to the hospital for treatment and we would be able to discuss very well after.” He smiled.

    “This evil Chief.” Doris muttered as she made her way to lean against Craig’s car.

    Craig chuckled. “Don’t worry, he will face the music. But, was it The Unknown that assisted you?”

    Doris kept quiet for a while. “Yes.” She finally replied him.


      Nicholas retired to the bed, unbottoning his shirt as he remembered all that happened overnight. He pulled in his lips and sighed. He took off his shirt and quickly got into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

    He felt it would be bad of him not to visit Stella before the arrival of Doris. As he got dressed up, he hurried to Stella’s place and knocked for some seconds.

    He knocked again, this time he leaned against the wall and waited for Stella to come out. Just some seconds after, Stella rushed out of the house and got the gate. He entered, looking frank as he looked at Stella. “I was busy with the Prince, I’m really sorry I couldn’t return last night.” He said, pulling his trouser upward.

    Stella smiled faintly. “That’s not the problem, I understand you and the nature of your job.”

    He beamed. “Thanks so much. Has she returned?” He enquired. Both walked side-by-side as they entered into the house. “I told you she was kidnapped. Just planning to visit Craig again so we would go and search for her in the forest.”

    “Stella, you really have to be careful. You know she’s been taken away by a set of people we don’t know.”

    “Even if she was carried away by a demon, I’ll get the demon.” Stella said.

    “You will get the demon without leaving the house, right?” He gave a soft chuckle.

    “Please Nick, just keep praying for..” Stella’s phone beeped. “They found her!” She exclaimed and ended the call quickly.

   Nicholas grinned. Let’s go there now.”




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