Kate and Feyi entered into Kate’s car. The driver was in charge of driving the car while both sat at the back seats and kept discussing as the car sped on. “I’m very sure Tolani must have really been hit by what happened.” Kate said. “That’s simply true, we weren’t good.” Feyi added.

    “I pray he’s not going to send us away.” Kate uttered, looking remorseful.

    “I just hope I’ve not been cursed. Why on earth do I face trials and difficulties when it comes to having a guy?” She complained.

    “I met a man online, he specialises in talking to singles and telling them how to know the right man or woman.” She replied.

    “When? So you know that and made us embarrass that lady..” Feyi hissed.

    “It wasn’t my fault, I felt the case should be treated swiftly so that Tolani would have no one else but you.” She replied. “How did you know the man? Who’s he?” She asked.

    “Let’s leave that man, I don’t trust him. It seems he doesn’t have a clean mind.” Kate said and hissed.


    Tolani was smiling on his seat. Meeting Stella again was the best thing that had happened to him that week. He hadn’t called his friends that would be leaving the next day. He was smiling and checking out the project at hand when the he heard the office phone ring. “Yes?” He said. “Secretary, they must not come in!” He exclaimed.

   Not quite long after, Kate and Feyi barged into his office. Both didn’t allow him to speak at all before going on their kneels. Tolani himself was speechless.

    Though, he wanted to be mad at them but seeing what they’ve done cooled him down. They were ladies with class, ladies that graduated from England and from extremely rich backgrounds. He wouldn’t let his guards down totally, he must still act strange and resentful. “What!” He shouted.

    The secretary entered looking angry. “I told them not to come in sir..” She tried to explain what happened when Tolani dismissed her a wave of his hand.

    “We’re really sorry.” The ladies apologized, looking so pertinent.

    Tolani exhaled deeply. The ladies were still on their kneels. Did they plan it or were serious? “Sit.” He said and sat back.

    Tolani had discussed a lot with the ladies, after they’ve pleaded. He told Feyi how much he was disappointed in her. He explained to her how he was, to Stella and told both of them how he had living like a dead until he just met her again. “Now that your parents want you to return back home as soon as possible, will you be able to wait till afternoon?” He asked Feyi.

    “Sure, I’m going to wait.” She replied. “We will wait.” Kate added.

    “No problem, I’ll be meeting her this afternoon, so I guess you should be there to apologise to her. But I pray she forgives you totally because you really embarrassed her. You spoilt my night for me. I thought that night would be my best night ever, by setting my eyes on her so that we could talk and gist but you destroyed it.”

    “We’re really sorry.” They apologised again.


    Not long after Stella called Tolani and told him it was lunch time, he arrived at the company and parked outside. He called her back to meet him downstairs whereas he had told Feyi and Kate to head to Lexyland Foods to wait for the two of them there.

    “How are you today?” Tolani asked Stella cheerfully.

    “Don’t you feel somehow? I mean somehow like annoyed with me?” Stella asked.

    “Why on earth would I be?” He questioned her. “Because I left you, then.” She replied.

    “That’s not an enough reason to feel awkward or unhappy with you. You may have broken up with me but deep within me, the bond of love is still there and I can feel it in you likewise.” He smiled.

    “You can feel what? You’ve not parted with these small lies of yours.” Stella grinned.

    “I’m not lying now. Alright, why were you so shocked on seeing me yesterday?” He asked her.

    “I was surprised! It was a surprise that you I could see you just like that, after many years.” She smiled. “Now, deny you didn’t miss me.” He grinned.

   “Tolani! You’re too troublesome!” She hit him and laughed. “Can you see? You really missed me!” He laughed.

    “What of you, didn’t you miss me?” She teased him. “I didn’t! Miss you? A whole me? I didn’t even feel for you.”

    “Are you serious?” She asked him. “Sure.” He replied.

    “You are invited to my engagement that’s going to hold next month.” She said.

     “Engage what?” Tolani pulled out of the track and parked. ‘Is she serious?’ He asked within himself.

    “Engage-ment.” She completed it for him.

    “You can’t be serious! Do you mean this?” Tolani was getting serious.

    “Can you see a person who didn’t miss me? A person who didn’t feel for me!” Stella laughed and smacked him.

    Tolani laughed too. “Naughty girl.” He drove on.


Both walked inside the eatery smiling. Tolani was good at turning her mood around and making her lively. He had sighted Feyi and Kate in the car as he was about entering with Stella and smiled briefly. Both sat down and ordered for fried rice and chicken with beef. They were about to be served when Tolani brought up the issue of Feyi and her friend. He asked her- “If you should see Feyi and her friends here right now, coming to apologise to you what are you going to do?”

