Tomisin just laughed because she knew how Temitope was feeling and could read his thoughts in his eyes. “Temi!” She exclaimed her name, still laughing while Temitope just grinned.

    “It’s simply a question babe, why are you acting as if I habe enquired about something tough to say?”

    Tomisin laughed again. “Temitope, we just left my husband’s house. I wonder what he’ll do if he finds out you came to pick me.” She grinned.

    “You’re married?” He gave a sharp glance as he marched on the brake and the car screeched to a halt.

    “Sure, I hate wedding ring, so I dropped it at home.”

    “You really dropped it that day too?” He quickly asked.

    “You checked out my hand that day too?” She questioned his question.

    “Answer my question and let me know what I’m going to get involved in.” Temitope squinted his face.

    “I don’t know why you are so particular about me being married. K don’t mnow why a married woman won’t have her ring on. I am not married!” She chuckled.

    Temitope laughed as he pulled back to track and continued driving. “You’re more than a clown.”

    “You aren’t different either.” She pulled out her tounge.


    “Nice of you to get to work early, how’s everything?” Kingsly asked Tomisin as she walked into the office.

    “Fine, Sir.” She smiled.

    “Wao! I have been here for a moment and I saw that someone came to drop you, are you married?” He smiled too, swiveling  his chair.

    She chuckled. “Marriage? I am not married, Sir.” She replied.

    “That’s shocking! If you aren’t married, you should then be engaged.” He grinned.

    She shrugged. “None of the two, Sir. He was a close friend.” She replied.

    “Alright, I just wanted to know if you’d be called Miss Tomi or Mrs, that’s all.” He smiled.

    She chortled. “Alright sir, thanks.” She bowed and stood up.

    “Check on the Secretary, she will show you your office. Then, there will be.. should I say orientation or introduction between the members of staff and you.” He Informed.

    She laughed. “Alright,  thanks sir.” She turned and walked out.


    “You left the house with your friends, didn’t you? Why on earth did you now come late?” The boss questioned Temitope.

    Temitope just bowed his head before Mr Peter. “I ran into someone, Sir.” He replied, trying to make up some lies.”

    “Running into someone can be meeting a friend or someone, or hitting someone. Which of the two? The latter or former?” He questioned.

    “Sir… I only.. I really ran into someone.” Be stammered.

    “And I just asked the person you ran into!”

    He smiled. “A lady. I almost hit her and had to rush her to the hospital because she was in shock.”

    “Is this a truth or a lie? If this is a lie, you will be fired!”

    “The truth, Sir.”

    “Alright, I have little work before me. I have the time to rush out. Let’s go and check on the lady you almost hit in thr hospital.

    Temitope’s eyes widened, he just got stucked in a terrible traffic on his way back to office and was fouty minutes late.





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