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Try to use your talent to change the world, that is what it is!

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Temitope Daniel.

Yeah! A brand new day. NO MATTER WHAT is the very first story ever written online by me, so, don’t mind the tenses and structure. I bring to you the PROLOGUE of THE UNKNOWN today as a ‘bonus’ and reminder that the Episode one drops tomorrow.

    This will be the first of it’s kind. Romance, Crime/Revenge story that I am sure you guys won’t regret ever reading.

I bring to you, THE UNKNOWN;  the mega-hit series by Temitope Daniel Abimbola.




    Eight years ago.

    It came to an end, the twelve months service for the country and many of the Corps members have returned to their various Kingdoms while some were still determined to stay for that day, to celebrate after the normal celebration.

    Nicholas went out with his friend to drink to celebrate their success. He had forgotten he had to see Vivian so they could discuss and could know her Kingdom and her father’s house.

    It was already in the evening when he remembered he left Vivian with the aim of coming back as early as possible but ended up drinking. He reached for his phone, even in the drunk state but couldn’t find the mobile phone inside his pocket. He stood at once and checked his chest pocket but the phone was still nowhere to be found.

    “Maxwell, are you with my phone?” He quickly asked as he wiped his face.

    “Phone? Did you pick it up after the final parade rehearsals?” He enquired.

    Nicholas bit his finger, trying to remember if he really picked it up after the parade. He was trying to link the events together because he was also among those that received the award from the Executive Governor that day. Could he have left it there?

    “Vivian must have returned and she’s not feeling well. I don’t know what came over me, we had a plan!” He hissed.

    “Let’s get going, she shouldn’t have gone!” Maxwell stood too and both darted out.

Eight years after…

IT WAS NEITHER SOLAR, LUNAR NOR ANNULAR ECLIPSE but, it was as dark as ventablack. As many often thought, if everything looked that way suddenly, it would seem the end of the world had came. The speed of the wind was enough to carry a stationary car away and the noise was enough to deafen as many ears as possible.

    Though, it would be a flat-out embellishment to say that kind of downpour had never been witnessed, but this one was staid from many occasions.

    Louisa and Larry gave a sharp glance at each other as they heard the sound twice. None could say if that was from a gun or the wind might have pulled down a building. Both quiet but thinking, it really looked like blasts from a gun. Could anyone be in the neighborhood trying to steal or assassinate? Where could the deafening noise have came from?

    Millions of questions ran through Larry’s mind as he rushed up and walked towards the sliding doors and drew the curtains to a side to view if anyone had entered into the compound or was leaving.

    The noise looked as if it was from their compound but he knew it was from another house, but it was loud. Louisa who had dimmed her eyes and staring at Larry stood up too and walked towards him.

    Both were still concerned about what could have been as loud as that. It really looked like a gunshot but they couldn’t believe it was it. Larry, steeling himself against the moment, went to sit down. The rain hadn’t gone down but he was still skittish concerning sound.

    Louisa also made her way to her seat, capricious as she stared at Larry. Larry stood again, it seemed he was getting sure of what he had heard.

    The rain was still heavy and everywhere, shaking due to the blustering of the thunder. He walked closer to Louisa and picked his seat. He wanted to ask her if she knew what the sound was, or where it was from but he felt it wouldn’t be necessary to start discussing on that.

    His mood was as if he was expecting the thieves or the assassins, or if it was a building that was pulled down, he was expecting theirs too to happen. Still mentally preparing himself to face something, he had walked to the window and peeped outside again before he finally retired to a flared arm sofa.

    Exactly two minutes after he sat down, they heard the blare of the door and the two hurtled their gazes at the door quickly. It was as thought by Larry, it seemed those who had come to fulfil dangerous mission were around already.

    Just soon after, they began to swim in their own blood.



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