The Unknown

NICHOLAS’ EYES widened as the door flipped open, his whole self out of control because he felt he was running mad already, imagining what he would be like when Chief walked into the office.

    He had tried to enter a code earlier and he was caught and suspected, now once he entered, he would know he was a major spy and suspected if he hadn’t come to

    Nicholas brought his hands together, trying to reaffirm his faith and strength as usual, but it seemed he had lost it, he felt like dying. As his eyes were as wide apart as that of a person’s bow legs, and his lips shivering as if he had been out in the snow for days, he suddenly heard a shout.

    He then blinked as he noticed the guards by the door rushed away. He summoned courage and peeped outside, willing to know what must have happened. He then could see that chief just fell off the staircase and his guys who had opened the door earlier had gone to meet him.

    That means the guys didn’t see me. He had muttered as he packed his phone, shivering and that, making the phone drop again. He picked it again, but this time, at once that he knew he was just being serious to save himself. He rushed outside and to the office described to him, wiping his sweat and oily face to make himself unnoticed.

    He waited for a while before he moved some steps to peep at the scene happening downstairs, where the chief had fell down to. He grinned, but still under the tension. Bringing out his phone, he switched it on and walked backward as he noticed Chief was getting back to his feet. “If he sees me, he might know me.” He said to himself, trying to peep from the front of the office. Then, many of the staff members had gotten there to check what caused the sudden noise of Chief.

    “I’m fine, let’s go.” Chief said, holding on to his waist as he started walking up the stairs again and his guards were before him, trying to support.

    Once Nicholas saw all was fine already, he stormed downstairs and didn’t even try to bid farewell to Nancy before speeding off.


    “I got the list already, they were just nine companies.” Doris informed Craig.

    Craig got hold of this list and read through. “From what I read, Golden Ring Companies, Della Companies and Kenico Companies were the three companies shortlisted for the contract.”

    “Yeah, this is the printed analysis of that and the brief history of the companies.” Doris handed him some leaflets of some sheets.

    “Now, what have you read about them?” Craig asked.

    Doris smiled. “Alright. From my analysis, Kenico Companies isn’t as popular as the other two companies. The company has never won any outstanding contract from the Government likewise. So, do you think they might have executed the C.E.Os of Golden Ring Companies just to get hold of the contract?”

    “It is possible, but, don’t you think Kenico Companies would have tried to kill the board of directors of Della Companies because that company is ranked the best?”

    “That’s through, but they might have killed these ones first, now thinking of getting hold of those directing Della Companies.”

    “So, we have different ways. Either Della Companies or Kenico Companies.” Craig said, itching his head.

    “Sure, but don’t let us focus on these companies alone, who knows if this came from the family members?”

    Craig smiled. “That’s intelligent.”


    Nicholas walked into his room and leaned against the door. He kept on imagining how the door was opened and he felt Chief would come in. “I don’t think I have ever been under that kind of tension, that’s too bad.” He said as he walked to the bed laid down.

    He closed his eyes for a moment, probably thinking on what he would do next, as he shook his head slowly. “I’m agitated.” He snorted and sat up the bed and coughed.

    He took a glimpse at the television set and stood up quickly. “Oops..!” He smiled as he reached for the iPad inside his wardrobe. “I have to start listening to this man’s conversations now.” He smiled as he switched onthe iPad and retired to the wooden chair.


    “What do you think Anthony would do if he discovers the truth?” Vivian asked Victoria as she took a seat beside her.

    Victoria smiled. “If you were in his shoes, what would you do?” She questioned, packing her hair to a side.

    Vivian sighed. “I don’t really know, but I would be so disappointed that it would be hard to forget that kind of mother.”

    “That’s how he would feel, that’s it.”

    Vivian wiped her lone tear as Victoria spoke to her.


    “Man! I am not alright!” Frank told Gregory as he walked into the restaurant.

    “Anyways, it’s lunch break.” Gregory smiled as he welcomed him. “Why aren’t you good and what would you like to eat?”

    “I don’t think I am capable of eating anything right now. My mind hasn’t been at rest, I had a sleepless night yesterday.” He hissed, tilting his head.

    Gregory chuckled. “A whole boss ovee a small lady!” He laughed.

    Frank hissed. “I sacked her yesterday.” He informed, looking into his eyes.

    Gregory frowned. “You wouldn’t do such a thing, isn’t she your girl?”

    He hissed again, unbottoning the first button of his shirt and sighed. “I really did, I did.” He replied.

    “Why would you do that? Why? That’s totally wrong, totally wrong!” Gregory exclaimed.

