Temitope rolled down the glass and smiled. “Good afternoon, Sir.” He greeted Kingsly.

     “Hmmn… a good afternoon to you too.” Kingsly replied.

    “But, what can I do for you?” He enquired and ended this call between Mr Peter, then.”

    “You came for Miss Tomisin, right?” He enquired.

    Temitope smiled. “Yes sir, but I hope there’s no problem.”

    Kingsly smiled. “None, absolutely none!” He said and walked away.

    Who’s this man? Temitope wondered and dialed Tomisin’s mobile number and waited till she came out.


    The waiter served Temitope and Tomisin their order and disappeared instantly. As they started eating, Temitope felt the urge to ask Tomisin some questions about Kingsly.

    He knew something was going on, for Kingsly to have walked uo to him to ask if he had come to take Tomisin. “Who’s he?” Temitope asked her, dropping his spoon.

    “Why are you so concerned about him? You look as if you are afraid.” She chuckled.

    Temitope smiled. “I  should be afraid, why won’t I be?”

    “As you have discussed, it seems you met with my boss. That was the kind of cloth he put on.” Tomisin replied.

    “So, how come he knew I came for you? He looked kinda jealous.”

    “The way you are too! You are looking so jealous too.”

    “Temitope chortled. “I should be oh, after how many years?”

    Tomisin smiled. “The man likes me, that’s all.”

    “Don’t worry, he will stop liking you by the time I take you to my parents this weekend.” He took a spoon of rice.

    “Really? Your parents’ place?” Tomisin’s eyes widened.

    “Yes, I want them to meet you and I ao want us to get wedded as soon as possible.” He replied.

    “That sounds cool, but I’m really scared.”

    “Scared of my parents or your boss?” He enquired.

     She smiled. “Who’s afraid of that boss? I am afriad, sitting before your parents and making some introductions can be.. I don’t know.” She grinned.

    “The easiest way is that when you get home, just go and stand before the mirror and start practicing how to introduce.” He laughed.

    “Anyways, it’s normal. If that should happen, I will take you to my Dad’s place too, this weekend.” She informed.

    “No problem, I am not scared.” He continued laughing.

    “I can’t eat more than this because that desperate boss told me I must not exceed thirty minutes and I know he’s been watching me to make a mistake so as to use that as an evidence.”

    “Alright.” Temitope cleaned his mouth. “I am not particular about this lunch, but seeing your face. Now, I am satisfied too.”

    Both laughed while Temitope went ahead to pay for the meal.


    “Yes sir.” Temitope appeared before Mr Peter, smiling.

    Mr Peter chuckled. “Did I tell you to leave?”

    He shrugged. “You said I have been fired, that means I have been sacked and also have to leave.” He replied.

    Mr Peter smiled. “Anyways, thank God you’re back now. You should know I didn’t mean what I said earlier, I was just trying to curb the lies in your mouth.”

    Temitope laughed. “I am deeply sorry concerning that, Sir. Actually, I know I have been caught, but I didn’t want to look irresponsible because I took a lady to her place of work in the morning.” He replied.

    “Alright, that’s very good to hear. And, who’s this girl you’ve started taking to her place of work? Will she let you focus on the contract we are bidding for?”

    Temitope laughed. “Once you assure me that I won’t be queried, Sir.”

    “If you come late again, you’ll be queried. So, always try to make everything you do, so quick.”

    Temitope smiled. “Thanks so much, Sir.” He bowed and left the office.
    I knew I’d win the case. He grinned as he left the office.


    “You are seriously a useless boy oh.” Clement accused Temitope.

    Temitooe shrugged. “It doesn’t matter if I am, what matters is that you should face your own work!”

    “But wait, how could you have done what you did? All because you’ve known you’re a genius in this company?”

    “I can’t start story now, I have better things to do.”

    “Unserious human being.” Clement added.

    He hissed. “You and David will follow me to my parents’ place this weekend.” He informed.

    “What for?” Clement asked him.

    “I want to show Tomisin to them.” He replied.

    “Really?” Clement grinned.



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