The Unknown

    She precipitated into the described hospital, not bothered if she dressed well or not. If she could have left the house the previous night, just to be with her sister, she could have done that. She had it in mind that she wouldn’t let go the forest that day, had it been Doris wasn’t found.

    She was beginning to get uncomfortable with her kind of job. She had been antsy to meet her and tell her how nice it would be if she abdicated the job. If she loosed her, she could kill herself too. Thanks to Nicholas who caught her when she was trying to end her journey when her parents died, and both grappled out. If not, she would have died long ago. She hated it earnestly, seeing her loved one in agony.

    That in point of fact made Nicholas visited her as early as he could. Though, he was really tired, he felt two things within himself. If he stalled to visit her, wouldn’t she  suspect anything? And, if she didn’t again, wouldn’t she just try to kill herself like the other day?

    How would she even suspect him? Doris only was the one meant to be capable of suspecting him. He thought and would shake it off again, what if Doris had told her about the The Unknown and the  redolence they both shared? It had been quite a while they visited his place, if not they would have known another secret of him- the vehicle.

    Nicholas felt it was alright that way, at least he was menacing his life and could die anytime. He needed not anyone who would discourage him. He was getting eager to lay his hands on Engineer Ashley as soon as he could, but it had been tough to get the scene of meeting the tree on his car outta his mind.

    He had been doubting it and had been wondering if the tree just fell on it’s own free will. If it did, wouldn’t it have damaged his vehicle? At least if not bad, a little. He couldn’t let his thoughts slip away till the two settled down at the reception.

    Just some minutes after their arrival, Craig walked out of the Doctor’s office to meet the silent two, who had been fighting with their thoughts. “How’s it? How’s she?” Craig rushed up as he sighted him first.

    Craig chuckled. “We thank God, she’s alright.” He replied as he tapped Stella’s shoulder. She had also rushed up on seeing Nicholas’ reaction. “Can’t we just go in and see her?” Stella enquired from him.

    “Hmmn..” he giggled. “You should be. Let’s go to the ward.” He said and turned around.

    His turn made his eyes strike that of Nancy; Chief Sam’s Secretary and Craig halted. He stared at her and the act made Nicholas look the direction too and saw her. [i]Is she here because of me?[/i] He wondered as he looked at her continuously.

    He cleared his throat as he began to speak to himself. It seemed she didn’t come for him, he was wrong. [i]She knows Craig too?[/i] He wondered as he stared at the two, staring at each other.

    “Hey Craig!” Nancy waved from where she was.

    Stella felt she was lost, Nicholas felt he was too, but not totally. The intense of seeing her sister sprung up in Stella and tapped Craig. “What’s happening? Let’s go.” She said.

    Craig turned around and looked at  the nurse. “Nurse, please could you please help with the description of my patient’s ward?” He enquired and raised his brows at Stella. “Go and meet her, please, I have something to sort out with that lady.” He told her.

    [i]So they know each other. By the way, why’s she acting as if she doesn’t know me? And, what’s even her relationship with him?[/i] Nicholas was lost in thought until the bash from Stella brought him back to his senses. “What’s happening to you also? Let’s go.”

    Has the nurse described the ward? It’s because of this Nancy that I didn’t hear everything. Only God knows what she came for. He hissed silently and followed Stella as he hardly took his eyes off her.

    Nancy just kept smiling. “Craig, how are you?” She asked again as Criag approached her.

    He stood before her and pressed his lips together. He nodded after and pulled her, going outside. “What are you here for?” He enquired.

    Nancy chuckled. “What else? Why didn’t you pick up my calls yesterday? We broke up, does it mean that should be the end of our normal daily friendship?”

    Craig shrugged. “Since we broke up, you never called me. I was just in a tight corner yesterday, because it looked suspicious. That’s all.”

    She laughed. “Tight corner? I know you, what tight corner?”

    “You know I don’t joke with my work, I was busy.”

    “Busy or drinking?”

    Craig jacked his head up and threw a gaze at her. [i]How did she know all I was doing? I don’t trust this girl, has she been trailing me or what?[/i] “Drinking? Why would I drink?”

    “You have a bar in your house and there are different types of wines there. Who knows if you just sat down and took Hennessey made in Spain because it tastes better?”

    He masked his shock well as he moved closer to her. “You have been interposing with my personal life, haven’t you?”

    “No need to shrill at me. The little time we spent together, I got to know more of you. If only Doris didn’t steal you away from me, but, I have a better man now.”

    “It’ll be better for you to stick to your better man and mind your business!” He shouted and walked inside the hospital.

    Nancy laughed.


    “What really happened? Did you get to see The Unknown?” Stella asked Doris,  playing with her hair.