    “I had to do it because I felt she was rude. I couldn’t take it any longer, knowing she had given birth before.”

    “Do you still feel anything for her?” Gregory enquired.

    “I do, a lot!” He glanced at him quickly. “I have been feeling ill at ease since I sacked him, I have been sad.”

    “Didn’t you know you’d be? What’s this guy talking about?” Greg clapped his hands together.

    “I never knew it would come to this extent. I couldn’t sleep overnight, I was just thinking about her.” He replied.

    “So, do you think you can go ahead with her?” Gregory asked.

    “I said I sacked her, do you expect her to like me still?”

    “You don’t know ladies, you don’t. She might have started having feelings for you, by the way, that son is a problem.”

    “At first, I was proving that I wouldn’t marry a woman that has given birth before, but now, I have no other choice but to have her.”

    “What of her son? What will you do?”

    “If she accepts me, I’m going to let her send him abroad. I will sponsor all of that and Vivian and I will start living happily.”

    “So, what’s the next thing you wish to do?” Greg asked, glimpsing at his wristwatch. “Lunch break is almost over.” He informed.

    “Will you escort me to her house today?” Frank asked.

    Gregory was mute and both staring at each other.


     “We should start everything as soon as possible. I think I should visit Della Companies while you visit Kenico Companies for some enquires before we get to see the corpse.” Doris told Craig.

    Craig nodded. “That’s nice, I should go quickly because it’s getting late.” Craig stood up.

    “That’s true, I should get going too.” Doris stood too, getting set to leave for Della Companies.

    “But, don’t you think we should always have a secret code we will use to beep each other when in danger?” Craig asked Doris.

    Doris chuckled. “That makes a lot of sense, but let us retyrn back to the office before doing that.” Doris replied.

    Craig smiled. “Alright, no problem.” Both walked out.


    “Good afternoon, I’m Officer Doris.” She spoke to the security man by the door of the company, opening her bag to bring out her identity card. She showed it and was allowed into the company.

    Walking slowly, she admired the beautifully painted company until she entered into Secretaries’ office and flashed a smile to them. She introduced herself and picked a seat as she waited for Chief Sam to be called.

    After the call, the office was described to her and she walked as fast as possible, so as to beat he time. She was shocked on seeing guards by the door. Is this because he is a chief? She wondered as she smiled to the men. “I’d like to see Chief Sam.” She informed and the door was opened.

    She walked in and her gaze hit that of Chief Sam. “You are really beautiful officer Doris.” Chief Sam grinned as Doris approached her.

    “Thanks so much, Sir. I came for some investigations.” She brought out her identity card and flashed it at him. “Officer Doris, Area F Station.”

    “Just pick your seat.” Chief Sam told her, resting his back on the swivel chair.

     She smiled and sat down. “I came in respect of the board of directors of Golden Ring Companies that were killed, Sir.”

    “So, what’s my own business? I feel sorry for them though, but at least it made us win the contract.” He chuckled.

    Doris was mute, trying to read between the lines. He looked happy because of the death of the people just because of contract. “So, does it mean you should smile at the downfall of another person? Where were you when you heard that the directors were killed, Sir?” She enquired.

    “I was inside my office here, working. By the way, why are you interrogating me? Do I look like a criminal or do you have a warrant? ”

    She grinned. “Just a little help from you, Sir. You were still working? It was past eight in the evening that were killed, according to report.”

    Chief Sam dimmed his face. “I do.. don’t know then!” He stuttered, taking his eyes off her.

    “You seem shocked and afraid. Where really were you?”

    “Why would I be shocked when I know I am not a criminal. A lady like shouldn’t be doing all this, you should be by the side of someone like me so that I can make you feel what  wealth is.”

    “Excuse me, Sir. And, can I get to know how many board of directors does this company have?”

    “We are just eight, eight friends. By the way, you should think about my offer, ladies give in easily, don’t let yours be different.”

    “You were the one who lead the board of directors, right?” She enquired, trying to ruin his discussion about relationship.
    “Sure! You should know I have a lot of money.”

    “What’s the relationship with  Golden Ring Companies? Were the deceased your friends?”

    “Why would useless people be my friend? They have always tried to ruin us, always tried to compete, that was why I dealt with them.”

    “You dealt with them?” Her eyes widened.

    “Sure, by making this company win the huge contract. Don’t think of anything else.”

    Doris smiled. “No problem sir, I will get back to you.” She walked out.

    “Guys!” Chief shouted.

    Some guys walked in quickly, bowing before him. “I don’t know how I lost my temper, you must not let that girl go scot free, she now suspects something and besides she should always be by my side, soothing my bones every night.”

