Mr Peter walked out of the office after he had shouted at Temitope. Temitope hated himself as he plopped down the chair and was  downcast. “You should have kept quiet, you’ve been caught already!”

    “I don’t think he can really sack me, I am one of the pillars of ths company.” He said from his thought.

    “But your lies were to much too, why would you keep lying when you have been caught?”

    He smiled and stood up. “I won’t beg him, neither will I wait for the sack letter before leaving. I know he will come after me.” He said waving at Clement. “Meet me at home.”

    “Bad guy! Alright.” He waved back.


    Temitope had been idle until glanced at the wall clock. He picked up his phone and dialed Tomisin’s number, if she was on lunch break already. Not quite long after, he went inside the house and changed into a mother comfortable cloth before going to her place of work.


    “So he has gone for lunch!” Mr Peter clapped his hands together. “Okay, he thought I was joking, right.”

    “Lunch? Temitope might be eating his lunch, though but he left immediately you said he was fired.” Clement replied.

    “Who told him to leave?! Have I given him a sack letter? Couldn’t you tell him to stay, did I really look serious?”

    Clement chuckled. “You looked more than being serious, sir.” He replied.

    Mr Peter sat again. “We can’t just loose Mr Temitope just like that, he’s one of greatest staffs that brings us contracts, why would he leave? I was simply joking!” He picked his phone and dialed his mobile number.


    “Aren’t you going for lunch?” Kingsly asked Tomisin who was focused in her work. “It’s break time.” He added.

    “I will, Sir. Someone is coming to drop me my package.”

    Kingsly just stood by the  entrance to her office but walked in on hearing that. “Really? The other guy?” He grinned.

    Tomsin couldn’t explained how she felt. She gave a soft chuckle. If that’s what you really want, I will let you know. “He’s the one.”

    “Hmmn.. alright, don’t forget you won’t spend all day on break.” He turned back, leaving her.

    “I know Sir.” She grinned, she knew that just hit him.

    And I only wanted to take her out, only God knows who that guy is…


    “Sir?” Temitope parked at the front of the company with his phone glued to his ear.

    “Who told you to leave the company?” Mr Peter questioned him.

    “You, Sir. Didn’t you tell me that I have been fired?”

    “Did I really mean that? When will you return back?” He quickly put the question across.

    Temitope smiled. “As a matter of fact, my schedule is getting a tighter, so, because of that, I am now in my Dad’s company, working.” He teased.

    “Why would you do that? No! Tell your Dad you don’t want his job again, you have to return to this place, our Engineer.”

     He chuckled. “Engineer?”

    Just then, he heard knocks at the door of his car and gazed at the fellow, it was Kingsly.




  1. Good boy!. But i hate lies too so Temitope b careful & dont allow pride in ur lyf. D story is becoming more interesting. Weldone bro.


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