    Doris smiled. “I was unable. He took my gun away from me.” She replied. “But, I’m sure the person is a really nice person.”

   “Nice? Is he not the one who put you into this? A knuckleheaded person!” Nicholas hissed aloud.

    Doris grinned. “He didn’t put me into any trouble. He was there to get me out of that trouble even when everyone left.”

    “Who told you that has painted him nice? Who put you into that trouble at first? Who?”

    “See the way you’re talking as if you know all that happened.” Doris continued laughing.

    Nicholas gave a long breath and kept quiet for a moment. “What really happened that yesterday?” He looked anxious as he cruised closer to her.

    “Can you believe it that it was Chief Sam who kidnapped me that day?” She chuckled.

    “Really? How did you get to know? What are the attestations?” Stella enquired.

    “Earlier yesterday, The Unknown sent us some evidences and the location of where we could find Chief. The evidences showed that it was Chief Sam. He was also the one who killed the board of directors of Golden Ring Companies.”

    If only you know he’s not the only one. By the way, if only you know he killed our parents too and he’s willing to kill anyone. If only you know I’m The Unknown, I wonder what you will do.” He thought.

    “That’s too bad! The people that were murdered that made you leave the dining room angrily, right?” Stella questioned.

    “Exactly! Just because of contract.”

    “People are so wicked! Nicholas, say something.” Stella faced him.

   “Urgh… hmm.. people are really villainous! Thank God for The Unknown, but he shouldn’t have let my small sister run into problem.”

    Doris laughed. “He didn’t. I was on duty and had to arrest Chief Sam where he said he tied him to the wall. But, thing went worse that day as there was a shootout between us and those bad men of Chief. I just remember I was hit and I fainted. Waking up, I met myself amidst them, mocking me.”

    “Wao! Thanks to that person then. If not for him, what would have happened? But, I would have came myself.” He grinned.

    “Liar! You this small boy with small guts.” Stella pulled out her tounge and laughed.

    He chuckled. “I am a brave one too now.”

    “I see.. I am sure you can’t do a quarter of what that guy did for me.”

    He laughed. See mouth, you’ll eventually know.. when the race gets finished. “Anyhow, let me just catch that guy!”

    “He will just lob you away.” Doris laughed.

    “Naughty little sister.” He hit her slightly and grinned.

    Craig walked inside. “I’m glad to meet everyone this way.”

    “We’ve been discussing about that naughty guy that guy you people into trouble.”

    “Naughty guy? Who?” Craig squinted his face.

    “Don’t mind him, he’s talking about The Unknown.” Doris replied.

   Craig chuckled. “A great man. Thank God for him, who knows what would have happened.”

    “But, do you know that lady you went out with?” Nicholas asked Craig.

    “Would I have gone out with a lady I don’t know? She’s my.. ex-lover.” He drawled.

    He cleared his throat and winked. “You also do those things, right? Use them and dump them.” He grinned.

    Craig laughed. “Nicholas, please I’m just brewing on how investigations can continue oh.”

    “But, she’s pretty, you shouldn’t have left her that way.”

    “She broke up with me for no tangible reason. But, I don’t know why she came today. And, about The Unknown, he’s a very good person but we still have to get him too.”

    “Really?” Stella asked.

    “Sure! He’s not doing right by taking laws into his hands, he shiuld have contacted the station at once. Though, he never killed, but his acts were wrong.”

    “Just arrest anyone ‘arrestable’ and make this kingdom better.” Nicholas chuckled. [i]I’m getting into trouble gradually. I just have to be very careful!..

    Let’s meet at Tracey Foods for lunch this afternoon by 2pm, we have a lot to discuss- [b]Nancy.[/b][/i]

    Nicholas recieved the text message and swooshed out a long breath.



    Nicholas picked up Nancy at the agreed venue for them to visit Tracey Foods for lunch that afternoon. “We have a lot to discuss.” She had told him as soon as he picked her up.

    Nicholas just glanced at her and drove off.

    He just kept mum.


     As promised, Vivian and Anthony were just coming back from church service when she decided to take Anthony out for lunch. “Let’s visit Tracey Foods.” She told him as they mounted on the motorcycle.

    “Is the place beautiful?” Anthony asked transfering his pen to his right hand.

    “What’s your own business with that? We are concerned about the food and I am sure they prepare nice foods.”

    Anthony smiled.


[b]Tracey Foods.[/b]

    Vivian and Anthony were about to enter into the eatery when Anthony’s pen dropped accidentally. He walked in with his mother, beaming. It had been a while he came to eat in a eatery with his mother. “This place is fine.” He grinned placing his hand into her mother’s hand.

    “I know you’re going to like this place. Go and sit while I place an order.”