     “Alright sir, what should we do?”

    “Kidnap her to my house and lock her inside an empty room. The two of you should be with her till I return back, a person who pokenoses is not meant to live.”

    “Done, boss.” The guys stormed out.


    Nicholas yawned as he stood up from the bed. He just woke up after an hour of sleep and glimpsed at the iPad. “I hope you haven’t taken any move.” He smiled as he brought out his mobie phone and called his friend, Henry.

    “Let’s start making preparations for Prince’s birthday, you know that will bring a lot of cash.” He informed and ended the call.

    He picked up the earphones and started listening to Chief Sam’s conversions in the office.
    Not quite long, he heard as Chief Sam made a call to ask if his guys had gotten the lady to his place and laughed wickedly. “What’s he up to? Who’s he after?” He wondered as he pulled the earphones out of his earsand whisked to his feet.

    “So far I am still living, no one around me will suffer.” He said as he tightened his belt and walked to the wardrobe to pick up his mask. “From the look of things, he just kidnapped a lady. I should be able to help.” He muttered under his breath, reaching for the gun he had snatched from one of Chief’s men.

    “No matter what happens, I will help out and make this man suffer.” He stepped out of the house with the mask his in his right hand and the gun, kept in his pocket. He carried his iPad with his right hand so as to continue listening to his conversations.

    Taking a sharp look around, he stepped into his car and drove out. The earphones were already stucked to his ears as he drove on, to save the lady who had been kidnapped.

    Soon, he halted behind the building and came down to have a close view behind the house. The house was as silent as a graveyard. It seemed no one was inside that house, but he knew something must be going on inside the house.

    He sighed, using the mask and the hand glove. He walked back to the car and locked it up before he jumped in, over the fence. He walked stealthily to the door at the backyard, where he passed the last time he came but met it locked.

    A twinge of disappointment went off in him as he turned around, looking around the house, if there was really no one. He brought out the gun in his pocket, walking near the scaffolding that was some distance behind him. He pressed his lips as he stood by the scaffolding and peeped to the other side of the house.

    Then, he heard a shout of ecstasy from inside and he stood alert. “Some guys are inside.” He muttered as he advanced, taking some steps forward with short paces till he got to the a sliding window and he peeped inside the house. “Dining.” He snorted, walking on till he got to the window of the living room and peeped.

    He could see the two guys on seat, laughing and discussing with each other. He continued walking stealthy till he got the garage of the house and met the roller shutter opened and a door that led inside the house.

    He cleared his throat softly as he rambled to the door, peeping through and saw it was a toilet. “This should be the visitors’ restroom.” He said as he opened the door and luckily, it opened.

    He walked inside and rushed to the door that linked to the main living room of the house. He unlocked the door as he met a key that was stucked inside, then walked into the living room.

    His eyes darting round the living room, he saw the small wine bar in a corner and quickly looked at the dining room which he saw earlier. He could hear the guys’ voice from where he was, but he was sure they were still in the second living room.

    He took some steps to his left and peeped. He saw Chief Sam’s room and raised his head up, turning around. He saw the staircase and rushed up there, still taking his steps slowly till he opened the door and walked into the living room upstairs. He saw different rooms there and wondered why Chief Sam had decided to use a room downstairs as his own room.

    “That room should be the guest room.” He thought, still wondering. “That doesn’t matter right now.” He quickly turned around as if one of the guys was behind him.

    He started checking each room, if the lady he came for was there. He was already blinking under the mask he had hidden his face. As he got to the last room to open the door, the main door of the living room was opened and he turned around quickly.

    His eyes met with that of the guy that just walked in and he shot him by his leg quickly. The gunshot made the fellow guard downstair know something was going wrong already.

    He ran toward the guy who was already lying on the floor with the pain of his leg. He jumped over him and opened the door wider to rush downstairs, so as to ecape.

    Still vigilant, he held the gun with his two hands, his eyes looking round like that of a child who was about to steal from the pot. He knew that the gunshot would have made the other guy notice something was wrong, but he was prepared for him.

    The guy had rushed out into the compound to check if someone was around. He was also with a gun that he pointed forward, turning around like a whirled stone. He had started hearing the groan of his fellow, upstairs. He knew even if it was still Doris that was at work, she would come down to pass where he was, and if it was another person, he was ready to capture.

    Soon, Nicholas got to the garage and rushed into the compound. He was heading toward the scaffolding while the guard was on the other side of the compound, walking toward the end of the compound to make a turning toward the scaffolding.

    Nicholas got to the backyard and was climbing on the fence when the guard got there and there was a loud gunshot.



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