    Stella sighed and stared at Tolani. “There’s nothing I can do since we are all humans, we sin and God forgives. You know me, I’m going to forgive them.” She replied.

    “Just like that?” Tolani asked clapping his hands together.

    “Yeah. But where did you know her? Is there anything…” she stopped intentionally and grinned. She left the sentence uncompleted because she wanted Tolani’s trouble. “Any what?” Tolani chuckled and hit her.

    “But really, where did you know her?” She asked again, as she dropped her purse. “She’s the daughter of my father’s friend.” He replied and started eating. “That Feyi is a good lady, I’m sure her devilish friend pushed her to it. But, if I don’t forgive them I won’t be forgiven by God likewise. At least, I’ve been exclupated.”

    “Alright,  Feyi and her friend is around to beg for forgiveness and I hope you forgive them because it’s easier said than done.” He said.

    “Really?” She was surprised.

    Just then, Tolani called Feyi’s mobile phone and told them to come in. He continued discussing with Stella. “They came to my office today and knelt down begging me. Feyi has been fired and she’s just in a semi prison because her father has left an order that she must always remain at home. I want you to forgive them.”

    Feyi entered with Kate. Both walked up to them. Seeing their remorseful faces, she wanted to cry but held back herself when Tolani said to her that it wouldn’t make sense to cry in a public place.

    What would she do, she had a soft heart.


   The fight ended. Tolani smiled as he called on the waiter to bring the menu list for the ladies to pick their choices.

    At first, Feyi and Kate refused to eat but later agreed after Tolani and Stella were adamant. “It’s getting late, I have to return back to the office.” Stella informed Tolani and stood up.

    “We’ll be leaving.” Tolani also stood, smiling as he got the ladies informed. “Alright, I’m gonna personally come and greet you.” Kate smiled as she waved at her.

    Feyi also waved and was relieved. Her conscience would give her rest now, at least she had done her part.


    “So how have you been these years?” Tolani asked Stella as he drove out of the eatery.

    “Been bad. I’ve been suffering, together with my friend.” She replied.

    “I’m really sorry about that, God has helped you out now.” He grinned.  “Don’t you mind working with me?” He quickly asked.

     “Working with you? That wouldn’t be good. I’m not sure if Tobi’s going to return back to the office.” She replied.

    “Tobi? The other guy?” He enquired.

    “Yes.” She replied.

    “Hope there’s nothing?” Tolani glanced at her. “I don’t even krmow but he’s not been picking up his calls.” She replied.

    “That doesn’t matter. He might be sick.” Tolani chuckled.

    Stella shrugged. “Maybe.” She replied and exhaled deeply.


    “We just have to leave! We are going to Lagos.” Tobi addressed his grandma.

    “I’ve told you I’m going nowhere!” She shouted at him.

    “At least I’ve gotten you informed already, I’m off to Lagos. In short, migrating to Lagos finally.” He stood up from the plastic chair he was sitting on.

    “How many times do you want me to ask you the reason behind this? If it is Stella, tell me, I’m going to sort things out.” She stood also.

    “Grandma, I’ve also told you I’m gonna tell you, once you follow me. Lets pack your things and put it in my car.” He said.

     “If that’s the case, go to your Lagos.” The woman hissed and sat angrily.

    Tobi walked out and entered into his car. “God let yotu will be done.” He sped off, ready to visit his car Engineer to service the car so he would travel to Lagos without any difficulty. 


    “I’ll come and pick you in the evening.” Tolani said as Stella alighted from the car.

    “Alright.” Stella smiled and walked into the company. She greeted the security men amd walked straight to her office. She hardly sat down when she heard knocks at her door. “Please come in.” She said and awaited who was at the door.

    It was her boss, Temitope Williams. “How are you?” He entered smiling.

    “I’m good sir.” She stood up, surprised to see him. “Why do you like eating your lunch alone?” He asked her and stood near the seat.

    “No sir.” She grinned, exposing her beautiful set of teeth. She didn’t know what next to say. “So how? You can’t even offer a gentleman a seat.” Temitope grinned.

    “Oh sorry… sit down sir.” She smiled and sat too. “I came concerning Mr Tobi. Have you tried to call him?” He asked.

    “Yes sir, but he didn’t pick up.” She replied.

    “Same here… I’d like us to visit his place together by evening. No one can tell what happened to him.” He said.

    “That’s true sir, I’m ready anytime.” She replied.

    “We can even go now, going by evening might be somehow. We have to rest.” He grinned and stood up.

    “Alright sir.” She picked up her handbag.


    Temitope drove to the front of Tobi’s gate. He already knew the house because he had visited him once. They met the gate locked up and there was no one at home. “Where could he have gone? He didn’t pick up his calls likewise!” Temitope shouted, sounding bothered.