    “Okay mum.” Anthony smiled and motioned to seat when he noticed his pen had fallen.

    He started searching for it till he got outside and picked it up. Raising his head, he saw Nicholas and greeted him. “How are you?” Nicholas smiled and waved at him.

    Anthony could see a guitar standing on the back seat and got attracted to Nicholas. He was smiling as he moved closer to him. “Sir, can you play guitar?” He enquired.

    Nicholas grinned. “Yes. You like guitar?”

    “Sure. I told my mother to buy it for me but I don’t know how to play it.”

    “Really? What’s your name?” He enquired.
    “Anthony.” He replied, smiling.

    “Mr man! I don’t like this place any longer, let’s go to Divine Foods.” Nancy told Nicholas.

    Nicholas hurtled a gaze at her. “What do you mean? You told us to come here now.”

    “But now I don’t know why I don’t like it any longer. Let’s go.”

    He sighed. “I’ll see you later, Anthony.” He grinned and waved at Anthony.

    Anthony felt bad and waved back. As Nicholas entered into his capacity and kicked the engine, Anthony noticed something. [i]We have the same scent![/i] He paper-thinned his eyes at the surprise.

    Vivian rushed out to meet Anthony but Nicholas had pulled out already. As she raised her head to see the person in the car, the car sped off. “What’s happening, Anthony?” Vivian asked him.

    Anthony looked sad already. “I came to search for my pen and met that man that’s driving that car.” He replied.

    Vivian hissed silently and shook her head. “So, what about him? Let’s go inside.” She pulled him.

    “He said he could play guitar well. I saw the guitar at the back seat of his car but a lady shouted at him that they should get going.”

    “Have I never told you not to talk with strangers before?! Anthony what’s your problem with this guitar? What if the person is a kidnapper?” She frowned.

    “He didn’t look like one.” He replied sadly.

    “Do they write it on foreheads? Don’t get me annoyed, Anthony.”

    “One thing I just notice is that we have the same scent. Even how scarce our perfume is, he uses the same type.”

    Vivian widened her eyes. “Really?”

    “Yes now.” He replied childishly.

    “But did you ask of his name?” Vivian enquired.

    “I was about doing so when the woman shouted at him and both left.” He narrowed his eyes suddenly and threw a gaze at her. “Mum, didn’t you just tell me not to interfere with strangers?”

    “Shut up! Instead of asking about guitar, you should have enquired about his name. But, he was with a lady.. right?”

    “Yes. But, why mum?”

    “Nothing. Just wondering if they came here to play guitar.” She smiled faintly.

    “I like the man. If it was another person, he would have scolded me. I like nice people.”

    “But, did he use a necklace?”

    Anthony thought for a while. “I don’t think so.”

    “Let’s go inside before the food gets cold.” She pushed him forward and kept looking backward. “Was that Nicholas?” She kept wondering.


    “Why would you want us to leave the place suddenly? Why?” Nicholas exclaimed.
    “I don’t like the way you started  conflating with that kid. You two look alike though.”

    “Really? I thought I was the only one who saw that. It’s normal, though.”

    “Don’t freak yourself. I just wanted us to be in a cool place where you can prove your love for me.”

    “Love? What do you mean? Nancy, please stop this.”

    “Why should I stop? I shouldn’t.”

     “You should! Only cheap ladies do this.” He hissed.

    “Really? Only cheap ladies will also trail The Unknown to the place where he tied Chief Sam,  only cheap ladies will also take pictures of The Unknown tying Chief Sam to the tree, only cheap ladies will know that a tree was placed on the vehicle of The Unknown after he concluded his mission. And, only cheap ladies will know Nicholas is The Unknown.”

    Nicholas pulled out of the road at once.


    “Didn’t the lady that was with that guy address him by his name?”

    Anthony smiled. “She only said [i]Mr man,  let’s go.[/i]” He replied.

    “That means you were not privileged to know his name, right?”

    “Mum, is there anything?”

    She kept quiet for a while. “No.. no.. let’s get going now.” She stood up quickly.

    “Mum, we just started eating.”

    “We can always come back to eat another food. We can always prepare better ones at home. Let’s go.” She pulled him up and both walked outside quickly.
     She mounted on the motorcycle as soon as she got to the junction. She wasn’t sure of the direction the car might have gone through. “Just keep going.” She told the motorcyclist.

    Yes, they kept going.



4 thoughts on “EPISODE TEN

  1. Lol, vivian wnt to trail him, i hope she’ll find him sha. Hmmm, nancy found out it was nich, i hope she doesn’t blackmail him wit that. Nice one temitope.
    Bt how abt no matter what, u’ve nt bin posting it oo and am stil xpcting it sha.


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