TEMITOPE HALTED as he sighted her but Tomisin didn’t look the direction where he was. He rushed to his seat with his tray, breathing as if he was chased by the unknown shadow. “Guys, that was Tomisin.” He informed, turning his neck to peep again.

    He was not sure of what to do, if he should rush to her to hug or even carry. He was just too happy on sighting her and couldn’t express his happiness that time so eyes wouldn’t be on him.

    On the second hand, he never cared about eyes on him, he just wished his friends could advise him concerning what to do then. He was sure if Tomisin had saw her, she might have rushed to hug him as they did do when they were in school.

    Trying to control his happiness, he glanced at Clement and David. “‘What should I do? This place is a public place.”

    “So, if this place was not a public place, you would be carrying her around presently, right?”

    “A person I haven’t seen for almost a year or even more than a year. I’m really happy, I felt like rushing her up on seeing her.”

    “Go ahead, at least she’s yours.” Clement said.

    “You guys don’t think! We saw Bola some days back and she said she has married, what if Tomisin is married too?” David spoke.

    “Wao! True talk.” Clement opened his mouth widely.

    “You don drink ni? The person wey na her hands I first look before looking at the face.” Temitope hissed.

    “So, there’s no ring?”

    “How’d there be? She entrusted her heart in my hands and mine too in hers. She will almost die on seeing me.” He grinned, still peeking at her and Tolani.

    “Do you know the worst thing that can happen to someone? Going there to express your happiness and she tells you ‘Tope, how are you?’ As if you guys aren’t so close as you’ve painted.”

    “That’s true oh.” Clement reasoned along.

    “One thing about David is that he has never looked at the positive sides of a thing, always looking at the negative outcomes! I know my Tomisin, she can’t do that. Just wait and see.” He sprung up and walked on slowly.

    Stroking his beard, he pressed his lips together and used his two hands to cover Tomisin’s eyes because she backed him and didn’t know someone was coming. “Who are you?” Tolani raised her eyes in shock.

    Temitope smiled and left Tomisin to see him. Tomisin raised up her head and saw Temitope. She rushed up as if she had been bitten by a mosquito and hugged him. “Tope!” She kept shouting until remembered she was in the public and tried as much as she could to calm herself down. “Come on! Sit down.” She pulled out a chair from the underneath of the table and kept glimpsing at him. “Temitope!” She called the name again, chuckling.

     Tolani was just laughing, wondering if she just hit a jackpot. “Tomisin, you’ve got to take it easy.” She said, using her sunshade, probably to cover her face because all eyes were on that corner where they were.

    Clement and David kept beaming on their seats too, discussing silently as they watched the two of them discussing. “You have grown a lot!”

    Temitope grinned. “Don’t just try to pull my legs, you’ve grown fatter.”

    Staring at his fingers for a moment, her smile bounced into a grin. She was definitely looking at him closely, if he was married or not. “Me, fatter?”

    “Yeah, I told you I don’t like fat girls, didn’t I?”

    Tomisin laughed. “Anyways, meet my best friend- Tolani.” She introduced the two to each other, still smiling.

    “I came with Clement and David too.” He turned his neck and pointed at them.

    “Wao! Let’s go and greet them.” She rushed up and held Temitope by his right hand as they walked over to where his friends was. She had winked at Tolani to assure her she’d be back in a moment.

    It was really one of the brightest days for the two. After leaving the school, they both couldn’t reach each other again because Tomisin lost her mobile phone and couldn’t retrieve the mobile line anymore. She had lost her details and eventually got a new mobile phone after many months of wait.

    There was no money, so, she couldn’t get another mobile phone as quick as possible. During the course, Temitope had tried to reach her too but all his effort was up to no avail.


    “One things is just that you guys have never been in love before.” Temitope flipped the door open and stepped into the car. “Was that love? Abeg no dey think say that one na love oh.” David said, making his way into the car.

    “That was love, a sweet one. I just receieved her mobile number, she go know say she don give person number.” He chuckled.

    “You go call her die nii?” Clement chimed in.

    “I’ll be calling her for anything as from now. I don’t even wish to leave her just like that, but that her friend on seat is a major problem.”

    “You will be calling her for anything, for example, what?” David questioned.

     Temitope hissed as he pulled out of the parking lot, still peeping in, if he could still sight her. “Anything callable.” He grinned.

    “Love is… I don’t know but why do you guys making it so elaborate? It’s not as tough as what you guys think.” Clement hissed.

    “I said it earlier, you have never been in love. If you have, you will understand what happened there. Now that she is not married, make I dey do nice, na me go marry that girl.

    David laughed. “What if she’s in another relationship presently?”

    Why does he think this way? Always making one afraid because of his useless mouth. Who knows if she’s in another relationship now? “I’ll advice you this Dave to keep quiet till we get home, foolish boy.” He said and marched the throttle.


    “What if he is now married?” Tolani questioned Tomisin.

    Tomisin smiled. “Staring at his two hands was the first thing I did. There was no ring.” She informed.

     Tolani smiled. “If you say so, but don’t you know men? What if he had kept the wedding ring on sighting you? Just to make you think he isn’t married?”

    Tomisin chuckled as she dropped the spoon in her hand. “Temitope is not that kind of person. For the moment we spent together, he was truthful and great.”

    Tolani sighed. “If you say so, all I know is that humans do change.”

    Tomisin squinted her face. “Not like my Tope, I know him well.”

    “Hmmn… have I told you that you’re gonna best me that day?”

    Tomisin’s eyes widened. “I? Don’t you have other friends in England?”

    “What do you now mean? Don’t you wish to best me?” She enquired.

    “No, it’s just I’m surprised that after going to that place, I’m still going to be the best lady.” She grinned.

    “Anyhow, that’s all I know.” She smiled. “About that guy, don’t you think he is in any relationship?”

    Why does she always think about the negative sides? “Tolani! We are through, aren’t we? Let’s go.” She sprung up to her feet and picked up her handbag.




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