    “Has he ever behaved this way?” Stella enquired.

    “No. Tobi is a good guy, a deligent one for that matter.” Temitope walked back to his car and sat near the bonnet. “I don’t know any of his family members, he’s not married again.” He hissed, he was very disturbed.

    “Don’t worry sir, I pray all is fine.” Stella said. “He’s making me disquiet, worried and perturbed.” He hissed amd breathed deeply.


     As promised, Tolani was already waiting for Stella. He had bought two bowls of ice cream that he’d give her and take one also. He was just happy and kept thanking God he met Stella in a delightful way. She wasn’t married and likewise into any relationship, it was his source of felicity.

    After few minutes he had waited, Stella walked out of the company and sighted his car immediately she came out. She smiled, it was just like him, he liked keeping to time.

    “Hey Tola.” She grinned as she opened the door.

    “How are you?” Tolani grinned in returned and switch on the air conditioner. “I’m good dear.” She replied.

    Both kept gisting till they got to Stella’s place. Tolani gave her his surprise package and sped off to the hotel to check on his friends. They’d be returning the following day.


    “Welcome!” Favour ushered Stella in.

    “How was the day?” Stella asked smiling. “Awesome.” She grinned and brought out the ice cream pack. “You bought ice cream?” Favour moved closer to her.

    “Why do I always meet you at home? Does anyone bring you home?” Stella asked Favour.

    Favour chuckled. “The M.D.”

    “What’s up with the M.D? He does bring you home right?” Stella questioned. “Yeah.” She said, stretching her hands forward to receive the ice cream from her.

    Stella winked at her, laughed and clapped her hands together. “M.D’s wife.” She continued laughing.

    “Tobi’s wife.” Favour also laughed, still trying to grab the ice cream.

    “Do you know Tobi didn’t come to office today? We went to his house and he wasn’t at home. He didn’t pick up his calls either till he switched off his phone.” She let go the ice cream.

    “Really? Because of the issue?” Favour questioned.

    “I guess so.” She replied and continued. “I want to check on Grandma to ask her about his whereabouts?”

    “When I entered into the house, I discovered that the M.D gave me two tickets instead of one.” She stopped.

    “Two tickets? For what?”

    “There’s this Singles’ Forum that’s going to hold next week.” She said.

    “Nawa oh… What’s the name of this M.D of yours?” Stella asked.

    “Bolu.” Favour laughed. She knew what her friend was driving at.

    “Tell me, is there anything between you guys? For him to have invited you to that kind of forum.” Stella cleared her throat suspiciously.

    “No, but I guess he likes me. He’s a good christian that is very serious. He said his friend handles relationship talks and marriage counseling so he gave him tickets to share around.” She replied.

    “So, anyone without a ticket won’t be allowed to come in?” Stella asked.

    “I didn’t ask him that. Let me give you one of the tickets, so you come with him.” She said, grinning.

    “Rubbish girl! You’ve almost finished my ice cream.” She stood and walked near her.

    “I’m serious. Bolu said it’s going to be great, come with Tolani, since you’ve met him again. I’m so sure he gave you this ice cream sef.” She grinned.

    “Thank you, that doesn’t mean you should finish it. If you need one, tell Bolu.” She laughed and snatched it from her.


    Feyi sat down in the living room reading a magazine- Ebiag magazine when her father walked in. “I heard you just came around since morning.”

    “I had to visit the lady, at least to show how sorry I was.” She replied.

    “You visited the lady? I don’t trust you.” He sat down. “I’m serious dad.” She said and dropped the magazine. She continued, “I went with Kate and she said she has forgiven us..”

    “If you think you can lie to everyone then I should be excluded.” He loosened his tie. “Where’s your mother?” He enquired.

    “In the room, she’s using the restroom.” She replied.

    “Do you know I’ve not changed my orders. You are not leaving this house, in fact I should stop you from receiving and making calls..” he said, giving her a stern look.

    “Dad… It’s really not fair.” She felt sad.

    “You think it was fair when you treated the lady like a nobody?” He scoffed.

    Feyi shook her head wondering what she had gotten herself into.


    Favour and Stella sat close to each other as the spoke with Tobi’s grandma in heee apartment. Stella had asked her where Tobi was but she told her she didn’t know.

    She explained what happened to her in the afternoon. “He should be in Lagos.” She said.

    “You should have followed him..” Favour said considerably.

    “I wouldn’t do that. He didn’t tell me why we should leave. And are you sure you people are in good terms?” She asked Stella again. She had been asking her since she entered into the house.

    “Yes ma.” Stella replied.

    “Then, only God knows why he did it. I don’t know.. I really don’t.” She sighed.




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