TEMITOPE’S BRAIN ran wild like an internet search engine as he stood before his boss. Could he have told him the truth? He didn’t know if he was just joking or really serious to follow him to the hospital.

    He brought out his face towel amd wiped his sweat away, staring at Mr Peter on seat, waiting for him to conclude what he was doing so they could visit the hospital together.

    What hospital did he have to take to him? He was pitying himself as he stood like an isolated body, from the boss. “Just go back to your office, I’m getting more busy already.” He told him as he waved his hand.

    Temitope grinned. “Thanks sir.” He darted out with smiles on his wet face. As he stood earlier, he had been brewing on what to do, no one to call so as to disguise as the victim. It was quite a great relief from Mr Peter.


    “Hey guy!” He smiled at Clement as he rushed into the office, wiping his sweat again.

    “Keep sweating like a Christmas goat! I don’t know where you went to..” Clement hissed.

    “And I don’t know what your own business is, why have you taken it up as if if I’m not found, nothing an be done?” He went to his seat and plopped down.
    “Why wouod you leave the house and get missing? Everyone was worried now, I tried calling you severally but it wasn’t available. I was getting more worried every minute.” He explained, making up an angry face.

    “Anyways, sorry about that, I had to visit Tomisin to take her to her place of work.” He said, scratching his head.

    “So that was where you went to!” Mr Peter bustled in.


    “It’s nice having you as one of the staffs.” Kingsly smiled into Tomisin’s office.

    What on earth does he want? Why’s he here again? He has told me this before, why does he like making life tedious for one? Tomisin had thought as she hissed silently and bowed on her seat. “Thank you sir.” She faked a smile.

    “That’s nice.” Kingsly reached her table and beamed. “Won’t you tell me to sit”

    “I think I should have called me to come and see you in your office, not you coming here.” She continued her fake smile.

    “Life is so simple, may I sit down?”

    “Yes sir, sit.”

    Kingsly smiled and sat down. “I came because I feel you have to get more enlightened on some things about this company.”

   Tomisin dropped her ball pen and stared at him. “Alright sir.”

    Kingsly chuckled. “I don’t think I’m getting comfortable with this sir of a thing.”

    Here he goes, men with ulterior motives always hate it when they are respected. She thought. “That’s impossible not to use, you’re a boss sir.”

    “I am a boss but the son of your dad’s friend, can’t you see that we can be friends and how easy would that be when you start calling me sir?” He smiled.

    Who wants to be his friend? She faked a smile again, giggling. “I am more uncomfortable without using it, I think you’ll have to bear with me because it’s me already.”

    “How’s that possible when two friends walk together and one uses sir?”

    “But, are we friends?” She threw the question at him, hiding her face as she made herself get distracted by staring at the documents on the table.


    “No.. sir.” Temitope rushed up his seat as he sighted Mr Peter.

    “What’s no? I deliberately followed you here because I knew you’d tell your friend about your whereabouts, do you think I didn’t hear you?”

    “No, I just started the explanation sir. It was that lady I saw but I told her I couldn’t drop her off, while trying to pull back to the track, I almost hit a young boy.”

    “It’s now a young boy? You said a lady earlier!”

    “Em.. I was in shock.”

    “Mr Temitope, you’re fired!”




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