IT WAS A BRIGHT SATURDAY. Temitope had called his parents if they were around, so he could come and greet them. He had dressed up, with Clement and David, heading to Tomisin’s place to pick her up.

    “Guys, I’m ready!” He shouted as he leaned against the car, expecting Clement and David outside. He had waited for some minutes already, glimpsing at the wristwatch often until the two walked out.

    “When you aren’t ladies, I wonder what kept you this long!” He opened the door and entered into the vehicle.

    “Don’t you know we have to look good before Tomisin too? At least, we are your friends.”

    He chuckled. “As if you are the ones taking a lady home, dressing more than the owner of an occasion. I have never seen your type before.”

    “Now that we are through, let’s keep going.”

    Clement walked to the passenger’s seat beside Temitope and hit the glass. “Open this door.”

    “How do you expect me to open it? Where will Tomisin sit down? Behind me? Nothing of such!”

    Clement chuckled and entered through the back door. “Nonsense boy.”

    “That’s your own headache! When you have your babe, do me anyhow too.” He grinned.

    He kicked the engine and drove out.


    Damilola tuned the television station as she turned to Pelumi. “Your Dad will get home very soon.”

    “Mum, Becky said she wants to move in with me.” She informed.

    Damilola smiled. “That isn’t a problem, but let your Dad be informed too, before bringing her home.”

    “No problem, she has decided to move here because of the employment issue. Now that she works with us, it would be easier to all leave the house at once.”

    “Alright, explain to your Dad too!” She  dismissed her with her wave of hand.


    “I’m quite nervous.” Tomisin told Temitope as they got to the front of his parents’ house.

    “Look into my eyes and reassure your strength and boldness that all would be well.”

    “I don’t know what you have in the big eyes of yours, keep deceiving yourself.” Clement said from the back seat.

    “Idiot! Did I ask you chim your mouth?”

    Clement laughed. “No  qualms! You will soon come and beg me.” He came down from the car.

    “We have to go in now.” Temitope said as they all dropped down from the car. “I won’t take my car in, because I don’t want them to start peeping.” He grinned and walked over to the gate to knock.

    Soon, they all entered into the house.


    “Dad, I know you’re the only one that can make everything easier for me, can’t you help me with this issue of your friend’s daughter?” Kingsly asked his father, Daniel.

    Daniel took a sip from the cup of wine before him before facing Kingsly again. “Is it that you want to play thay girl like you usually do? You aren’t getting any younger and I don’t want you to start making look bad before my friend.”

    “It’s high time I settled down and that’s what I am driving at! Dad, it’s this girl or no one else.”

    “That was what you did some months back and later told me that other lady wasn’t a good wife material, who knows if you did that because you just found another lady?”

     “I am now a changed person, Dad. When will you help me?”

    “Alright, let’s visit his place in the evening. But, if eventually you have that girl and you fumble, you’ll have yourself to blame.”

    He grinned. “Don’t worry Dad, all would be fine.”


    “I am Tomisin Collins.” Tomisin smiled, introducing herself.

    “Collins?” Olajumoke giggled as she tried to remember who Collins was.

    “Yes ma, Collins.” She replied.

    “Nice decision, Son. I have always trusted you, haven’t I?” Tolulope grinned.

    “Is it not that you’re related to Mike Collins?” She enquired.

    “He’s my father, ma.” She replied.

    “Impossible!” Olajumoke exclaimed.






  1. Going well,,,,,,,,,, everything has been quite predictable so far but it still has a special appeal for sum1 to look forward to d next episode!
    Kudos temitope
    next episode please


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