IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY, sighting Tomisin had alway being in his mind but the ultimate problem was always where to find her. He knew not her friends because she didn’t like keeping any and was an easygoing lady. “She’s classic, absolutely classic!” Temitope let out as he drove into the compound. He had been thinking about her, he couldn’t stop it till he got home and shouted out of thoughts.

    He noticed his behaviour and glanced at his friends who had been wondering if he was still normal. How could he have shouted suddenly to threaten their peace? “Just take it easy, Tomisin that you just met isn’t your gurantee to heaven, you know, don’t you?” David accused him as he made his way out of the car.

    “Guy, just take it easy because many will think you’ve gone…” Clement winked and got down from the car too.

    “I am not mad, this is just ecstasy.” He muttered and turned of the engine. “You guys should wait!” He rushed after them.


    “That’s exactly what I told you about, endeavour to get a man soon too, you won’t spend eternity in Collins Michael’s house, will you?” Mike addressed Tomisin as she explained her outing with Tolani.

    She smiled. “Have you eaten?”

    “This is what I’ve been saying, we’re discussing about husband, you’re asking about food.”

    Tomisin laughed. “Alright, Dad. Don’t worry.” She stood up and carried her handbag. “I’ll be back.” She said as she darted to her room.


    Monday Morning.

    Tomisin’s enthusiasm had grown wild that morning. Sitting in an office, working had always been imagined by her. She’d just sit and imagine herself in a standard office, working.

    Lines had started falling in pleasant places for her, at least whatever her salary was, it would be useful for her and Mike.

    As she stepped out of the house, she waved at her father and opened the gate. She met Temitope giving a dazzling smile in his car that was at the front of the gate.

    She was shocked but grinned as she approached him. “How did you now make your way here?”

    “You’ve not changed! I told you whenever you see a gentleman early in the morning, you greet him.” Temitope beamed.

    She chuckled. “Who’s the gentleman. I never knew you’d come here this morning, I only thought you asked for the address just to know where I live.” She smiled.

    “Exactly as scheduled. Hop in, let me drop you off.” He smiled and opened the door.

    “I’m going to the office.. where are you going?” Tomisin asked, looking surprised at his action.

    “Just hop in. I came to know this place but since you are going to the office, you can’t go there taking a taxi, motorcycle or tricycle.”

    “Huh..” Tomisin laughed.


    Pelumi stepped into her office and prayed. She brought out her cell phone and called Becky to know if she would still come for the employment opportunity in the company.

    Not quite long after ending the call, there was knock at the door and Becky walked in slowly. “I was almost here when you called. So, is everything to be done this morning?” She enquired.

    “Firstly, Good morning and how was the night?” Pelumi smiled as she intentionally changed the subject of discussion.

    Becky grinned. “Sorry, I was meant to say that first. Anyways, I’m good and the night, fine.”

    “That’s cool.” I just wanted you to be around as early as possible, that was why I called you. By the way, it’s not automatic like that of Mark, you’ll have to work before they get you employed here.”

    “Work? What work?”

    “Meaning you’ll have to be interviewed well before you’re employed.” She grinned.

    “Anyhow. My mind struck something this morning.” She stopped abruptly and continued. “Thought of moving to your place to live with you.”

    “Live?” Pelumi asked again.


    “It’s so nice, we just thank God for connecting us back.” Temitop said as he took a glimpse at her.

    Tomisin grinned. “So, you now work in your Dad’s company, right?”

    “No. I don’t wish to work with my dad.” He replied.

    “But wait, how do you now intend to get to the office early? You aren’t working in Dad’s company and you wish to get to work late.”

    “The time is just 7:30am, I must resume to duty by 8am. I have no problem.” He smiled.

    “Thank you very much.”

    “So, that house, is it your husband’s house?” He enquired with his ulterior motive of knowing if she had gotten engaged or married already.

..continues. ..



  1. Men!. They are all d same. Just hope d kind gesture wl continue even after d weddn. Ha! d weddn aspect cannot b easy cos d “war” has not bgan. Kudos to our great writer.


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