Temitope fixed his eyes on his mother, wondering if she was really well. “Mum, what’s the matter?” He asked as he wiped his face and moved closer to her.

    “What else do you want me to say? Do you want me to approve this?” She shouted.

    “Dad! Say something!” Temitope shouted, getting annoyed.

    “I think your mother’s right, I shouls get back to you for some discussions.”

    “What Is it that we wish to discuss? Tell me what the problem is and let’s sort it out!”

    Olajumoke hissed and walked inside her room angrily.

    “It’s just the fact. Whether you get angry or not.” Tolulope walked out of the living room too.

    Temitope glanced at Tomisin and sighed. “Let’s get going.” He said as he grabbed her hand and both walked out. Clement and David and rushed after them, shutting the door.


    “You got livid because that was Mike’s child right?” Tolulope asked Olajumoke.

    “What else? I hate that man and I don’t want to see any of his relatives. So, why would I want my own son to take that good-for-nothing lady as a wife? I have my integrity! I have my pride!”

    “Jumoke, just take things easy. Two wrongs can’t make a right!”

    “So, does it mean that you won’t support me any longer? Does it mean that you’re going to neglect me?”

    “Why would I? I have been talking about Temitope, not myself.”

    “Anyone you talk of, I just know I can’t leave my son for them to kill.”

    Tolulope smiled. “So, the truth is that nothing is hidden forever! I saw it in Temitope’s face that he wouldn’t back off.”

    Olajumoke hissed. “Why wouldn’t he? By the time I am through with him, no one will teach him before backing off completely.”

    “Olajumoke, just learn to pick the right words when angry. Don’t spit out anything when you get angry, it can be used against one.”

    “I don’t care! My son should return back home, today.” She sprung to her feet.

    “He should return back home? Do you think Temitope will concur?”

    “Just wait and see.”


    “It makes me sick! It annoys me so much! Why would they refuse her, why?” Temitope vociferated.

    “Man, just take this so easy. Anger won’t solve this.” Clement said from behind.

    “I hate it when they try to turn me down without a tangible reason. Have you met them before?” Temitope asked Tomisin.

    “Not at all, but please take it easy, they are our parents.”

    “Our?” He chuckled. “I know them well!” Temitope sped off.


    “Why do you look this way? You don’t look good at all.” Mike said as Tomisin walked into the house.

    “Err.. nothing, dad. But, do you know the Phillips?” She enquired.

    “Phillips?” Mike repeated, standing on his feet.

    “Yes dad.” She replied quickly.

    “I don’t know any family by the name.” He replied.

    Tomisin smiled. “Thanks dad.” She walked Inside the house.

    “Philips? Is that not Tolu and Olajumoke?” He wondered as he approached Tomisin in her room.


    “I looked into their eyes and saw it that there was no tangible reason for them to have rejected her.” Temitope thudded down the sofa.

    “They must have their reason. You know immediately they heard that surname, her father’s name, your Mum got annoyed.”

    “No matter what it is, they shouldn’t have shown it on their faces. I hate it!”

    “Temitope, this is about your life partner. Remember, you won’t leave her till death. So, it’s a life contract and we have to be careful!” David chimed in.

    “So, I suggest we go back to see them, maybe later in the day.” Clement said.

    “Alright, I have heard!” Temitope walked in.




  1. Hi sir, I was wondering if everything is OK, as they haven’t been any recent updates on ‘No matter what’. #suspence#. God bless u.


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